Tuesday, 17 May, 2011

Posted by Mandee on May 17, 2011   |   42 Comments

Warm up-
3×15 Band good mornings. Followed by 2 intervals of tabata squats.



CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.


Cool down-

10 minute squat test



42 responses to “Tuesday, 17 May, 2011”

  1. Larry Lowe says:


    Deadlift and SP very weak today. I did a 5×5 with 285 last week and could barely get a single at 315 today. That’s Crossfit I guess. Still a great morning!

  2. Michael K says:

    James and I are short one person for our nutrition challange team. If anyone is looking for a team of two, please let me know.

  3. Awesome job to all the morning classes. PR’s across the board!

    Just a reminder, if anyone is interested we are still meeting every Wednesday morning 8 a.m. at Cracker Barrell for the CFHSV Faith Group. Feel free to come and join us!

    • Paul Pepe says:

      0600 class was rockin today. Thx to Eric and David for including the short guy in their group. PR on DL and Backsquat, missed PR on OHP by a hair. Hard to get a virgin experience at my age… πŸ™‚

      • Eric Hedges says:

        Paul enjoyed it today!

        Squat 385
        Shoulder Press 195 PR!
        Deadlift 385 HUGE LET DOWN!

        965 Total

        • russell says:

          I’m going to virtually coach you based on your numbers for the total today. First off, AWESOME squat. 385 is pretty stellar. Now, let me also say that I have noticed every single time I have coached you that you tend to move forward and off of the posterior chain (heels) under load. This isn’t a criticism, as most of us do from time to time, but you can hide behind this better than others because you are so freaking strong. You were doing this on the hang-power-cleans recently, and I have noticed it on almost every squat you do. So why am I bringing it up? Because you cannot hide from your heels on a Deadlift, and the fact that you have a HUGE squat, and a relatively low deadlift is a classic indicator of imbalance between the anterior and posterior muscles. In other words, if we can slow you down in training, get you more comfortable relying on your glutes, hamstrings, and back to do work, you will have a 425 squat and a 500 pound Deadlift.

          Again, this is hard to understand because you are already so strong compared to a lot of us, but I promise that if we get you doing it BETTER and not FASTER for a while, you will see some huge improvements to your mechanics…. oh, and its going to feel really damn difficult at first to stay back on your heels but you will thank me later!

          • Eric Hedges says:

            Russell you are right my form is rough at best and I have very limited flexibility. I want better form but I tend to get competitive and want to move more weight. LOL! Since I can remember I have been quad dominant compared to hamstring strength and I believe that to be one of the many reasons I don’t feel comfort when trying to open hips and push from my heels. I welcome the slow-down to get better form and flexibility; in fact I would love a class that did nothing but work on Olympic lifting form. Even in my advanced years I feel I could make great strides in increasing my totals. As always I appreciate the input from you and your Crossfit trainers.

          • Chris Miller says:

            I’d be in for the Olympic Lifting form class also.

          • russell says:

            Glad you are hearing me. We have had requests in the past for an Olympic-lift only class. The problem with that is multi-fold. First, we have the Go-heavy class specifically for that point, and while some days are traditional lifts like the squat and DL, getting good at the technique involved in those two is completely tied to performance in the O-lifts. Second, because of lack of interest in these classes, we have shaved the number of them down considerably. Finally, keep in mind that we work the components of the Olympic lifts nearly every class. The Burgener warm-up, KB swings, the OHS, even properly performed WB shots and pull-ups are training a violent hip-extension that almost perfectly mirrors the lifts. Basically, the O-lifts are not more important to your fitness than other movements. People tend to like them a lot, which makes everyone want to spend more time on them, but everything else we do, if you train it properly and try hard to get good mechanics, will help with this too. That’s the magic of CrossFit.

    • Eric Hedges says:

      I’ll be there… really missed it last week!

  4. Michael K says:


    You have less than one week left to sign up for Warriorschool HMAC. This is a great opportunity at an amazing price.

    We are offering an additional HMAC class for anyone who cannot make the weekend classes. Weekday HMAC is going to take place on Mondays, after Yoga, from 6:45 to 8:00 pm. First Weekday class Starts the 23rd of May.

