Tuesday, 23 Feb, 2010

Posted by Mandee on February 23, 2010   |   43 Comments

CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Compare to 091212.

Question of the day- What is your favorite post-workout recovery food?

At the chalkboard with Coach Glassman– The CrossFit Journal

43 responses to “Tuesday, 23 Feb, 2010”

  1. Justin says:

    Deadlift down 15 from last time. First back squat PR since June. Tied PR for the total.

  2. Aaron says:

    215(prev pr)/105(5 off pr)/305(pr) = 625

    Same Total as 091212. I really need to get my diet back in order. Should have totaled at least 635 this morning but jumped up to quickly to 115 for the SP and ran out of time before transitioning to DL’s. Incremental gains, I’ll take the 305pr and I think I had another 5-10# in the tank.

  3. LeshaS says:

    BS – 205
    SP – 85
    DL – 255 (PR)
    = 545 (PR by 5)

    BS same as last PR (no time to try for 210). SP PR is 90 but went from 85 to 95 and COULD NOT get my left arm to work with the right arm so I had two fails at 95. DL 255 is a PR by 10.

  4. Kyle Mosier says:

    BS – 225
    SP – 110
    DL – 315

    BS down by 20. I attempted 255 (twice). The first time I got down and came forward on my toes before I came back up, so it kept me from getting complete depth. The second time, my back rounded and it nearly crushed me, so I dropped it. SP is down by 5, not sure why. Attempted a 355 PR with deadlift. My back twinged after I got it off the ground, so I dropped it and settled for 315. Overall, my total was way down. Bugger.

  5. dunnbball says:

    BS – 145 (PR)
    SP – 75 (PR)
    DL – 225
    = 445 (PR)

    PR’d on the BS by 25 lbs and the SP by 10 lbs. I thought I PR’d on DL at 225, but in looking back at my records, I lifted that on Christmas Eve. I got the weight up twice this time, but rounded my back on the first attempt and didn’t keep the bar close enough to my body on the second. The last time I did CF Total was in November so this was a PR by 95 lbs.

  6. Mandee Miller says:

    BS – 175 (tried to PR at 195 and failed)
    SP – 85 (old PR)
    DL – 235 (old PR)
    Total = 495 (PR)
    Lesha is the strongest woman I know!

  7. joe c says:

    DL 295,SP 115 BS 185=595

  8. Krista says:

    Update on the new Crossfit Building… We started pouring concrete early this morning!

  9. Tasha W says:

    I just came across this link on the CF Genius (Montgomery) website. They call it the “Generally Badass” Paleo Cookbook and it’s got page after page of Paleo-friendly recipes. Started going through it and thought it was pretty awesome. Just thought I’d share.


  10. tracey says:

    BS 175(pr)-SP 85(off pr by 15)-DL 205(pr)= 465 My right shoulder has been tender since the chipper wod a couple weeks ago, but the 85 felt pretty easy.

  11. tracey says:


    SDLHP’S 16KG
    BOX JUMPS 20″

    All for 1 min ea, with 1 min. rest at the end of each round….for 3 rounds.
    FOR TOTAL REPS. Great work today ladies!

  12. Will Blankenship says:

    BS-245 (-10)(depth = the suck)
    SP-145 (-10)
    DL-375 (PR +10)


  13. Russell says:

    BS-335 (-10)
    SP-150 (-5)
    DL-415 (-10)

    Total- 900

  14. Craig Herr says:

    BS-295 (same)
    SP-150 (-10)
    DL-365 (-40)
    went from 315 to 405 and missed 2x. Did 365 and ran out of time.

    Total- 810

  15. klowe says:

    BS – 385 (not PR but +10)
    SP – 200 (tied PR) –but first time @ 200 for a total
    DL – 515 (tied PR)

    Total – 1100 PR +5

  16. Patrick says:

    BS- 280 (+5)
    SP- 160 (+5)
    DL- 360 (+5)

    Total: 800 This has been my goal for almost a year now. Finally got it!

    Super longterm goal is now BS 330, SP 170, DL 415 and CFT 900

    QOD: Chocolate Milk

  17. JeffWomble says:

    BS: 295(pr) 
    SP:165 (tied pr)   
    Total: 875(pr)

    couldn’t quite lockout 170 SP. Next time.

  18. Tasha W says:

    Even though my scores are wimpy, I’m posting cause I’m proud of them. Making progress–lil bit at a time!
    BS – 105(PR)
    SP – 55, but I really think I’d have gotten 60 w/more time
    DL – 175(PR)
    CF Total: 335

  19. tracey says:

    Yams with almond butter and Boars Head turkey meat is my answer for QOD.

  20. Emily D. says:

    Mine are wimpy but two PRs so I am pretty happy 🙂

    BS: 115 (PR)which is pretty kick ass considering I have never gotten above 65 because my squats suck so bad…..so I am a happy girl tonight!
    SP: blech….45 mainly worked on not moving my whole body and trying to not push it out 5 feet in front of me.
    DL: 155 (PR). I failed at 175…..I think about things too damn much…..so frustrating!

    Thanks to Ashley and Jake for telling me to just suck it up and pick the damn weight up.

    And Josh tipped over a water and ice formed on the floor…….nice.

    • Tasha W says:

      That is hilarious! No wonder my toes felt like little ice cubes when I was done!! (Did the lifts in my socks since I still need new shoes.)

    • Tasha W says:

      And p.s., awesome job on the squat, Em! WTG!!

    • Kerri says:

      Glad to see the positive 4:30 vibes made it your way!!! Good work!!

      I can only imagine what kind of comment Josh made after the water spillage…Let me guess….Yeah, that’s the spot?!?! =o)

  21. Katie says:

    BS- 155 (pr)
    SP- 70
    DL- 175

    Total: 400
    *Not a PR on most things, but I am happy about the BS bump. DL still suck… haven’t hit my 200pr in months 🙁

    Fav post-WOD recovery food… sweet potatoes or warm strawberries & blueberries!

    GREAT JOB Kerri on all your PR’s. Your consistent training & zoning has definitely paid off!

  22. klowe says:


    check out Robert with the Yell of the Beast! at 2:00


  23. Larry Lowe says:

    Worked out at Crossfit Fairfax this evening – Jeff Tincher’s gym. Russell interned under Jeff here a few months ago.

    4 rounds:
    15 overhead squats @95lbs
    40 double unders

    First round of du’s were awful. could only link 5 max. Next three rounds were much better. last round linked 20 and 20. Double unders are funny. The more you force them, the more you will hang yourself. Tough WOD.


    25 Hip extensions holding 25 lb plate.

    Nice affiliate. Highly recommended if you are in the DC/Fairfax area.

  24. Kerri says:

    SP- 85(PR)-Thanks Russell,for the pointer on this one
    DL-250 (CFT PR)

    520 (PR)

    Couldn’t get past the SP for sooooo long, so, glad to finally get this new PR!

  25. Robert S. says:

    CFT was not good today.

    BS-265 (20# under pr)
    SP-115 (tie pr)
    DL-295 (20# under pr)


    Nice video from the Garage Games. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

    As far as post WOD fuel goes, I normally have a 4 block meal after the lunch time class. However for competition I have done a mixture of sweet potatoes and apple sauce w/ whatever protein I can get down. I also like vanilla egg protein powder with some coconut water.

  26. Slade White says:

    I didn’t get to finish this one, ran out of time and had to get to class. I hate this schedule change B.S. I’m having to do!!!!

    BS 245
    OHSP 135

    DL (did one set of 315 and then had to leave)