Tuesday, 26 Oct, 2010

Posted by Mandee on October 25, 2010   |   28 Comments

Five rounds for time and load of:

5 Back squats
100 foot bear crawl
30 sit-ups

Post time and load to comments.

Paleo Pizza- By our very own Tye Abell

CFHSV takes on the Hawk 5k race for The Wounded Warriors Project

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Blood, Blisters, Sexism and Pull-Ups

28 responses to “Tuesday, 26 Oct, 2010”

  1. Patrick says:


  2. Katherine says:

    Great picture Tracey! Very powerful (with or without that ol’ hook grip 🙂

  3. TashaW says:

    I hate that I’m missing “5K season” this year.. 🙁 I love running races with groups for good causes! If Addison hasn’t yet made her debut, I WILL be there Saturday cheering you guys on during “Grace” – so pumped to see it, although it’s gonna be HARD to come in there and not WOD with you guys.

    Really enjoyed the pull-up grip article. I am kind of excited that I’ll be back at a starting point when I come back in December, so maybe I can try to start “re-learning” with a better grip as to not tear my hands so much as I get back on that bar. Loving the pics on the site and seeing all the progress everyone’s making lately – especially the newer and recently returning ladies! Y’all make me SO proud!

    • Tracey says:

      So if Addison isn’t here, I say we help move things along with a “baby Grace” wod. Kidding!!!! well sorta. I remeber doing the stairmaster for 45min. the day my water broke. I WAS SO READY!

      Hang in there! You will have the rest of your life to workout!

      • TashaW says:

        I’m all about a Baby Grace WOD!! Girl, I did some crazy a$$ curb walking (one foot on a curb while the other landed on the road) Sunday a.m. for FOREVER, then came in, took your advice & got on the elliptical and literally RAN on it for almost 20 minutes straight. Wiley came upstairs and BEGGED me to let him video me cause I was just wearing a sports bra & under armour pants and apparently I looked hilarious. He got a nasty glare & proceeded to go back downstairs!! haha!

        • Emily D. says:

          Surely your grass needs to be mowed right now 😉

        • Kristi Simmons says:

          And…the most fun workout of all…SEX!

          • Patrick says:

            You know your husband does carry a nice little prostaglandin in his Man Ranch that will ripen that cervix. And, on a politically incorrect note. The baby is fully formed at this point, a glass of red wine may help also. Just a thought…

          • TashaW says:

            Y’all are cracking me up & I love it! Trust me, we are definitely trying EVERYthing! 🙂 And, yes, Patrick I had a glass of red wine while sitting in a warm bathtub a couple of nights ago (I think I actually heard about trying that one from Katherine). Sheer heaven – which is kinda crazy cause I’ve had a major aversion to red wine this entire pregnancy. Fingers and toes crossed! I see the doc again tomorrow so we’ll see where we’re at….

  4. Justin says:

    13:21 at 275

  5. Ramsay says:

    Working on form- 18:30ish at 85# The “ish” is for starting around a minute after the first heat and I let Penelope go ahead of me for back squats one round so she could keep her pace. Have pushed myself further than ever the last 2 days- better mentally- and it is pretty exciting to push through… as Dennis calls it, the pain cave. I hate it and love it all at the same time- craziness.

  6. Kyle Mosier says:

    15:37 @ 225 – between yesterday and today, I’m really feeling it in my lower back. Not necessarily a bad pain, but definitely a little stiff.

  7. Penelope says:

    12:45 at 105#

  8. Emily D. says:

    I read the blister article last week.

    I shave, dremel, and take care of my hands…and they still rip…although not near as bad as they used to. I ripped a few weeks ago and that was the first time in several months…I used to rip constantly. I know it is from my death grip. I have been trying to change my grip up and it is getting better, but still not there yet.

  9. katie g says:

    10:47 at 125# (80% of my 1RM)

  10. Kristi Simmons says:

    Serious question: With the lifestyle and diet that CrossFitters follow (or are recommended to follow), should there be a need for a colon cleanse?

    • Patrick says:

      Unless your Colonoscopy is scheduled for tomorrow morning, is there ever a need for a colon cleanse?

  11. Tracey says:

    11:06 @ 170#

  12. Patrick says:

    14:18 @ 185#

  13. Robert S. says:

    225# squat

    12:30 ish. Stopwatch got jacked up when I stopped it, but I got to the last round of situps at 11:42

  14. christy says:

    11:01 at 105#(70%max). Was a lot of fun! Thanks Lauren for the inspiration!Thrilled to be getting back into the groove!