Tuesday, April 7 2020

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Click here for WOD brief!

Deadlifts   E3MOM

8@70% – 4 @80% – 2@85% – 1@90% – Max Reps@80%

Main Site WOD (RX+ portion)

12 – 9 – 6 Reps For Time: (15min cap)

Muscle-Ups (bar or ring)   MRX Burpee Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Deadlifts   275/175   RX+315/205   MRX 225/145

Core Development

15 BB Kang Squats
30 Russian Twists

15 Evil Wheels


Click here for Home WOD brief, movement demonstrations and warm-up!

Home WOD

15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3 reps for time of:


Rows / Chair Rows



In accordance with the recent mandates set forth by the Alabama Governor, CrossFit Huntsville will be closed through April 30th. 



Monday – Friday: 6am, 11:30am, and 5:30pm!

Saturdays: 9am

Check your email for all the details!

35 responses to “Tuesday, April 7 2020”

  1. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    I know these thundercats! Kennedy Krewe in action!

  2. Adela Faust says:

    Awesome!! Dedicated and strong!

  3. Nathaniel says:

    The Kennedy Center – Josh and Andrew, there is so much goodness in this shot. Thanks for sending this in. Josh is the consummate professional in and out of the gym and it’s been a treat to watch Andrew grow from CrossFit Kids to taking on WODs with his dad in the adult classes. No doubt y’all would stay at it!

  4. mandee says:

    Josh and Andrew killing it at home just like they do at the gym! A love of fitness must be in the Kennedy DNA, because Andrew and his brothers have been getting after it since they were little boys, with their Dad leading the way! Josh is alway up early and putting in work before half the world gets out of bed. And he and his wife have raised three young studs who are super respectful and incredibly hard working. You rock, Kennedy family! 🙂

  5. Nathaniel says:

    CFHSV, it is this time of year that we remind you to increase your hydration because of the warmer weather to avoid dehydration and sun-sickness or sunstroke. We know many of you are taking on WODs outside in the elements of high heat. Please be disciplined in the habit of increasing your hydration and continue to fuel your body to perform with a wide variety of healthy foods. Take care, be smart, and get after it!

  6. Michelle says:

    Good to see these guys still working out hard at home. They always give it their all in the gym. Keep it up guys.

  7. Misty says:

    Studs! The Kennedy’s are all bad to the bone! I’ve loved having Andrew down at CF Kids! He’s a stud of an athlete, strong as an ox and has the speed of a cheetah at 3-2-1 GO! Like father, like son! Such an awesome family!

  8. Misty says:

    Very scaled back home WOD today to ease these triceps back into action…
    20 min AMRAP
    – 200m Run
    – 20 Air Squats
    – 40 Sit-ups
    – 60 DUs

    Also had a great 6am zoom WOD with Hal and Bo! They killed those Burpees, Pulls and Deadlifts! Great intensity and strong finish from both!

  9. BP says:

    The Kennedy Boys are not only great Americans but super strong!

    5:12 Scaled: Box Jumps / Row & DL with an empty barbell ??
    2 mile walk NTF

    • Nathaniel says:

      I like that sprint followed by a recovery and reflection stroll. I did the same. Took a stroll through the parking lot after the WOD. I know Amanda is wearin it out too so tell that stud muffin ‘Nice work and keep it up’ ?

  10. Nathaniel says:

    A. 295(8) – 345(4) – 365(2) – 380(1) – 345(5)

    B. 7:52 rx +


    Forgot to post yesterday’s WOD

    A. As prescribed

    B. 6 + 1 rx +

  11. Regina says:

    That looks like a nice place to work out!

    Suitcase deadlifts for strength, 65lbs across, 5 reps (each side) for last set

    12:11 scaled to strict pull-ups and 65lb suitcase deadlifts

    • Mimi says:

      Way to improvise Regina! Love the suitcase deadlifts!!!

    • Nathaniel says:

      Heck yeah Regina! You’ll be ready for you and boys next trip. You’ll be able to tote everybody’s luggage without breaking a sweat!

  12. Jason W says:

    8:33 HRx
    – Burpees
    – 45# DB Rows x Each Arm
    – 2x 5 Gallon Water Bucket DLs

    • Nathaniel says:

      Love the Hrx WOD dude! I know that water was heavy and tuff to deadlift. Nice work and tell Lindsey to hang in there!

  13. Chef Tyler says:

    9:55 Rx (ring) and I only hit my head once on my home made rig LOL

    • Nathaniel says:

      I’ve been hit in the head more times than I can count. Concussions, stitches, knots, wounds, scars and look at me. 100% normal and some would even argue a genius. You’re better for it! Keep it up Layne Train

  14. MH says:

    6:28 RX + RMU

  15. Josh Kennedy says:

    Pulled up CFHSV website at 1530 today to get the WOD, and finally saw the photo. Thanks to all for the kind remarks. Almost at my 10yr anniversary mark with CFHSV and still so glad of the posse at our box.
    Those of us blessed with the extra ‘life opportunity’ of kids on the special needs spectrum understand the challenges, responsibilities, and joys/heartaches that comes with the territory. Each young man or woman is a “no fail” mission in that we simply cannot afford to fail them, and we won’t!
    A: DL E2MOM. Josh at 165# across 10 reps for 5 rounds; Andrew at 135# across 4 reps for 5 rounds.
    B: Home WOD metcon of lateral burpees, BB rows, and DL. Josh using 135# at 12:09, Andrew using 75# at 11:49.
    C: Complete. Josh did Kang squats at 75#, Andrew using a 20# pipe. Both did Evil Wheels with 135# on BB. Then Russian twists with 1.5pd and 1pd, respectively.
    Andrew and I continue to get busy with daily exercise in the quarantine zone. Luke out doing daily runs for HHS track team. Oldest son (Matthew) is deployed OCONUS helping to take care of bad guys, so assume he is doing some sort of exercise!
    Keep doing good things for your family and your community. We will come through this. I hope in the years to come that many will take pride in how we responded to this challenge. “We will meet again” as the Queen of England said. Take care.

    • Bradley says:

      Awesome work Kennedy men! You all are bad to the bone. Keep showing out studs.

      • Nathaniel says:

        Thanks for posting and sharing Josh. And thanks for being a dedicated person in family, country, and community.

  16. Cassarole says:


  17. Bradley says:

    A. 300(8) – 345(4) – 365(2) – 385(1) – 345(8)

    B. 5:02 Rx+

  18. Mandee says:

    A. 205(8) – 230(4) – 250(2) – 270(1) – 230(5)
    B. 9:45 RX+ ring

  19. JJ Millich says:

    A: Deadlifts – 225(10)x5
    B: 3:50, scaled (275#/BurpeeC2B; no fancy MU rig)
    Rest 3min
    C: Easy 2 mile run – 16:20

  20. Cloudy with a chance of Corona says:

    Motivation factor was low with cloudy skies and sprinkles
    Home WOD
    35Lb x left arm then right arm
    DL @225

    4 x 50 Single unders with DU work at end

  21. Dog Days of Pandemic says:

    Walked 2.5 miles today before workout.
    1 mile with dog and another with fam.
    My 13 year old boxer is probably thinking to herself:
    “Why the hell is my dumb ass owner walking me so much every day. Doesn’t he know how old I am.
    Good news is she is calm and sleeps a bunch after.
    Beautiful and tough old gal.
    Stay healthy and Safe everyone!