Tuesday, 14 April, 2009

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Rest day

“Right-Wing Extremism” – The Department of Homeland Security

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  1. Tricer says:

    3 rounds (500m row, 21 burpies, 400m slow jog). 21:14

    Also, I’m donning the flame suit, and gonna throw this idea out there. I’ve lost an incredible amount of flexibility corresponding with a pretty good increase strength the last 6 months. There are muscles which *hurt* and are weak from lack of stretching.

    Is there any interest in having an post-workout yoga/stretch routine? I’d been thinking of attending a yoga class, or something similar but figured if I could get in 15-20 min of yoga/stretching after the workouts that that would do for a while and certainly be better than the nothing I currently do. If there’s enough interest, I think we could get Karen to come up with some stretches/poses which would correspond to the muscles worked in the WOD, and post them online with the workout as well as hold a couple of training classes in what/how to work those poses and the names of them.

    I’ve been doing some searching online and I found a crossfit journal article on the benefits of stretching (post workout). http://journal.crossfit.com/2006/01/stretching-and-flexibility-by.tpl#featureArticleTitle

  2. Kiki says:

    I LOVE the Yoga idea! I’ve really been missing it since I started Crossfit!

  3. Michael Colvert says:

    3 rounds (500m row, 21 burpies, 400m at 20:06. Week time but improving. Fun workout tho!

  4. Patrick says:

    I recent restarted a 60-90 min yoga session on rest days. Stopped yoga and dedicated stretching when I started X-fit about 4 months ago, just now beginning to see that was a mistake. Some recent nagging tweaks and poor recovery. Plus, I become a bit of an a__hole without a weekly yoga session.

  5. Slade White says:

    If it’ll help in the recovery department…..I’m in. It takes me forever to get my muscles to recover and not just feel empty.

  6. Tricer says:

    Just thinking about that Patrick. A yoga session at crossfit might kill 2 birds with one stone. It would give us(me) an excuse to make it to the gym on the off-days and give us somewhere to do it. Of course, I’ve no idea of the efficacy of calm meditative yoga in a gym full of children or rock music. Can we do Yoga to Primus, or ACDC? Or, can crossfit borrow one of the studio’s upstairs (I’m trying to remember what they look like)?

    But I seriously need the stretching after the workout too. I attempted to swing a golf club today and found that I had to take 1/2 swings because I couldn’t lift my arms over my head (not to mention turn through the hips)

  7. Daniel says:

    Cft — Arms shot from muscle ups.
    Last cft was 900
    Bs 335# shy of parallel an inch. So 315.
    Sp 155# down 15# from max and last cft.
    Dl 405# PR by 10#
    875 with the counted 315# BS. Down 25 from last score.

  8. Garth says:

    Seeing that it is rest day, stretching is a good topic. I have flexibility issues just like everyone else.

    Much like CrossFit has challenged a lot of what mainstream fitness is telling everyone, I think it is time to discuss stretching. There is a small but growing trend in fitness and scientific communities to abandon stretching.
    Check out this NYT article:
    In it, scientists say that — oh, the blasphemy! — stretched runners are actually worse than not stretched runners. Ultimately, much like a lot of GloboGym speak, stretching is based on shoddy or non-existent science. We lack, however, the studies to really know for sure one way or another.
    Listen to Coach Rip talk about stretching.
    My stock is going with the folks that are talking about muscle tightness as the real problem we are trying to fight. Most of our range of motion issues comes down to muscle tightness in the opposing (or antagonist) muscle. What some experts are starting to say is that the act of stretching really only serves to tear our muscle fibers away from the connective tissues — making us weaker. What we need to do is find ways to release muscle tightness (the symptom) and eliminate muscle imbalances (the cause). Imbalanced muscles tighten up to protect themselves from injury resulting in lack of flexibility. Fixing this is easier said than done — I realize.
    While I put more stock in Coach Rip and this is not authoritative, here is a good article that seems to explain the ideas I have been reading about/believing in:
    Most of all, I have personally observed a lot of this. What I am suggesting is that it may be time to start to question another GloboGym mentality — much like we have with a lot of the rest of the baloney we get from there.
    Overall, CrossFit is much better than other routines out there in avoiding muscle imbalances (hello bodybuilding), but it is not perfect. Further, we all do things to make it more imperfect by missing workouts, focusing on certain areas/exercises, and other problems. I believe all of us should be aware of potential imbalances and seek to correct them as the means to flexibility. I am almost convinced that stretching is wrong means to that end. Still, old habits are hard to give up.

