Tuesday, 30 Nov, 2010

Posted by Mandee on November 29, 2010   |   29 Comments

10 minute Kettlebell complex. followed by Turkish-get-up practice

Then, one-arm Kettlebell Clean and Jerk skill work

Five rounds for time of:
5 one-arm KB clean and Jerks, right arm
5 goblet squats
5 one-arm KB clean and Jerks, left arm
5 goblet squats

10 minutes of work on shoulder mobility through thoracic spine trigger-point work

Post time to comments.

Who or What Inspires You?

Reebok|CrossFit: How Will The Brands Blend?

29 responses to “Tuesday, 30 Nov, 2010”

  1. KLowe says:

    QOD: Reebok/Crossfit – I think the partnership will only help to grow Crossfit’s popularity and awareness which will add legitimacy to CF as a sport and more importantly will make aware and educate the masses about the benefits of Crossfit type training regardless of where they get it done. Crossfit should not be some “secret” when it comes to allowing a person a proven pathway to wellness, healthiness, and then fitness. Fitness is one of the greatest assets for health and character building IMO. Having healthier and less douchebaggery would benefit ALL of us.

    On the business side of the brand blending. Me thinks the “sky is falling” people have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I don’t see CF jumping into the globo-style CF gym business. Their business is to sell clothes and shoes….not build for profit gyms. Do a quick google search about the vast amount of failed corporate gyms over the years. It is not an easy business to create massive shareholder profits.

    Lastly….and most importantly to me…..hopefully a multi-million dollar marketing campaign will make the “what is crossfit” question disappear. To me it is one of the most frustrating and difficult questions to answer. Most people just give blank stares about 1/2 way through my explanation. Now I just tell them to google “Crossfit and Hunstville.” It seems to be easier.

    • KLowe says:

      business — I meant Reebok not CF. Even though CF is not running a coorporate gym membership as well. So I guess it applies to both.

    • Emily D. says:

      When I think of Reebok I think of like…1992.

      I haven’t bought anything from them since I was in the 6th grade….and even then it was a horribly ugly pair of shoes that feel apart in a few months.

  2. Justin says:

    4:56 @ 24kg

    Aside from outfitting all NFL teams, reebok is one of the least relevant athletic apparel companies. 1992 might be the last time I purchased or wore anything from them.

  3. Penelope says:

    5:32 @ 12kg

    QOD responses are hysterical!

  4. Patrick says:

    Ah… Good Ol’ Reebok. Used to wear the black high top aerobics variety (circa 1990) as a med stud and resident. Of course, we used to peg leg our scrub bottoms back then also… talk about douchebaggery.

  5. Brady W. says:

    6:22 @ 16kb
    Fun Wod!

    I’m excited about the new building tomorrow!

  6. Rich C. says:

    11:07 @24kg

    Thanks to the lunch class for pushing me to finish!

    • Ramsay says:

      Great job- and ditto to the 6am class for their encouragement on my battle. It was nice not having mats mentally b/c I knew I couldn’t drop the weight- had to keep pushing. SUCKED big time but hearing the count down to “LAST ONE!” priceless.

  7. Ron Wood says:

    5:49 @ 20kg

  8. Christy Bergin says:

    6: 18 16kg. Fun WOD
    Can’t wait for the new gym!

  9. Robert S. says:

    6:54 rx’d

  10. Garrett D says:

    8:52 rx’d. Tough one

  11. Patrick says:

    5:47 @ 24kg