Tuesday, July 22 2014

Posted by Mandee on July 21, 2014   |   20 Comments

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A. Bench Press: 10-5-5-10  E3MOM

B. 14 minute AMRAP of:

8 deadlifts 275/185  RX+ 315/215  (55 and over 205/140)

9 knees to elbows

10 barbell push-ups


Reminder: Yoga is canceled tonight. 


Don’t forget to follow Dennis as he competes in The CrossFit Games! Live streaming all day at games.crossfit.com!

20 responses to “Tuesday, July 22 2014”

  1. Don says:

    GOOOOOO DEEENNNNNIIISSS!!!! We’re all with you Bro!!!

  2. Clair Lee says:

    Good luck, Dennis!! Have fun! You are going to kill it!!

  3. Matthew H says:

    Here is the link to the Schedule for tomorrow. All times are 2 Hours behind us. Looks like Dennis’ group will Start around 1:25pm for the Deadlift latter.


  4. steve price says:

    ” I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained and will fight with all my might”
    We are very proud of you, Dennis, and so fortunate to call you our coach!

  5. JMAC says:

    Go get em DB!

  6. George C says:

    Go Dennis!!!

    A) 140-170-170-140
    B) 4+21 Rx

  7. Michael McC says:

    Good luck coach, dunk on em!!

  8. Peyton says:

    Go get ’em Coach D. You got this!

    5 RFT of –
    10 Dead lifts @ 225#s
    20 WBS @ 20#s and 10 ft

    Time – 21:29

    Notes: Temperatures hit 45 C (aka 115 F). Gym power was out so it was hot water, no fans and hot bar that burned on the touch. Good times…

    Out from Shindand

  9. Shea W says:

    Good luck Coach!!!

  10. Eric Hedges says:

    A. 235-275-285-245×9
    B. 7+11 Rx’d

  11. Joe L. says:

    A. 145-175-175×4-145×7
    B. 5+1 scaled Deadlifts to 225

    Go Dennis! Destroy those guys!

  12. Mac says:

    You’ve got this Dennis!!!! 3…2…1….

  13. Mike P says:

    Great work Dennis!!! 4th place in the deadlift ladder. Keep going.

  14. Chris R. says:

    keep it going coach!!!!

  15. Jay T says:

    It’s your house – Rock it!

  16. Shea W says:

    So glad I have a door for my office! I was on my feet cheering and clapping for LIVE handstand walk/sled drag! GOOOOO DENNIS!!!

  17. Tracy says:

    A. 100-85-85-100
    B. 5 rx’d

  18. Justin says:

    5+12 rx+

  19. Paul D says:

    Everyone at my office was watching and cheering for you Dennis! Awesome performance so far!
    8 full rounds Rx +

  20. jamie cherrypicker says:

    5+8 scaled. Kept 185#. Knees as high as possible and regular pushups