Tuesday, November 10 2015

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Mitch 1Mitch 2



Marine Corps Birthday Celebration

WOD: Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test

Event 1: pull-up or flexed arm hang

Event 2: 2 minutes max crunches

Event 3: 3 mile run for time

rest 3-5 minutes, then

CFHSV Extra Celebration for Marines!

2 minutes max reps hand release push-ups

rest 2 minutes

2 minute max reps toes to bar

rest 2 minutes

Max high plank hold for time


REMINDER: CrossFit Kids trial classes this Tuesday and Thursday! $5 per child per class. Please fill out thisย CFK waiver pdfย and send with your child. We ask all parents to walk their children in through the East door to the CFKids gym. There will be a designated area for them to wait until it is time for their class to start. If the parent is attending an adult CrossFit class, children may be signed into childcare and/or the tween room and wait there until their class starts.

Ages 3-5: 3:45pm-4:10pm

Ages 6-9: 4:15PM-5PM

Ages 10-15: 5PM-6PM


Check out Mason Dixon’s menu for next week.ย Nov16

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32 responses to “Tuesday, November 10 2015”

  1. Calvin says:

    Muscle Up Mitch is the name!

  2. Eric says:

    ugh…3 miles what is that in rowing? 3200 Meters

  3. George C says:

    Mitch is making those muscle ups look way easier than they are! Keep it up!

  4. Matt says:

    A freak of nature in the box and a straight up gentleman.

  5. Dani says:

    Stud muffin Mitch! Always a kind smile and nice words from this guy.

  6. Haley says:

    Mitch making MU’s look easy! Nice job Mitch

  7. Tj says:

    There u go

  8. Mandee says:

    Nice work Mitch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. steve price says:

    Mitch, Athlete Extreme, and a pretty good B-Ball player with some ups! Sorry Nate, but I got dibs on him first in a game of three-on-three!

  10. Brittnie says:

    Looking amazing as always Mitch! Kick ass work!!!

  11. Duke says:

    Mitch is the man…

  12. Kobra says:

    Awesome Mitch!

  13. Courtney says:

    Mitch Froning over here…

  14. Bradley says:

    That’s what I’m talking about Mitch!

  15. CJ says:


    Happy 240th Marines!

  16. George C says:

    12 Pullups
    81 Crunches
    18:51 5k row
    66 Pushups
    37 T2B
    2:05 Plank hold

  17. CoachDB says:

    The Magnum Man. He never stops and has the power of a Magnum!

    God Bless the Marines and Thank You for the Marines!!!! Hoorah Happy Birthday

    Max Reps Strict Pull-Ups = 14 Work needs to be done here, but at least pain free
    2min Max Curl-ups = 85
    3 Mile run = 22:26 Felt like a marathon
    Rest 4min
    2min Max Hand release push-ups = 50 Work needs to be done here, but at least pain free
    Rest 2min
    2min max reps Toes to Bar = 27 Not much of a kip and almost strict, Work needs to be done here, but at least pain free
    rest 2min
    High Plank Hold for Max Time = 3:37 my goals was 5min nowhere close

  18. Nathaniel says:

    AM Open Gym – Yesterday’s WOD :

    A. Front Squats – 255(7) – 275(5) – 295(2) – 305(1) – 295(2)

    I accidentally messed up my % on the squats but its a good thing because I wouldn’t have hit my numbers…struggling

    B. 4 + 22 rx +

    C. 255 Hang Squat Clean ( U-G-L-Y )

  19. Teresa says:

    30 Sec chin over the bar hold
    2min crunch – 71
    3 mile – 31:33 – felt long was way slower than I wanted (not a fan of a triple loop)
    2 min HRPU – 26 (singles)
    2min max T2B – only 8 – hard time with kip (not able to link yet after surg)
    HPH – 2 min – couldn’t keep pressure evenly on shoulders

    Dennis! Way to go! I’ve learned a lot about recovery through your experience! Thank you- 22:26 is a pretty fast marathon ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Eric says:

    20 Strict Chin ups
    2min crunch 86
    Row 19:29
    2 min HRPU 55
    2min Max T2B 32 I think…?
    HPH 1:08 mentally broke at that point

    Dennis! Keep up the great work.. at your worst your still at my best!

  21. Mimi says:

    A: 3 strict pull ups
    B: 73 sit ups
    C: 27:13 (turns out Willie and I were about 500m short of 3 miles)
    D: 25 HRPU
    E: 12 I lost track of time :-/
    F: 2:00 min
    Looking good Mitch!!!

  22. Justin says:


  23. Jeremy M says:

    3:15 class:
    22-pullup/92-crunch/21:52-run/51-hrpushup/45-t2b/3:00-high plank, RX
    5:30 open gym:
    PP+push jerk/RDL+push-ups/frt sqts light, 135#x10x6

  24. Jeremy M says:

    And Mitch looking like a stud on the rings! Great guy! Great athlete!