Tuesday, January 25 2022

Posted by Mandee on January 24, 2022   |   23 Comments



Hang Power Clean   E2MOM

4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 1 – 1 

Start on a 4min Clock; Complete:

20 Toes to Bar or Wallball Sit-ups   20/14lbs   MRX 20/10
40 Double-unders   

30 Hang Power Cleans   95/65   RX+135/95lbs   MRX 75/55

(Rest remainder of time/change weights, Can’t start until 4min)

If completed before 4min, add 4min; Complete:

25 Toes to Bar or Wallball Sit-ups 
50 Double-unders 

25 Hang Power Cleans   135/95   RX+165/115lbs   MRX 95/65

(Rest remainder of time/change weights, Can’t start until 8min)

If completed before 8min, add 4min; Complete:

30 Toes to Bar or Wallball Sit-ups
60 Double-unders 

20 Hang Power Cleans   165/115   RX+205/135   MRX 115/75

*Annotate time if done prior to 12min

**If time gates not met 12min AMRAP

4min Isometric EMOM Challenge:

Min 1 = High Plank Hold
Min 2 = Dead Bug Hold
Min 3 = Low Plank Hold
Min 4 = Hollow Hold



23 responses to “Tuesday, January 25 2022”

  1. Bradley says:

    Two good dudes right there! Jason and Adam are two CF studs who make CFHSV a better place.

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Count them chips boys! Jason and Adam are the real deal. They’re full of discipline, character, and easy to be around. Way to rock it dudes!

  3. Abby says:

    Truly two of the best!

  4. Hal says:

    A. 185 – 205 – 225 – 235 -245 – 255(pr)

    B. 11:42 rx wbsu

    C. Complete

  5. Jason Morgan says:

    This is why I am thankful for the CFHSV staff. You all have created an environment for people to have what they need most, connection. We all have the blessing of spending at least 1 hour with people multiple times a week because of you. Not many folks get that outside of a work environment. Thank you Nathaniel, Mandee, Misty, Bradley, and Bailey for every bit of effort memorizing peoples names, coaching, and the encouraging you all do. We are all thankful for it! Ready to throw down at 3:15 today!

  6. Bo says:

    Awesome dudes in and out of the gym.

    A: 135-155-185-205-215(x)-(215(x)
    B: 2+102 rx wbsu

  7. Bailey says:

    A. 185
    B. 11:30 RX+ (t2b)

  8. Nathaniel says:

    11:53 rx w/ t2b

  9. Bradley says:

    A. 250

    B. 11:28 Rx+ (T2B)

  10. Duke says:

    2+99 rx t2b

  11. CJ VK says:

    11:30 was rolling today – great class, Misty.

    2+98 rx+ (T2B)

  12. Mandee says:

    Two awesome guys who undoubtedly make CFHSV a better place!
    2+106 RX+ (T2B)

  13. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 185 – 205 – 235 – 255 – 265 – 270 (Pr)
    B. 11:40 Rx (WBSU)

  14. Alex says:

    2+93 Rx+ (ttb)

  15. Lupo says:

    That’s two great guys captured in the wild right there. Keep inspiring those around you!

    265# HPC PR
    1+93 rx. t2b. kept going and got to 48 DU on the 3rd round

  16. steve price says:

    A. Hang Power Clean: 270

    B. I had 5 cleans left in the second round when my right hamstring popped ! Needless to say I stopped 😂😂

  17. BP says:

    2+12 RX TTB. Swapped to WBSU and meandered my way to the finish line

  18. Misty says:

    Two of the best that CFHSV has to offer! Awesome athletes and great people!

    A. 140
    B. 2+96 rx (T2B)

  19. Mac says:


    11:53 rx. T2B