Tuesday, April 26 2016

Posted by Naomi Pradia on April 25, 2016   |   47 Comments

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A.  In 15 minutes establish a 1 rep max front squat

B. For time:

21 calorie row

21 toes to bar

21 squat cleans  95/65 lbs.  RX+ 115/75  (55 and over 75/55)

21 ring dips  (55 and over bar dips)

15 calorie row

15 toes to bar

15 squat cleans  115/75 lbs.  RX+ 135/95  (55 and over 95/65)

15 ring dips  (55 and over bar dips)

9 calorie row

9 toes to bar

9 squat cleans  135/95  RX+ 165/115  (55 and over 115/75)

9 ring dips   (55 and over bar dips)

*athlete is responsible for changing weights for each round*

47 responses to “Tuesday, April 26 2016”

  1. Dave M says:

    You can take your pick. Either one of these two are crossfit monsters.

    You can’t do better than trying to emulate Matt or Regina.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Super Man right there. He could fly up that wall. Ain’t many people you can say this about but – if you don’t like Matt then there’s something wrong with you 😉 No pressure Stud. Keep it up

  3. Tj says:

    Just something about 11:30 crew

  4. Eric says:

    There ya go!

  5. Katie C. says:

    Go Matt and Regina!!

  6. Kobra says:

    You have to take ownership of what you can control. Matt lacks not in the effort he gives every.single.day. at CFHSV. He has taken ownership of his body and control of his mind to put forth the effort to become the best that he can be.

    The Dynasty.

  7. Emerald Summar says:

    Looking good you two!

  8. Naomi says:

    Nice work Matt and Regina!!

  9. Michael mcclung says:

    Two of my favorite people. 11:30!!!

  10. steve price says:

    Matt looking lean and mean!! The picture says it all, I told you so! On a side note, I think Matt is just trying to keep up with Regina, who just for kicks goes out on a very fast run after completing all of these WODS we do!

  11. Mandee says:

    There’s not enough room for me to say all I want to about how awesome this dude is…Matt, you are one of kind and we are so thankful to have you at CFHSV!
    And I see you back there Regina! Always working hard! 🙂

  12. Kyle L. says:

    Matt and Regina. Good luck keeping up with these WOD killers.

  13. Maggie says:

    Matt Miller is one of the best CFHSV has to offer. Super great dude and an awesome athlete always giving everything he’s got. He’s so fun to watch in a wod and always offering encouragement. Keep it up Matt!

  14. Kim G says:

    Matt is truly one of the kindest and toughest guys in the gym! He and Regina are a few of the reasons why I love 11:30!

  15. Eric K says:

    Matt it is an honor to work out with you during the Lunch Crew. Thanks for all the great tips you always have to offer. Regina you are awesome so nice and fast as heck on the track keep up the great work you both are great friends.

  16. Lisa T. says:

    Matt and Regina, there are so many good things to say about these two!!! I love showing up to an 11:30 WOD when either one is there. I know there will always be someone who is going to build me up and encourage me to keep going, pushing through the pain until the very end. I admire these people and their dedication to CFHSV!

  17. Duke says:

    Matt “full ride” Miller can do wbs with style.

  18. Matt says:

    Thank you CFHSV…..for caring about my family. That means the most. I can’t wait to see how much more healthy we all get. I look forward to all of our accomplishments in the years ahead!

  19. Jada says:

    All CFHSV members are invited to attend a Crossfit Achievement Party for the participants for the Open, Regional qualifiers, and our possible CrossFit Games qualifier this Saturday from 6 to 11 pm. The party will be held at our home:

    81 Lake Forest Blvd SW Hsv 35824.

    Food and music provided ! BYOB and lounge chair.

    RSVP to onebrowneyedgirl2001@yahoo.com by Thursday at 9 pm.

    • Mandee says:

      So very gracious of you Jada! We look forward to celebrating all our awesome athletes’ achievements with you!! 🙂

  20. Eric says:

    A. 315
    B. 16:19 Rx

    Great coaching today Nate and John!

  21. CoachDB says:

    Matt and Regina you two are awesome and represent to the highest of standards.
    A BIG congratulations to all CFHSV Master’s Athletes that competed in the Master’s Qualifiers. To make the top 200 out of 10,000-25,000 or more competitors in a very competitive worldwide master’s competition and then complete the tough WODs displays excellent CrossFit capacity, commitment, dedication etc..
    Great Job. Keep up the hard work, smart training, stay humble, and keep growing yourself and the community. Congrats again.

