Wednesday, 01 Dec, 2010

Posted by Mandee on November 30, 2010   |   41 Comments

Partner-assisted Handstand practice



21-15-9 reps of:
225 pound Deadlift
Handstand push-ups

10 minutes of ankle strengthening and mobility drills

Post time to comments.

Below is the final list of Candidates for our Athlete Committee. Voting will begin on December 7th and last through the end of that week!

Women’s social coordinator nominees: Emily Davis, Katie Glasscock, Penelope Smith

Men’s social coordinator nominees: Brian Strickland, Garrett Davis, Joe Carlucci, Tye Abell

Competitive events coordinator nominees: Christy Bergin, Kevin Lowe

Community rep nominees: Ryan Penton, Penelope Smith

New member welcomer nominees (3 positions available): Benjamin Jarrell, Carson Wakefield, Christy Bergin, Emily Davis, Kerri Wellendorf, Robert Simmons, Stacey Penton

President: Amanda Jarrett, Robert Simmons, Stacey Penton

And one last question for them: In your opinion, what is the aspect of our gym that you like the most?

41 responses to “Wednesday, 01 Dec, 2010”

  1. RyanP says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite aspect. But, I have to go with the people. Tues lunch class is s perfect example, Rich was hurting in the last couple of rounds and everyone in the gym is yelling encouragement and keeping him going. After he finished strong he thanked everyone for pushing him through it. Even the tree trimmer who came to get our rings and ropes outta the rafters had a smile on his face when it was all said and done. Ya just can’t get that kind of experience in a home gym. Love it

  2. Patrick says:

    The final CFHSV move is almost complete. (Except for Jake and Tracy who are probably sleeping in our new home tonight) Our inaugural WOD is my favorite and I’ve got to work. I suspect we’ll have several sub 3’s.
    The original CFHSV home was simple at “The Matrix”
    The next home off Johnson Rd was “The Al Qaeda Training Camp”
    Whose got a name for the 3054 box?

    • Josh says:

      In reference to a specific event last winter I would probably name it “the freezer”. but it definitely took on a different climate over the warm months.

      • Patrick says:

        “The freezer”… guess I don’t know the back story. The “Al Qaeda Camp” seemed colder to me. I remember having to break the ice out of pup-pup’s water bowl.

        I’m sure we’ve all got a story. “The Matrix” is where I fell in love with the Deadlift and broke the 200lb Front Squat barrier. “Al Qaeda Camp” was one nagging injury after another, I got a lot better at rowing in that box.
        At 3054, got cat-called by some office chicks on their lunch break while running during some WOD. Hell, I’m 45. That crap don’t happen everyday.

        Someone’s got to have a story that will give that place a legacy. “Old 3054” just seems kinda dull.

        • AmandaJ says:

          Patrick, that’s hilarious! I didn’t get to experience these other gyms but I love to hear the comparisons! All I wanna know is, will there be sufficient shrubbery for four girls to puke at once at the new gym?! Hehehe

  3. Robert S. says:

    Upon first reading the question I was thinking the same thing Ryan was. Pick one? That’s tough to say the least. However, after I thought about it for a bit I realized that each aspect of our gym fades into the others. The people (coaches included) push us to new heights every day. The people pick us up when we’re down. The people are just damn tough. The people bring an air of accomplishment into the room, and it makes for an atmosphere that forces you to strive for greatness if only for a few minutes. The environment is like a battlefield. When you step through those doors, you accept the fact that you are about to do battle with yourself, the clock, and your peers. CrossFitters live for this and that is a direct reflection of our “code of conduct”. We go to battle so we know what it’s like. We understand what it means to PR, win a competition, or just see your abs in the mirror and this is why we treat each other the way we do. The people make the atmosphere, the atmosphere changes the people, and the environment is where the people and the atmosphere collide.

    I suppose for me the answer is simple. The one aspect about our gym that I like the most is our gym. Not just the building, but everything that occurs in the building, the camaraderie, the drive, and the grit. We walk into the building… You can cut the atmosphere with a knife. It smells of blood, sweat, and accomplishments. Then 3..2..1 GO! A dozen more people have excelled to a new level in fitness and life. What’s not to like about that?

