Tuesday, August 29 2017

Posted by Mandee on August 28, 2017   |   20 Comments



10min Deadlift build Up and HSPU/Handstand Walk Practice

“Me Love You Long Time” by DB
For Time:
-15 Deadlifts  225/155   RX+ 275/185   MRX 185/115
-1600m Run
-15 HSPU or 75ft Handstand Walk   RX+ 15 Parallette HSPU or 100ft Handstand Walk  MRX 2/4″ rise or 50ft Handstand Walk or 5 Wall Walks
-1200m Run
-15 Deadlifts
-800m Run
-15 HSPU or Handstand Walk (as above)
-400m Run
-15 Deadlifts
-200m Run
-15 HSPU or Handstand Walk (as above)



YOGA is canceled today. 

20 responses to “Tuesday, August 29 2017”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Oooweee! Watch out cause here they come! Ride them things into the ground CFHSV!

  2. CoachDB says:

    Did not get a chance to congratulate everyone on their PR Fran time or compliment them for giving it their all on this tough workout. Great job. So many PRs. Way to train CFHSV and let your Fran performance speak for your hard work and consistency to training.

  3. BP says:

    33:07 RX. HSPU improving but still not good

  4. Mandee says:

    AM Open Gym:
    “Fran”: 2:26 PR
    Then right into today’s WOD… Bad idea ?
    37:?? RX+ with HS walk

  5. Bradley says:

    AM Open Gym:

    Fran – 3:09 (:32 PR)

    Then right into Today’s WOD – 29:51 Rx+ with HS Walk

  6. Nathaniel says:

    AM Open Gym – Yesterday’s WOD Fran! :

    2:34 rx

    Into today’s wod :

    27:35 scaled ( 275lb DL, Hand-Release Push Ups )

    • Steve Price says:

      Fran in 2:34, didn’t you just have shoulder surgery? BEAST !!!

      • Duke says:

        you know you a bad dude when you rehab your shoulder with Fran…..But i have been telling people for years now…N8 is one bad dude…PERIOD.

  7. Matt says:

    31:20 RX

  8. Justin says:

    33:34 rx+ parameter hspu

  9. Andrew DeeOhDee says:

    30:59 Rx+ w/ handstand walk

  10. Jeremiah Rogers says:

    23:47 Rx

  11. Mac says:

    34:01 rx+ hs walk

  12. Cam says:

    Got to last set of hspu, ran out of time before completing one.

  13. Jeremy M. says:

    6:15pm Class:
    30:24, RX+ w/ 100′ hswalks
    Great class Nate/John!!!