  22. Rob L says:

    Matt Miller! What an awesome dude. I can’t say enough about how great it is to have him around CFHSV. He pays the bills and encourages everybody else to do just the same.

    Great coaching this morning. N8 had it up on 2 wheels to get us started… my kinda way to start the day!

    A. 240 PR
    B. 2+18. You gotta push to finish this one! Those ring dips got me.

  23. BP says:

    PRs were dropping like FLIES this morning at 0600. Great work everyone.

    A. 255# PR
    B. 2+30 Gut Check. Ring Dips killed me. The increase in Clean weight doesn’t play either.

  24. Regina says:

    Matt, you epitomize hard work paying off. It’s been awesome to be able to watch your journey. So glad you and your family are at CFHsv, and so grateful that I get to be a part of this community!!

  25. Kobra says:

    A. 280 PR

    B. 15:12 RX (115/115/135)
    -mid way through the second set of cleans I realized I forgot to add weight, so I proceeded to finish RX. I was in the mood to groove and lost my mind 😉

  26. Jeremy Millich says:

    7:00am Class:
    A: 305#, PR by 10#s
    B: 15:29, RX+
    – Another great showdown at 7:00! John making us work!
    – Big Kyle F. Throwing weight around like its nothing!
    – Matt and Regina looking good! These two crazy athletes are always at the gym! If it wasn’t for their great personalities and coolness, I just might get tired of them! 😉

  27. Nathaniel says:

    A. 335

    B. 12:39 rx +

  28. George C says:

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    According to their site, the offer is only valid today, 4/26/16, from 12:00AM ET to 11:59PM ET.

  29. Bradley says:

    Those are two hard working athletes and phenomenal people right there! Keep it up Matt and Regina.

    Yesterday’s WOD at the home gym this morning:

    A. 195# Push Press
    B. 2+8 (scaled rope climbs to 15 pull-ups/135#)
    C. 2+3 Rx+
    D. 12 Burpee Bar MUs

  30. jamie cherrypicker says:

    I watched Regina go beyond during the Open and was in awe. Matt is my Park City brother and I’m grateful to have both of these athletes grace our box.

  31. Nathaniel says:

    PM Open Gym – Yesterday’s WOD :

    A. 240

    B. 3 rx +

    C. 2 + 9 rx +

    D. 9 rx +

  32. Mandee says:

    AM Open Gym: Today’s WOD:
    A. Not ready for heavy squats, so I subbed:
    100 calories on air dyne, rest 2 minutes
    75 calories on air dyne, rest 1 minute
    50 calories on air dyne
    B. 10:58 scaled squat cleans to 12kg goblet squats, everything else as prescribed

    PM Open Gym: Yesterday’s WOD:
    A. Push Press: 155
    B. 3 (scaled to 200m run, everything else RX+)
    C. 2 + 3 (scaled to 200m run, everything else RX+)
    D. 9 (scaled to 200m run, everything else RX+)

  33. Heath Sharp says:

    385 PR

    12:50 RX+

  34. Mimi says:

    A: 125#
    B: 1+57 rx it felt like July at 3:15!! Holy smokes!!
    Matt and Regina!!! Pillars of the 11:30 Lunch Crew!

  35. steve price says:

    A. 345(pr)-365(F)

    B. 2 + 9 calorie row Rx

  36. Brian A says:

    A. 305 PR by 20
    B. 20:44 RX+

  37. Dani says:

    Matt!! You changed my outlook on life when I was in a low place almost two years ago. I’ll never forget that. Keep setting the bar (and ball) high. You are a true friend and follower of Christ.

    185 PR
    finished scaled at cut off.

    Hindsight coffee and Nate’s photo finish entrance made my morning!

  38. jamie cherrypicker says:

    A. 125-175-225-240 (pr)
    B. 15:25 scaled to knees ahap, power cleans, and bench dips

  39. Matt says:

    Great PR’s everyone!

  40. Tracy says:

    Matt and Regina!! My Friends always working hard!! Great pics 🙂

  41. Justin says:

    345pr by 20
    14:36 rx+