Tuesday, February 14 2017

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CFHSV’s Valentine’s Day WOD!

In teams of 2 couples, partners, or friends, complete the following for time of:

10 Sets (5 each Valentine alternating) of 5 Thrusters 

one Valentine must be in front rack position while the other works, once bars are picked up they cannot be set down or else 5 burpee penalty

50 (25 each) Partner Passing Wall Ball Sit-Ups

10 Sets (5 each Valentine alternating) of 5 Hand Release Push-Ups

one Valentine holds plank while other does push-ups, must be holding plank for the other to work

50 Wall Ball Passes Over & Across Pull-Up Bar

must conduct full squat before the pass, if ball is dropped or does not make it over 5 burpee penalty

10 Sets (5 each Valentine alternating) of 5 Hang Power Snatch

one Valentine must be in hang or rack position while the other works, once bars are picked up they cannot be set down or else 5 burpee penalty

10 Sets (5 each Valentine alternating) of 5 Push Press

one Valentine must be in front rack position while the other works, once bars are picked up they cannot be set down or else 5 burpee penalty

10 Sets (5 each Valentine alternating) of 5 Back Squat

one Valentine must be in back rack position while the other works, once bars are picked up they cannot be set down or else 5 burpee penalty

RX weight: 95/65, 20 or 14# WB *** Masters 55+: 75/55, 14 or 10# WB *** RX+ weight: 115/80, 20# WB

Each Valentine has their own bar, but only one wall ball per team.

Remember, you LOVE your Valentine! ?




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40 responses to “Tuesday, February 14 2017”

  1. Duke says:

    These people are AWESOME. Matt is one of my best friends and has helped me so much over the years. Keep paying those bills…..

  2. Mandee says:

    Perfect couple for Valentine’s Day! ? Awesome individuals who just so happen to make an awesome couple! The support, kindness and respect they show towards each other is truly admirable. Keep being awesome Matt and Steph ☺

  3. Eric K says:

    Matt Miller what an Awesome athlete and a great friend. Matt has Hulk strength and is always lifting the house. Super family and always an honor to work out with any of them. ??

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Couple of CrossFit’n fools right there. Matt, Steph, and the whole family bring a lot of good to the gym and they’ll share it with anyone. Happy Valentines Day you two love birds!

  5. KOBRA says:

    These two know how to love and often share it with whoever they come in contact with….. it’s tough love, because they are bad to the bone, but it is love. Keep lovin’ life and liftin’ heavy Millers!

  6. Margaret-Anne says:

    Love this family! ?

  7. Kent says:

    Matt and Stephanie paying some bills!

  8. Sam says:

    One of my favorite CFHSV couples ever and my second family. Sorry Matt as I may steal your Valentine WOD partner again this year but only if you’re willing to share.

  9. Fleming says:

    Top notch folks right there!

  10. Patrick says:

    I’m joining CF Tenesse

  11. Michael McClung says:

    Duramax and the beauty. Two of the best right there folks.

  12. Jon Hall says:

    Two awesome people!

  13. Steve Price says:

    Superman and Wonder Woman !!! Power couple of CFHSV. Two of the nicest and hardest working people you’ll ever meet! Privileged just to know them.

  14. Heath Sharp says:

    As I sit here, trying to come up with something clever to say about two people I have always looked up to in life, all I want them to know is how much they mean to me! You guys are all a kid could ever ask for!!! Now go tackle this WOD and listen to some good ole “POP” music while doing it! 🙂

  15. Jeremiah says:

    15:55 Rx

    Thanks for being my Valentine, Kevin. ???

  16. George C says:

    20:46 Rx

    Partnered with Batman

  17. Maude says:

    Awesome couple awesome individuals Matt is one of the best at what he does in the gym and out. He’s helped me tremendously over the years. Steph you are a joy and an inspiration to train with. Keep paying the bills!

  18. BP says:

    21:30 RX w/ my original BAE Jason.
    5:17 PR.

  19. Maggie says:

    There aren’t enough good things to say about this couple! They’re the kindest, most encouraging, hardest working couple around! Love the Millers!!

  20. Stephanie says:

    You guys are wonderful! We are so blessed to be part of such a wonderful CFHSV family.

    Matthew, you are my ROCK!! The love of my life! Happy Valentines Day!

  21. Matt says:

    I love you too sweetie pie! Thank you CrossFit Huntsville for adding an essential element to our marriage.

    “A good marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” –Ruth Bell Graham

  22. Bradley says:

    Love these two people! 2 of the many reasons that make CFHSV suck a great place.

  23. Regina says:

    Two of my favorite people! I’m always glad to see Matt & Steph when I walk in the gym.

  24. Jeff K says:

    My friend Matt! This man loves God and it always shows by how he loves others. He is full of wisdom, knowledge, and hulk like strength. Keep being awesome big man.

  25. Dani says:

    Truly the nicest and most humble people. Their family glows in the love they have for each other and their friends. Very lucky to see them so often!! And they most CERTAINLY know how to pay the bills!!

    This year was the first year my Valentine and I did not argue during or after this WOD 🙂 (Ah, The importance of scaling appropriately folks!)

    Hope you all find someone to kiss <3

  26. CJ VK says:

    Partnered with my boo thang Fleming. ❤️

    19:24 Rx (14# WB)

    Then, 100 burpees for time: 6:52

    Happy Valentine’s Day CFHSV!

  27. Courtney says:


  28. Haley says:

    The Millers! Matt and Stephanie looking strong and focused. What a wonderful couple?

  29. CoachDB says:

    I concur with everything everyone has said about the World Class Millers. Couldn’t have picked a better CFHSV Couple to represent on a momentous couples or Valentine’s Day.

  30. Kim G says:

    Matt is always so kind and encouraging! And Stephanie consistently pushes herself to get stronger and faster! I’ve loved witnessing their accomplishments and thankful they are part of the CFHSV family!

  31. Heath sharp says:

    No partner today so I went solo and did 25s from start to finish


  32. Mandee says:

    Got to partner with my one and only Valentine ?
    15:18 RX+

  33. WWW says:

    Love the Miller’s!!! They are forever smiling & happy to give you their time. Great couple!

  34. Jeremy M. says:

    6:15pm Class:
    14:51, RX (teamed up with one bad dude, Mr. Britton!)
    – Great class Kodi/Mandee! That is one great looking team! Matt and Steph are one of a kind! I personally am so honored to know them and call them friends! You two love birds are two amazing people, as well as two stellar crossfitters!

  35. Eric Hedges says:

    17:04 rx’d
    Partnered with Kyle F.
    I slowed him down and he killed me.

  36. fleming Sharp says:

    Thanks for sharing the love CJ! It was fun and thanks for not making me use that 20lb ball!

  37. Shana says:

    Teamed up with Brian A!!!
    22:37 RX+ all around great guy and athlete!

    Love me some Millers!!! Two of the sweetest, kindest, hilarious and hardworking people around. Always a good time when they are around! Love you guys!

    • Brian A says:

      Team Shana. Thanks for the push.

      Matt and Stephany. Always friendly faces. I’m glad to know them.