Wednesday, 17 June, 2009

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Rest Day

Stricter Gun Control Laws Wouldn’t Have Prevented Va. Tech Tragedy
OPINION by JOHN STOSSEL- April 26, 2007

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  1. Russell says:

    Caught him in one of the windows in the gym this morning.

    Yes Katherine, I washed my hands.

  2. Ryan P says:

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It was my senior year at Virginia Tech when the shooting occurred and I’ll always remember where I was and every detail from that day.

    I agree with the article in that, I don’t think tougher gun laws would’ve stopped Cho. He was wrong in the head and would’ve gone to extreme lengths to do damage. Somehow, whether it was with guns, knives or explosives, he would’ve found a way.

    Perhaps they should be examining a broken system that allows someone with a history of mental issues and violence to run free. I don’t have the statistic handy, but the amount of criminals released from prison, who then go on to become repeat offenders is astonishingly high.

  3. Daniel says:

    Yesterday, tried to make the 11:30, but got tied up. Then got called out to New Market at 5:00 to look at a lighting strike. So I ran the 5K when I got off work at 9 last night on the treadmill.

    Hill Profile, Level 4, 22:55. Not the cross country course, but it was tough.

  4. Daniel says:

    Today, did the Lunge/Pullups/Situps workout


    Slower then last time.

  5. Patrick says:

    Made the 0700, after working the night shift, 24hr no sleep.
    Lunge-Pull up-Sit up WOD:
    12:45, exactly one minute slower

  6. klowe says:

    Did you take him home and feed him to Barney the bird destroyer?….or did you eat him yourself?

    Where is Craig Herr?….anyone seen or heard from him?

  7. Will Blankenship says:

    Did the lunge, pullups, situps workout… 12:23

    1:10 better than last time.

    Craig?… Down by the river, walking on water.

  8. Patrick says:

    Tuesdays gone with the wind…Oh, hold on…maybe not.

    Concerning the article:
    Friends the wolf is at your gate. Ask any LEO or anyone working in the ER, there are many mentally unstable people walking your streets. Most of them are relatively harmless, but there are quite a few that are scary. The unfortunate (from my perspective) reality is there’s not much we can do about it. The same laws protecting the civil liberties of the sound of mind pertain to the mentally ill. The process for involuntarily commiting the dangerous patient is cumbersome at best, downright broken on weekends and after regular business hours. LEO can’t do much if they have not committed a crime (witness, evidence, etc.) The Mental Health Centers are understaffed, underfunded, overworked and have no holding capabilities. An “involuntary hold” for a patient deemed a danger to himself or others is not the call of the doctor seeing the patient, but some on-call flunky at county mental health that doesn’t want to get out of bed, be bothered with paperwork or wake up a probate judge. Alabama’s system for protecting it’s citizens from the insane is horrible.
    Georgia’s system is excellent…one form, 2 agreeing physicians and your done. The patient can be held for 3 days. Treatment and evaluation later, the emphasis is on safety not bureaucracy. I would wager that Virginia’s system is similar to Alabama’s.

  9. Michael says:

    “Nasty Girls”

    3 rounds for time of:
    50 Squats
    7 Muscle-ups
    115 pound Hang power cleans, 10 reps

    Scaled HPC to 115 from 135. First round did all 7 muscle-ups. Second and third rounds did 2 muscle-ups + 5 ring pull-ups and 5 ring dips.


  10. Jimmy says:

    yesterday did 10 rep max bench, 60 diamond push ups, 3×8 reverse row, 3×8 shrug high pulls

    today cone drills for an hour topped of with 15 25 yard there and backs in 9 seconds with thirtee seconds of rest

  11. Russell says:

    Got a Death Race update today… holy shit:

    Mandatory Gear – Bicycle, Axe, String, Chain Break Tool (bicycle tool), Compass.

    Optional Gear – 5 Gallon bucket, Saw, Shovel, Swiss Army knife or Multi Use tool.

    Parking – Park at the Amee Farm which is 1/4 mile north of the General Store in Pittsfield, VT.

    Camping – Camp at the Amee Farm which is 1/4 mile north of the General Store in Pittsfield, VT.

