Tuesday, April 14 2015

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Dani 1Dani 3Dani 2




A. Deadlift: 10 – 6 – 4/5 – 4/5 – 10  E2:30MOM

B. Complete the following for time of:

50 toes to bar

250 double unders

50 deadlifts 135/95   RX+ 185/125  (55 and over 95/65)

*catch* every minute on the minute perform 5 WBS 20/14  10’/9′  (55 and over 20/10  9′)



“Come Back Home” by DB

Complete the following for time with a 15 minute cut off:

BLACK:                                                  BLUE:                                                      RED Masters 55+:

11 OHS 115/80                                       10 back squats 95/65                                  9 back squats 75/55

11 over the bar burpees                         10 over the bar burpees                           9 over the bar burpees

11 thrusters 115/80                                10 thrusters 96/65                                     9 thrusters 75/55

11 HSPU                                               10 hand release push-ups                           9 hand release push-ups 

11 power cleans 115/80                          10 power cleans 95/65                                9 power cleans 75/55

11 over the bar burpees                        10 over the bar burpees                           9 over the bar burpees

11 pull-ups… then,                      10 jumping pull-ups (wrist folds at bar)              9 jumping pull-ups

11 pull-ups                                 10 jumping pull-ups (wrist folds at bar)               9 jumping pull-ups

11 over the bar burpees                        10 over the bar burpees                            9 over the bar burpees

11 power cleans 115/80                         10 power cleans 95/65                                  9 power cleans 75/55

11 HSPU                                               10 hand release push-ups                            9 hand release push-ups

11 thrusters 115/80                                10 thrusters 96/65                                      9 thrusters 75/55

11 over the bar burpees                         10 over the bar burpees                           9 over the bar burpees

11 OHS 115/80                                       10 back squats 95/65                                   9 back squats 75/55

Sign up on MBO to reserve your spot! This will be OPEN style, so athletes will be responsible for warming up on their own. We will brief the WOD at 515pm and give heat assignments. Reminder that the 515pm and 615pm regular classes are canceled.

Come FIGHT it out CFHSV!

34 responses to “Tuesday, April 14 2015”

  1. Emily says:

    Dani! What an inspirational athlete to watch perform!Great Picture!

  2. Matt says:

    Positive energy= Dani Latham!

  3. Mandee says:

    Looking good Dani!! Always working hard! 🙂
    Pumped about Friday Night!! “Come Back Home” CFHSV!

  4. CrossFit Kodi says:

    That is one hard worker right there!

  5. jamie cherrypicker says:

    Strong woman right there!

  6. Courtney says:

    Dani, your determination and beauty shine through in this picture. Love this.

  7. Kim J. says:

    Dani! My beautiful bestie looking strong! Keep working hard!

  8. Jessica Thompson says:

    My girl Dani!! Killing it boss!

  9. Shana says:

    Dani!!!! Looking great! Love this girl and her determination. Looking forward to Friday Night!!!

  10. T.J. says:

    Big time cross fitters lift big time weight there u go Dani 🙂

  11. Haley says:

    Dani!!! Love this picture of you! You are a strong, positive, and happy woman. It’s always a joy to WOD with you 🙂 keep it up

  12. Mandy G says:

    Dani! Strong and gorgeous inside and out! <3 you lady!

  13. Nathaniel says:

    The Dani! Ain’t nobody like her and she’s the real deal. Keep puttin’ in work!

  14. Adrienne H says:

    Such an inspirational athlete to train with. 🙂

  15. Tracy says:

    Dani! Beautiful! Couldn’t ask for a better friend 🙂

  16. Teresa says:

    Lifting more than you thought you could!!
    Go Strong Girl!!

  17. Dani says:

    Thanks you friends!!:D This tiny word box couldn’t begin to hold all I feel for CFHSV and the athletes within. A short time ago I thought I might not be able to come back from an injury I was dealing with, let alone be a WOD picture again. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be on this side of things again. Never take a day for granted and always keep smiling CFHSV! You all inspire me every day.

  18. Rob L says:

    My beautiful, inspirational, and STRONG wife! I love you and your determination to be your best everyday.

  19. stacey says:

    DANI!! looking good girlfriend

  20. Justin says:

    Looking strong Dani!

    22:45 rx

  21. Andrew says:

    275-315-335-335-255 (messed up my back on a jerk yesterday)

    11:23 Rx

  22. Eric says:

    15:24 scaled to singles
    Friday looks like fun. I will come and cheer.

  23. Haley says:


    15:49 RX’ed
    Great having DB back! 9:15ers did great pushing through

  24. Melissa D says:

    Awesome pic Dani! Strong and determined as always. 🙂

  25. fleming says:

    Dani! Always positive, happy, kind and working hard!

  26. fleming says:

    This wod hurt me deeply. 100+wbs 23 something. ..I don’t even know, nor care! Just happy it’s over! Good luck after- nooners.

  27. Maggie says:

    Great picture Dani! You are always so encouraging and inspiring!

  28. CoachDB says:

    Looking Great Dani! Stay on the move.

    Really was hoping to punish myself with this WOD today, but the shoulder is not cooperating. Try again on tomorrow’s WOD hopefully.

    All that have come and finished Today’s WOD I click my spurs for you. All those coming to take it on, Bring It!

    Looking forward to some good Fights Friday Night with the CFHSV athletes.

  29. Jeremy M says:

    Dani!!! Always working hard! Keep it up girl!! Great athlete!!

  30. Jeremy M says:

    Today’s wod:
    A: 295(10)-345(6)-365(5)-365(5)-295(10)
    B: 12:43, rx+ (brutal)
    Rest 30 min
    Yesterday’s wod:
    A: 185-215-230-240-255(F)-255(F), PR not happening
    B: 12:28, rx (shot)

  31. Matt says:

    Great work Jeremy!

  32. Tracy says:

    195 (10) 225(6) 240(5) 240(4) 195(10)
    19:56 Rx’d

  33. Misty says:

    13:35 Rx+

  34. Caroline says:

    Looking great Dani!
    So glad you’re back and feeling great!