Tuesday, March 28 2017

Posted by Mandee on March 27, 2017   |   33 Comments




A. Pause Bench Press – E3MOM

6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2

(3sec pause on chest)


B. Tag-Team 16min Ascending AMRAP:

2 HSPU   (MRX 2/4 Rise or HRPU)

2 Pull-Ups   RX+ Chest-to-Bar

2 Wallballs   20/14 @ 10/9′   (MRX 20/10 @ 9″)

2 Hang Power Snatch   95/65   RX+ 115/80   (MRX 75/55)


**continue with 1 rep increases until time runs out**


33 responses to “Tuesday, March 28 2017”

  1. Mandee says:

    Brandon! Great guy, great athlete, and always pleasant and positive in the early morning hours. Keep up the hard work dude! 🙂

  2. Justin says:


  3. Marissa says:

    Oh my gosh. Brandon. It happened. You made the site! You are awesome

  4. CJ VK says:

    He made it. He really, really made it. ??

  5. My favorite “B”
    Uh that would be Bench!
    Sorry Brandon.

  6. Jeremiah says:

    Lol. BP was gonna quit CFHSV if y’all didn’t finally post a pic of him.

    It’s understandable though. It probably took a year to get a decent picture. ???

  7. Lindsey W. says:

    What what!! You’re an official Crossfitter now!!!

  8. KOBRA says:

    ? goes the dynamite!!!

    BP is one awesome, studly dude. Get you some bench press today!

  9. fleming Sharp says:

    Finally free, BP!!! But sick at home?

  10. Haley says:

    He did it, he really did it! Nice picture Brandon!!! So glad you finally made the site. Funny guy awesome athlete! Keep it up BP.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Freeeeee BP!! He made it to the big time, finally!

  12. Wendy W says:

    Brandon! Great pic for your debut on the site!! 🙂

  13. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    Here’s that IG model I can’t get the autograph of…welcome to the big time!

  14. Tj says:

    #freebp is in full effect the man of the hour he did it pop the champagne bottles it’s over people it’s really over

  15. Bradley says:

    Looking good Brandon. NSBD!

  16. Eric Turner says:

    What a great dude. One on my favorite guys at CrossFit Huntsville. Always there to help anybody out…

  17. Chris H says:

    Pretty sure this is the most patient dude on earth!! Thanks for judging n’ coaching forever ? on Sunday!!

  18. Zee says:

    Great pic Brandon and an all around awesome dude!

  19. JasonH says:

    The definitive B. P.

    Hope you are feeling better dude!

  20. Justin says:

    10+43 rx with Jeremiah

  21. CJ VK says:

    A. 135(6)-145(5)-155(4)-165(3)-175(2)
    B. 7+18 Rx solo

  22. BP says:

    Cavaliers ✔️
    Cubs ✔️
    Trump ✔️
    Army ✔️
    BP ✔️

    Thanks for the love folks. It’s great to be a part of CFHSV, it’s the best in business.

    Unfortunately gotta skip Bench Day! ;(

  23. CoachDB says:

    Focused yet having fun. BP a man on a mission!

  24. Steve Price says:

    B.P. bringing the POWER!! One strong fellow and a great athlete.

  25. Jeremy M. says:

    1:30pm Open Gym (Today’s Wod):
    A: 175(6)-190(5)-205(4)-205(3)-205(2), No spotter
    B: 8+4, RX+ (Solo)
    Brandon looking like a beast as always!

  26. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    A. 95-115-125-145-150
    B. 8+18 scaled with the lovely Carson!

  27. Matt says:

    185(6) 225(5) 245(4) 275(3) 315(2)

    7+36 RX with Hayden

  28. Bradley says:

    A. 175(6) – 185(5) – 195(4) – 195(3) – 205(2)

    B. 11+24 Rx+. Got to partner with Andrew D. That was a fun WOD.

  29. Mandee says:

    Yesterday’s WOD: 27:23 RX with DUs

  30. Nathaniel says:

    Yesterday’s WOD :

    25:46 rx w/ DUs

  31. ERic Hedges says:

    225×6 245×5 255×4 260×2 DONE
    11+46 RX