Tuesday, May 6 2014

Posted by Mandee on May 5, 2014   |   18 Comments

Wendy P1Wendy P 2Wendy P3




A. Deadlift: 3-3-3-3-3  E2MOM

B. 11 minute AMRAP of:

11 deadlifts 185/125  (55 and over 155/105)

Sprint 200m


18 responses to “Tuesday, May 6 2014”

  1. Kim G says:

    Wendy!! You persevered through a tough WOD without wavering! Great job!!

  2. Haley says:

    Wendy!!!! Look at that goblet squat form, perfect!!

  3. Fleming sharp says:

    go Wendy!

  4. Mandee says:

    Looking good Wendy P! 🙂

  5. Mimi says:

    Look Wendy P! The devastation was documented! Ha!

  6. George C says:

    Very fun wod and awesome coaching from Tracy and John this morning!

    A) 275 across

    B) 6 rounds Rx’d

  7. Joe L says:

    A. 255-275-275-275(fail)-255
    B. 4+7

    Back smoker! A lot of people will be walking funny after this WOD!

  8. Josh Kennedy says:

    Wendy: heels down, knees out, butt back, chest up. CHECK! Dat’s some good-looking squat form.

    A: 275# straight thru
    B: 91 points (7+0 rounds) at 135# DL wearing the VFF. This WOD has the potential to temporarily cripple you at the lower back, so choose your weight wisely.

  9. Calvin says:


  10. Eric says:

    A. 355x405x425x435x435
    B. 185# 64

  11. jamie cherrypicker says:

    295/ 4+1 rx back smoker for sho. Fleming is a gazelle.

  12. steve price says:

    A. 315-315-315-365-365

    B. 6 rounds (78 reps) @ 185, couldn’t keep up with Bradley F.

  13. James Stranahan says:

    A: 315

    B: 64 @ 135#