Tuesday, 19 Oct, 2010

Posted by Mandee on October 18, 2010   |   43 Comments

Three rounds for time of:
135 pound Hang power cleans, 15 reps
15 Burpees

Chris Spealler 2:48, Graham Holmberg 3:02, Austin Malleolo 3:04, Rich Froning Jr. 3:10, Jason Khalipa 3:19, Tim Burke 3:31, Stacie Kroon 3:32 (95lbs), Miranda Oldroyd 3:53 (95lbs), Mary Lampas 4:02 (95lbs),Heather Bergeron 4:23 (95lbs).

(and our very own Klowe- 3:45)

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Compare to 100423.

The Vegetarian Myth

Congrats Aaron and Katy!

Question of the day- How have your clothing sizes changed since you started CrossFit? Have you found you need to buy smaller clothes? or in my case, button-up shirts won’t ever go fit your neck and shoulders?

43 responses to “Tuesday, 19 Oct, 2010”

  1. Tracey says:

    Yes. Weight remains within a 5# window though. Truely, my clothes are looser and I dislike my Lululemon shorts being baggy!:( Im happy with my physique for the first time in many many years. I like feeling stronger, screw my weight…the bodyfat will follow. Plus the kool aid we drink has fat burners I heard.

  2. Ramsay says:

    I have dropped 2 paint sizes and over the past year lost about 25 lbs. I just bought a medium sweater tonight. I was in an XL 6 months ago! I don’t care about the weight number anymore; I know as long as I go to CF I’ll get the health and body I have always wanted. One more thing- I’ve always wanted to train like a professional athlete and I feel like I am an athlete again when I’m at CF. I feel like “me” again.

  3. Emily D. says:

    My weight has actually stayed pretty steady since starting CF. I am wearing a size 4 for the first time in my life though! I never thought I would get these birthing hips into a size 4 🙂 Problem is my quads are still too “big” for most pants so I have to go a size up so my legs(and butt) can fit…but I am ok with that.

    Most of my button up shirts don’t fit over my shoulders….and if they do I can’t stretch at all or I will have a Hulk moment.

    • Ramsay says:

      Size 4!!!! Way to go!

    • Ramsay says:

      BTW- I was getting a ladder down today and noticed my shirt was fitting more snug around my shoulders too- until I read your post it didn’t register that is why I’ve been annoyed with my work shirts lately.

  4. Dennis says:

    Good Luck today CFHSV athletes on this WOD.
    I was hoping for a sub 5 min as this was my first time for this WOD. Must have missed it last time.
    1st round unbroken in 1:10, but second rd 10 then 5 on HPCs and 3rd rd 6, then 5, then 4. I know do the HPCs unbroken. Next Time. Great WOD though.
    RXd = 5:10
    Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive!

  5. Justin says:

    3:55 as rx’d.
    I don’t remember doing this one, but my log says I did it in 5:01 in April. HPC unbroken in first round, 8-5-2 in 2nd round, and 5-5-3-2 in 3rd round.

  6. Kristi Simmons says:

    QOD: Funny that this is coming up right now…Robert & I were just saying (in jest) that CF members should be given a clothing allowance b/c of the changes in the wardrobe. NOTHING FITS (and that’s a good thing)!! I’ve raided friend’s/family’s closets to borrown clothes b/c I still want to lose just a little bit more of the muffin top so I refuse to buy any clothes until I get to where I want to be. I’m going to the alterations place today with EVERY pair of work pants that I own to have them taken in. Sometimes it’s quite frustrating to put on a pair of pants & they fall right off, but then…wait…that’s actually not a bad thing, they just look slouchy…I can live with that!
    Oh and all those clothes that have been hiding in the very back of the closet that I’ve had for 10+ years that I never threw out b/c I swore I’d get back into ’em. I’m actually able to wear ’em, who cares if they went out of style 10+ years ago!

  7. Brian says:

    QOD: In the first 3 months of CF I lost 20 pounds and for the first time in years had pants that would fall off if I didn’t wear a belt. The funny thing is that I have gained back about 15-18 pounds and I still have the loose pants. I am still wearing a 36″ inch waist but think I might actually be on my way to a 34″ for the first time since I was 23 yrs old.

  8. Robert S. says:

    I don’t really worry too much about clothes. CrossFit men only need a few pair of board shorts and some skins. Shirts are not required.

  9. Patrick says:

    QOD: There’s good and bad in the fatty to fit transformation. I’ve donated most of my clothes to various thrift stores over the past couple years. Someone got some really nice Filson and Orvis upland hunting clothes.

