Tuesday, September 30 2014

Posted by Mandee on September 29, 2014   |   30 Comments

Mac 1Mac 3Mac 2Mac 1




A. Tempo Back Squats (3 seconds down, 2 seconds pause, 1 second up) 6 sets of 3 reps E2:30MOM

B. Complete the following for time of:

25-20-15-10-5 reps of:

WBS 20/14  10’/9′ clear line

5-10-15-20-25 reps of:

box jumps/step ups 24″/20″


Military ab-mat sit-ups unanchored or GHD sit-ups

30 responses to “Tuesday, September 30 2014”

  1. Haley says:

    My man!!! His face says it all he loves to run, haha!!! Love you Mac 🙂

  2. Mateo says:

    I worked out with this guy before. He was really strong! Real nice too.

  3. Stacey says:

    Mac is killing this run!! Check out those beefy quads, I’m jealous.

  4. jamie cherrypicker says:

    That’s my partner!!

  5. 0.0 says:

    feeling your pain!

  6. Lashae Wheeler says:

    Nice work Mac!!!

  7. Lisa T. says:

    Mac!!! You’re awesome!!!

  8. CrossFit Kodi says:


  9. Tricia says:

    Mac is a beast! It was nice to have Haley and Mac in my class yesterday – they both continue to impress and awe 🙂

  10. Stephanie O says:

    Quad City!!!

  11. paul says:

    Mac you are rollin
    This guy always willing to help you….cause he can do everything…

    • Mateo says:

      You can do everything too! Ya’ll bring home some hardware this weekend. I’m gonna be working on my running!

  12. E says:

    A. 255-255-305-305-305-255
    B. 10:58 step-ups & GHD’s

  13. George C says:

    A) 185 across. This was a lot harder than originally anticipated.

    B) 13:30 Rx with step-ups. Couldn’t jump after tempo squats.

  14. Joe L. says:

    When I grow up, I want quads like Mac’s.

  15. Brady on vacation says:

    When visiting other boxes, you remember to appreciate your CFHSV coaches! Love you guys!

    Strength: 5 sets of 5 reps OH @95#
    12 min AMRAP
    4 power clean @ 70% 1st (155#)
    5 S2O
    6 deadlifts

    Fun wod and friendly coach but hard to coach when you don’t even pick up a barbell or explain the wod.

    7 Rds +1

  16. Justin says:

    A. 255 across
    B. 9:46 box jumps/ghd

  17. Jeremy M says:

    A: 205# across (kept light)
    B: 9:22 (box jumps/GHDs)

  18. Mandee says:

    AM: Today’s WOD:
    A. 195 across (10 pistols after each set of squats)
    B. 9:02 (box jumps/GHDs)

    OPEN GYM: Yesterday’s WOD:
    A. 80-90-100-110
    B. 18:37 RX+ (chest to bar/125#)

  19. Nathaniel says:

    AM – Today’s WOD :

    A. 300 across ( 10 pistols after each set )

    B. 8:40 w/ GHDs and Box Jumps

    Open Gym – Yesterday’s WOD :

    A. 140 – 150 – 160 – 170

    B. 16:57 rx+ ( C2B & 185 )

  20. Dani says:

    That is my running face too.

    Mac, you are so strong and kind. You really go out of your way to be friendly and encouraging to everyone. Proud to call you my friend!

  21. CrossFit Kodi says:

    A. 205 across

    B. 10:27 RX w/ GHDs

  22. Shana says:

    125 across

    11:04 Rx

  23. jamie cherrypicker says:

    A. 175-195-235-245-225-155
    B. 14:30 rx

  24. Mac says:

    Thanks for all the funny / kind words. Oh running! So simple and so painful!

    315 accross
    9:12 rx ghd