Tuesday, 23 Mar, 2010

Posted by Mandee on March 23, 2010   |   31 Comments

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:

Chest-to-bar pull-up
Box jump, 30 inch box
GHD sit-up

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EOD Technician Owen Duff (who trains at CrossFit Spokane) broke the Bombsuit Mile world record, finishing in 9:22, as a fundraiser for the EOD Warrior Foundation – video [wmv] [mov]

Question of the day: How do family and friends who are NOT doing CrossFit respond to your eating and workout habits? Are they supportive, curious, or hostile? Why do you think this is?

31 responses to “Tuesday, 23 Mar, 2010”

  1. tracey says:

    PULL UP CLINIC 12:00 Sat. for anyone who doesn”t have a pull up or needs help with linking them.
    Please come!!!!

  2. tracey says:

    Also, great pic Katie!

  3. Larry Lowe says:


  4. Mandee Miller says:

    18:30 as rx’d

  5. Justin says:

    11:20 as rx’d
    Chest to bar pullups slowed me down. I had trouble linking them in a few rounds.

    Joe C and Craig smoked this one.

  6. LeshaS says:

    Scaled with 20 in box and kpu’s.
    PROGRESS on kpu’s (chin over the bar many times, but still having trouble linking and maintaining chin-over-bar consistency) also = slow kpu’s. Also, first time with 20 in box (!!!).
    20 min cut-off, completed up to Rd 2 kpu’s.


  7. Craig Herr says:

    10:53 as rx’d

    Everyone in the 7 am class worked very hard and finnished well under the 20 minute time limit.

  8. joe c says:


  9. z says:

    Larry invented a new PU standard this morning, belly button to bar. It was almost a muscle up.

    • Larry Lowe says:

      After getting those reps taken away during the games, I figured I need to start exaggerating the standard. Losing reps sucks!

  10. joe c says:

    10:00 as rx’d

  11. Daniel says:

    Impossible for me to hang from a pullup bar right now, so I scaled pullups to 2×45# dumbell push press. It was a very comparable sub. Thanks Russell.

    12:05 scaled

  12. Will Blankenship says:


    This one was pretty fun. The pullups slowed me down and I took too many “breaks”.

  13. Robb Dempsey says:

    15:04 as RX’ed

  14. Daniel says:

    Also gymnastics practice for an hour. I did several round offs to a whip (no hand back handspring) off of the tumble track ( black running tramp) for the first time today. Also I did my first standing back tuck on the power tumbling track(blue soft running track) today and stuck it about 10 times.

  15. Robert S. says:

    12:16 as rx’d.

    I’m with Will on this one. Fun WOD, but I need to work on linking my pullups better.


    We’re having a Co-ed baby shower for Kristi on April 24 from 4-6 at our place. We would love to have everyone join us! If you can make please rsvp to me by April 10. (931)625-2346 is my cell or send me a FB message.

  16. Jeff Barnett says:

    8:03 as Rx’d.

    Had fun dropping in with you guys today. I’m going to attempt to come to the 12:30 consistently on Tuesdays.

  17. klowe says:

    8:09 – Jeff B. made it clear to me that I need to work on stringing my box jumps together faster!

    Great environment in the lunch class today.

  18. Katie says:

    12:49 as rx’d with 30″ box…. And a skinned shin… Sux!

    AM strength bias:
    3×3 deadlift: 155-170-180PR
    12 x 135lbs.

  19. Jake Naumcheff says:

    8:23 as Rx’d

  20. Aaron says:

    Great push from everybody at the 530 class.
    Closest I’ve come to meeting pukie in a long time.

  21. Kerri says:

    Scaled- 24″ box…I’m skerred of 30″!
    Chin above bar PUs

  22. Tasha W says:

    Good job with the PU’s AND that 24″ box, Kerri!

    10:30, scaled 20″ box (although I did get up on the 24″ box once today for the first time–YAY, thanks for the motivation, Kerri!), also did JPU’s, but also got my chin WAY over the bar on a KPU during warmup! Was pumped–so close I can taste it….

  23. Kerri says:

    It was more than once, wasn’t it? WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!! On both the 24″ box AND the for real pull-up!! Won’t be long and you’ll be repping those mugs out!!!!
    Woooo hoooo!!!!
    And, maybe I’ll tackle that 30″ box one day…..one day…….

  24. Emily D. says:

    12:54 with 20″ and JPU

    Finally got full GHDs tonight.

  25. Daniel says:

    Is there an official 12:30 class now?