  9. Daniel says:

    Political extremists are terrorist threats! Political extremists have started every political revolution and uprising in history. Joan of Arc, Ghandi, George Washington and his American revolutionaries, the Nazi party and of course the Taliban have all started uprisings in their countries and won. The fact that the department of Homeland security is following the people mentioned is a sign that they know what they are doing.

    Before anyone flames me, I’m not stating a position for or against any of the people targeted in the linked post. I’m merely stating a fact of life.

    BTW the Taliban just won a major political battle in Pakistan. They forced the government to make their brand of Islamic law the official law of the land in the Swat Valley. They won this concession through be-headings, burning of schools, and murder.

    Pakistan is on a downward spiral and they have nuclear weapons.

  10. A.S. Britt says:

    Three rounds of (500m row, 20 burpees, 400m run) – 18:33

  11. Hudson Slater says:

    3 rnds. row, burpees, run. 16:58

  12. robbdempsey says:

    I did the alternate muscle up workout. Had to break the into sets of 4 each with stars at the bottom of some of the dips.

    75 Total Ring Dips/ Pull-Ups in 50 Min.

    23 Unassisted Ring Dips

  13. Patrick says:

    I practice a Vinyasa/Power yoga variety, usually done to silence, the radio or I-Tunes. The asana/pose sequence is just what I feel like that day. Completely unstructured. I’ve never attended a “yoga class”, I’m completely self taught from books and videos. I can’t really get into the whole twangy sitar “yoga music” thing. My interest is in flexibility and recovery, not reaching enlightenment.
    Any idea how they constructed the house? Are they pressing the hemp fiber and lime into something that resembles wood boards?
    Guess I’m a Political extremist…”those that are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority”. Imagine if you could switch your taxes. Give the federal portion of your taxes to the state and vice versa. Couldn’t do any worse.

  14. Katie says:

    My boss man is in town… which means I actually have to work until 5:30 or so every day. Miss you guys – be back tomorrow, hopefully! I’ll finally be back on schedule.

  15. Karen says:

    3 rounds:

    500m row
    21 burpees
    400m run


    I am a huge fan of yoga and stretching. I do believe stretching definately helps with range of motion and with injury prevention. May also help reduce some soreness and improve recovery time. And the full practice of yoga is a fantastic stress reliever. Very centering. I don’t know if I am the one to give advice or instruction , though, since I have no offical training or certification, but I’m happy to help if I can.

  16. J.D. says:

    Did the alternate workout. Did the pullups first before doing the ring dips. Only did 45 ring dips, and they were assisted. I was pretty much toast after the chest to the bar pull ups. Not as good as I wanted to do in 40 minutes or so, but seeing some improvement. And only ripped the skin off of TWO fingers instead of FOUR! Cool…

  17. Lindsey says:

    3 rounds for time: 500 meter row, 21 burpees, 400 meter run- 20:58
    A slightly slower time then I anticipated… I was definitely feeling the effects of not having worked out my lower body or rowed in 2 months! Actually being able to do the row and burpees shows signs of improvement in my back! Finally!

  18. Russell says:

    Daniel, the issue most are taking with this report is not that the DHS is investigating extremism, but that they are attempting to define extremism as anyone who stands in opposition to liberal policies.

    Secondly, they are rather directly tying conservative and libertarian viewpoints to white-supremisist groups by using terms interchangeably.

    Another good example of this type of politically motivated PR- Penn State’s Counseling and Psychological services department has given us this wonderful video-


  19. spl6hrc says:

    I’m up for stretching pwo in any form, be it yoga or whatever..

    And sign me up as a “right-wing extremist” since evidently believing the U.S. Constitution to be nearly perfect in its original form means I must be a b–b thrower!

    To tag along with some others isn’t the timing of that report interesting? Tea Party anyone?