    Bunks – The Amee Farm has bunks and those are $50. The bunk is basically a cot on the top floor of the Amee Farm. You would also have running water, real toilets, warm showers, and a place to leave your gear.

    Race Headquarters/ START/FINISH/Cut off Times – The Amee Farm and a member of the race staff will keep track of the race at it progresses. We will have cut off times for the race. The cut off times are very generous but because of safety/volunteer needs we will enforce cut off times.

    Toilets – Portable toilets will be behind the Amee Farm.

    Registration/ Pre Race Meeting – Registration is from 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. All athletes will weigh in at registration. The pre race meeting is at 10 p.m. sharp at the top of the mountain. Please give yourself 45 min to one hour if you are hiking at a moderate pace. We will mark the route to the top with flagging and glow sticks. You must bring your bicycle to registration. You will leave your bicycle at the top of the mountain.

    Start – Race will start at 4 a.m. from the Amee Farm. We will have a brief meeting at 3:55 a.m. and you will be given your first task at that time.

    Rules – You must complete each task in order and you have 24 hours to finish the race. The must finish by 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning to count as a official finisher. Your support crew may not help you perform any of the tasks nor will they be allowed to carry any of your gear. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified.

    Support Crew – Support crew can travel with you or visit you at any of the tasks. We ask that all support crew respect private property and don’t go off course to view your athlete. Your support crew will be able to drive to some locations but will have to hike to others. Support crews are allowed to provide food during the race.

    Food/Aid – We will have water/gatorade and some snacks at the start/finish area for athletes. The snacks will be minimal. You will return to the start/finish area a number of times during the race. Feel free to help yourself to the food we have but please don’t rely on our food as there will be times when you are in the woods for hours. Your best bet is to carry gels, food, drink, etc. assuming it will take you hours to get back to the Amee Farm. We will also have water at the checkpoints so that you can fill your water bottle.

    Bib Number – You will find your bib number at 4:02 a.m. Saturday morning. Once you find it you must put it on your shirt/shorts/hat and wear it for the remainder of the race. You are more than welcome to change clothes but you must also switch your bib number onto your new article of clothing.

    Course – The course is easy to follow but you must check in with race personnel when you arrive and then be checked off once you finish the task. The race personnel will tell you what your next task is and how to get there.

    Dropping Out – The majority of you will give up at some point during the 24 hours. If you do give up then you must tell the race personnel on site.


    Awards – $2000 in prize money will be given out.
    Unique award to anyone else who finishes.

  12. Katherine Berger says:


  13. Larry Lowe says:


  14. leah says:

    “nasty girls”

    bar dips
    #75 Hang clean


  15. klowe says:

    I have a sweet axe for you. Very sharp and balanced. You might have problems getting it on the plane though…….

  16. Katherine Berger says:

    I was wondering about that too…kinda strange to check your luggage with a saw and an axe inside…that can’t happen every day!

    Too bad Russell won’t have a support crew…that kinda sucks. If it weren’t in Vermont, we might have been able to go cheer him on!

  17. Kiki says:

    Since I finally got a notebook I haven’t been logging my time on here…sorry! 🙂

    14:41 on the lunges, ring pull-ups and sit-ups. enjoyed a nice quick workout!
    I also attempted the 5k on the treadmill but stopped with less than 1 mile to go. I really hate running and especially outside…but I have seen major improvements! It’s probably the first time I’ve ever ran 2 miles without stopping!

  18. Karen says:

    Did Lunges/pullups/situp workout on Wed. 13:50. Almost 4 minutes off my last time!

  19. J.D. says:

    Made the mistake of trying to “do a quick workout” when I had to be somewhere @ 6pm. Tried “Nasty Girls” using 115# and tried to do at least 2 rounds before time ran out. Got hung up on the muscle ups- missed one, then linked two, but had trouble with more when I had only a short rest. Had to quit at 5 muscle ups due to time. Better than nothing but discouraging. Really want to get my muscle ups better and consistent. I’ll take a rest day Thursday and regroup. Friday’s WOD looks pretty sick…