    Sign up for either class at Crossfit HSV ASAP!

    • Carson says:

      Quick question for ya…
      Brady and I are signed up for the HMAC this Saturday. It’s a home game for me so shouldn’t be an issue right now (if that changes, I’ll swap our times before Saturday). However, my game on 28 May is an away game, so we’d need to come to the Monday class on 30 May. Will we be throwing off class planning by coming on Saturday and then coming on Monday the next week? Also, that’s Memorial Day…will the HMAC class go as scheduled for that Monday night?

  5. Ron Wood says:

    300/165/365 = 830

  6. Josh McGuire says:


  7. Brady Wakefield says:

    Had a good time in 0600!
    305 PR/165 PR/315 = 785 PR

    Squats felt much better today obviously since I PR’d by 30#. Deadlift still not where I would like it to be. 315 is matching my PR, but had more off the ground.

  8. Tasha W says:

    Just wanted to say…. “Thanks, CrossFit!” πŸ™‚

    I spent the weekend with a group of ladies at the beach. My first girls’ beach trip in a looooong time (we usually take the hubbies with us.) After we loaded up our huge cooler of ice, water and beer for a day in the sun, we wheeled it down to the lobby and as soon as we hit the stairs to the beach, everyone stops and one of the girls goes, “Umm… right about now, it’d be nice if the guys were here….” I (and, yes, at 5’1 and my current weight, I was the smallest girl in the group) handed my chair and bag to one of the girls, picked up that big ass cooler, walked up and then down the stairs and through the sand to our spot with no problem – I was actually thinking “this is a nice leg WOD!” The girls protested the entire time, “You’re gonna hurt yourself!” but I was like, “I’m fine, no worries, we gotta get it there!” And in all honestly, it wasn’t that heavy – just awkward! I think they were pretty surprised I was able to carry it with no problems (or heavy breathing) and – heck yeah – I was pretty proud of myself, too.

    So, again… Thanks, CrossFit! FUNCTIONAL fitness at its finest!! haha! πŸ™‚

  9. Carson says:

    165(PR)/80(PR)/245 = 490(PR)
    Good workout with Courtney this morning. A little disappointed with my DL since that is 15# under my PR, but it is still a 35# PR. I’m breaking 500 next time. I refuse to stay under 500 for another CF Total!

  10. stacey says:

    140#PR, 50#, 180#PR (370)

    my shoulder press went down 5#, i really need to work on that…

    I went up 25# on my backsquat and 25# on my deadlift from last month so Im happy…I didnt hit failure on my backsquat so I think I couldve gotten 150#…

    great work today at lunch class!!

  11. Kyle Mosier says:

    265/120/385 = 770

    Russell – Let me guess. The yoga class would help me with my weak shoulder press. Am I right?

    • Josh McGuire says:

      If Yoga does help shoulder press, I would like to know. I’m considering it for flexibility too.

  12. cole says:


  13. Ben says:

    225/95/295 = 615

    I had two 10lb. PR’s on my backsquat and on the deadlift. My shoulder press seems stuck at 95 every time I do CF total. I don’t know what to do about that.

    • Patrick says:

      Press a sub-maximal load in the 65-95% 1RM 3 set of 3-5 reps one or two times weekly.

  14. DaveC says:

    This was my first Crossfit Total. On the one hand I was disappointed with my deadlift, which hasn’t improved much since February. The other stuff I was good with. At least everything improved.

    235(PR by 65#), 120(PR by 10#), 255(PR by 10#)->610

  15. Patrick says:

    345(+10)/185(-5)/455(+30)= 985
    Slowly closing in on 1000. Thanks Cole. Wouldn’t have gone for 455 without you.

  16. Jamie Flynt says:

    I think I’ve the same problem as Eric with the dead lift. I need to work more on my form, just haven’t had the chance to do it. I tend to lift more with my arms and less with my legs I think. I worked on my back squat form today with the bar only. First time on shoulder press.


  17. Mac says:

    355(PR-first)/155(PR-first)/405(+20)= 875 (PR-first)

    Great day, but did feel pretty weak on the shoulder press.