  10. TashaW says:

    Ahh….. I cannot WAIT to get back into all of the awesome clothes I bought after starting CF!! When I first started in Nov of last year, I had been working out at a Globo gym with a trainer for almost a year & even though I was in “good shape,” I’d pretty much accepted I’d always be a girl who had big thighs. In the TWO months I did CF and followed a paleo/zone diet, I lost about 10lbs and it was ALL right where I needed it – my legs. At 32, I weighed less and was a size smaller than when I graduated high school! Just knowing I was able to do it then makes me so pumped to have a goal and get there again after baby!! She’s coming soon & I cannot WAIT to be not just a fit woman, but a FIT mommy!

  11. Penelope says:

    6:25 (scaled to 65#) Almost a full 5 minute PR from April!

    QOD: I started CF when Ian turned 3 months – his 1st birthday is Saturday. CF helped me back into pre-baby clothes at lightning speed! Big, big thanks to CFHSV!!!

  12. Ben Jarrell says:

    QOD – I’ve noticed my pants are quite a bit looser in the waist. And suits that I bought a few years ago now fit much better.

  13. katie g says:

    9:38 at 85 pounds

    Don’t get me started on weight! I have been all over the scale since high school. I was actually the skinniest in my life when I was in college raising 2 babies and teaching aerobics, but I think that’s mainly because I always forgot to eat. I wear a bigger size in clothes now, but that’s because I have more muscle tone than I’ve ever had. I would still like to lose some body fat but overall I’m very happy with my weight.

  14. Russell says:

    And this QOD ties in well to the next Women’s Night which is a clothing swap!
    This is Katherine 🙂 I noticed quite a few behind the scenes clothes swaps going on via FB and thought we ought to all get together and trade! Hope you will all try to make it! Leftovers will be donated to the Salvation Army.

  15. Craig Herr says:

    4:02 95 lb

    Nice work Justin! And the day after Kevin was snipped even!!

  16. Rich C. says:

    8:20 @ 85lbs

    QOD: In just over two months the most obvious change for me is the size 32 waist jeans I barely fit into before CF now fall off me without a belt.

  17. Will Blankenship says:

    As Rx’d 8:29

    I obliterated the first round, but after that everything really slowed down. For some reason the cleans come natural to me, but the burpees kill me every time. Lung capacity isn’t back to where it needs to be just yet. I started slowing mentally too. I love this workout and realistically should have been in the 6 minute range. Next time.

  18. russell berger says:

    As Rx’ed- 3:00

    First round was the slowest. Very sore and head wasn’t in the game but this is still a PR by a few seconds.

    • Ramsay says:

      seriously? Do you have this one on video? If we could do a side by side of your WOD and my WOD, that would be hilarious!

  19. Kerri says:

    I saw a girl while I was volunteering at the Special Olympics event today, that I used to workout with (both of us, actually about 6 of us with a trainer)at the Globo before I started CrossFit. She saw me on Saturday when we were all running the Ribbon Run too (proudly sporting our CF tees)….

    Although I’m 3-5# heavier right now than I was when she and I and the other girls did our own “Challenge” in October 2008, she told me today I looked slimmer (and, that was in jeans and a tee).

    I told her it was probably because I was a different ‘fit’ now (no more lateral raises, bicep curls, treadmill speed intervals). So, it was a compliment, and, the biggest compliment is, she and one of the other girls are thinking about coming over and giving it a shot at CF. I invited her to the intro class….hopefully when they come, they’ll drink the Kool-Aid at the first visit.

    As far as clothes, ditto to all of the above. The bigger clothes have got to go. I used to hold onto clothes to be able to get back in them, and, now, I’m holding onto the bigger clothes, thinking ‘they don’t look so bad’….But, when someone at work tells you that it looks like your clothes are falling off of you, I guess it’s time that they go! Thanks CF!

  20. Ryan P. says:

    7:10 @115#

    QOD:Paul Pepe and I were talking about this months ago, how having to buy all new clothes, cuz they all got too big, was not the worst problem to have.

  21. JoshG says:

    as Rx – 3:46 Great job to everyone on this WOD, some beastly times were put out today!

  22. Kerri says:

    5:37 as rx’ed. PR by 2:05!
    Totally a Fran-like post WOD feeling….

  23. Patrick says:

    5:43 using a girl bar, so scaled to 125#.

    Having never used a 25mm diameter bar, I was amazed how hard it is a maintain a hook grip. Thumb kept popping out.

  24. Lindsey says:

    Russell, I literally just laughed out loud when I was what you named the picture of the day! Classic!
    I’m with Penelope on the QOD. I was in the best shape of my life (thanks to crossfit) before I got pregnant with cole! Now, I’m well on my way back the fitness level I was at, again thanks to crossfit! Not to mention I was back in my regular clothes in record time! Scaled to 85# today- 5:36

  25. AmandaJ says:

    Scaled 55#, 6:10
    can’t wait for CF Total tmr!!!!

  26. Jake Naumcheff says:


    PR by 1 minute.

    Intensity just wasn’t there for me today.

    Great job by everyone on this WOD. Some impressive times coming out of our box!!