Tuesday, February 2 2016

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A. In 15 minutes, build up to a 20RM shoulder to overhead from the floor.

B. “Punxsutawney Phil” by DB

12 minute ascending AMRAP of:

1 hand release push-up

1 pull-up  RX+ chest to bar pull-up

1 power clean  135/95  RX+ 165/115  (55 and over 115/75)

1 push press or push jerk  135/95  RX+ 165/115  (55 and over 115/75)

2 hand release push-up

2 pull-up  RX+ chest to bar pull-up

2 power clean  135/95  RX+ 165/115  (55 and over 115/75)

2 push press or push jerk  135/95  RX+ 165/115  (55 and over 115/75)

…continue pattern with 1 rep increases until time runs out

rest only 1 minute, then:


1 minute max reps mogul/barbell jumps


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NOTE: Yoga is canceled this week. 

45 responses to “Tuesday, February 2 2016”

  1. Dani says:

    Tracy is beautiful inside and out. She is life breathing to my spirit and I am so thankful I have her as a friend!! There is nothing this girl can’t do inside the gym!

  2. Mimi says:

    Uh oh! Whatever Tracy is about to rep out in those new shoes probably looked amazing and she did 10 in a row! Nice work friend!

  3. jamie cherrypicker says:

    TROB!! This girl is amazing!

  4. Haley says:

    Tracy!!! Great picture of a great athlete 🙂

  5. Marisa says:

    Smart and sweet and strong as hell 🙂 And a total babe! Love this woman!

  6. Jessica Thompsob says:

    There she is…. I see you boss!

  7. Patty says:

    My Angel friend whom I love. So proud of you!!!!!

  8. Naomi says:

    Tracy!!! You’re always working so hard, cheering others on and just being an overall great example of a super athlete!

  9. Mandee says:

    There’s a reason this lady is on our wall! She IS CrossFit and reflects all things good at CFHSV! Years of hard work show every day. Keep it up friend 🙂

  10. Shana says:

    Uh oh there she is!!! Love your attitude and your humor and most of all I love… YOUR SHOES.. And you too!

  11. Kobra says:

    I’m surprised the camera could even focus with all Tracy’s awesomeness. Keep rockin’ it Judy 😉

  12. Stacey says:

    Tracy!! My boo!!
    Love this and love you

  13. Courtney says:

    Yeah Tracy! Dang I have got to see these shoes in person!

  14. Bradley says:

    Tracy!! You are one hard working, awesome lady!

  15. Regina says:

    Looks like Tracy got through those 50 WBS and made it to the pull-ups without even breaking a sweat!

  16. Andrew says:

    Tracy is a hard worker and joy to be around in the gym! Keep up the great work!

  17. Maggie says:

    Tracy is one of the best things about CFHSV!!! Love you and your fly shoes!!! 😉

  18. CJ VK says:

    17 reps @ 145#
    7+17 Rx
    85 jumps

    Awesome 0700 class and coaching this morning.

  19. Sam W says:

    Tracy is a woman on a mission! Go girl!

    20 reps @ 200
    8+1 RX+
    45 Mogul Jumps (I was dead)

  20. Nathaniel says:

    A. 16 reps 185

    B. 8 + 20 rx +

    C. 110 jumps

  21. Mandee says:

    A. 18 reps @ 130
    B. 8+3 RX+
    C. 98 jumps

  22. fleming says:

    Tracy! I love that she’s our gym wall cover girl! If I could rip that thing off the wall, I’d put it in my house for inspiration! !!!! 🙂
    You rock girl! Just wish I got to wod with you more! !!

  23. Nathaniel says:

    PM Open Gym – Yestetday’s WOD :

    A. Deadlift – 18 reps @315

    B. 16:40 rx +

  24. steve price says:

    A. 12 reps @ 165, total fail!

    B. 6 + 19 Rx+ @ 165

    C. 60 reps

  25. Kobra says:

    AM: Today’s Wod

    A. 165 x 20 PR

    B. 7+19 RX+

    C. 112 Mogul Jumps

    PM: Yesterday’s Wod

    A. 275 x 20 PR

    B. 17:36 RX

  26. Mac says:


    8+ 5 rx+


  27. Kyle O says:

    Awesome picture Tracy!!

    A: 17@225
    B: 8+18 Rx+
    C: 81

  28. CoachDB says:

    That awesome, strong, smart, and powerful lady, athlete, and friend hanging from that bar helped teach and show me the ropes at CFHSV. I am always indebted to you! Thank You

    S2O 20RM = 155lbs this was a true max and took all I had, but pretty pumped.

    WOD RX+ (165lbs / C2B) = 7rds complete & 8 Push-ups, 8 C2B, and 4 Cleans

    Mogul/Ski Jumps = 93

  29. Bradley says:

    A. 19 @ 165….Dang!!!
    B. 7+19 Rx+
    C. 82

  30. Brian A says:

    Tracy. Always killing it.

    A. 145
    B. 8+18 RX
    Finnisher. 97.

  31. Jonathon says:

    20reps @165

  32. Tracy says:

    17 @ 95#
    6+9 Rxd weight with C2B

    Thank you so much for all of your kind words of encouragement. Being a part of the CFHSV family means the world to me!

  33. Mimi says:

    A: 20@75#
    B: 6+12 rx

  34. Mandee says:

    Afternoon Open Gym: Yesterday’s WOD:
    20RM DL: 210 (PR)
    WOD: 21:18 RX+
    This one destroyed me…

  35. Andrew says:

    A. 20 @ 205 pr
    B. 8+20 RX+
    C 58

  36. Justin says:

    A. 20@175
    B. 8+12 rx+
    C. 88
    Nice picture Tracy

  37. jamie cherrypicker says:

    A. 115
    B.7+8 rx
    c.63 jumps scaled

  38. Jeremy Millich says:

    2:30 Open Gym (yesterday’s wod):
    A: 20RM deadlift – 325×20, PR by 10#
    B: 15:28, RX+
    -Thanks N8 and David!
    3:15 Class (today’s wod):
    A: 20RM s2o – 170×20, PR by 5#
    B: 7+21, RX+ (super flow, was destroyed from prior wod)
    C: 100 jumps
    – My girl Tracy showing us how it’s done on the bar! Stellar athlete, super sweet, well sometimes…hahaha, kidding! Always sweet!

  39. Cam says:

    155 x 20