  4. Ramsay says:

    Melanie made a pic! Love it!!! Looken good lady.

  5. Scott says:

    Please remember Katherine Berger in your prayers today. Surgery will be this AM.

  6. Stacey says:

    Good Luck Kat 🙂

    The aspect I like the most, hmmm…It has got to be the atmosphere as a whole.

    Everyone is so positive and always willing to push you to get just one more rep or round or to finish sub whatever time you are trying to beat.

    Everyone is happy for you when you get your first PR or pullup or first body weight deadlift.

    You get to compete with yourself or a clock not so much with each other so it makes the bond with each other stronger because we have all been there.

  7. Tye says:

    Crossfit Huntsville showed me a whole new world from the moment I walked in. Before CFHSV, I thought I had pushed myself as hard as I could, but after that first workout, I quickly realized that I was sadly mistaken. The attitude of our box is what I feel sets it apart from others, and that aspect is by far my favorite.

    No excuses, suck it up, go into the pain cave and enjoy it. If you slack, we’ll call you on it. If you want to feel sorry for yourself, you need to get over it; there’s no room for that here.

    If you give it your all, we’ll yell and encourage you until you fall to the ground and squirm in pain trying to breath, and you’ll love it. That attitude that pushes you to your limits, and builds you up in mind and body every single day, is what I love.

  8. AmandaJ says:

    Committee QOD:
    Wow, it is extremely difficult to choose just one aspect that I like the most about our gym. I definitely agree with Ryan’s example…it’s always uplifting to see an entire class cheering on the last couple of people or single person to finish a WOD.

    I’d say the environment created by the members and coaches is my favorite part. I see “status updates” from my non CrossFit friends all the time like “ugh I don’t feel like going to the gym today” and I think to myself, “what an awful feeling to have”. I remember having those thoughts in the past when I was a run-of-the mill gym member, but since starting CF in May, not one time have I said that to myself. Yeah, I might think, “man I really don’t want to run/I hate running” (before I started CF my theory was “I don’t run unless I’m being chased”) BUT, I know I won’t be alone and once I get there, there will be no feeling sorry for myself and no room for excuses ‘cause we’re all in it together. Where else can you go and know that you are guaranteed that type of positive reinforcement and encouragement?! Sometimes you’re the one getting pushed outside of your comfort zone, sometimes you’re the one doing the pushing, either way regardless of all else, you know you can count on walking into that encouraging environment every time you walk through those doors and that in my opinion, is the best part of our gym!

  9. Brady W. says:

    Scaled #185 DL and quadped HSPU = 9:14

    Our new home is amazing!

    QOD: Everyone has said it perfectly. You all are the reason I am honored to be apart of CFHSV.

  10. Emily D. says:


    I agree with everyone else…it is hard to choose one thing but if I have to I will say the people.

    The first time I had a few people stand around me and get me through a tough WOD I was surprised. These folks were just as sore and tired as I was, but they took the time to stand there and push me through. It felt awesome!

    We are all always there to support one another no matter what.

    I still laugh when I think about our massive group at the Faction Games. We were the rowdiest bunch there! You always had 5+ people in your face pushing you through the WOD. Nothing like feeling like you want to stop and hearing a LOUD, angry sounding voice (coughcoughKARENcoughcough….haha) telling you to “suck it up! Get back on that *#$%@ bar!” or “quit feeling sorry for yourself, we all had to go through it”. It was 900 degrees outside but even when you weren’t competing you were out in that hellish sun to cheer on your fellow CFHSV members. There wasn’t another group like ours there. It was an honor to be there with such an amazing group of people. The awesome support system that we have is what brings me in day AFTER day..no matter how tired or sore I am.

    • Ramsay says:

      Love it! Memphis was intense. I remember seeing you and Garrett again after a few months and was in awe at your abilities and new physiques. It was hot as sh*t and I was so impressed with everyone who competed! So proud of you especially, Emily! 🙂

      • Emily D. says:

        awww…thanks Alissa! It was awesome to have so many people sweating their butts off just to cheer!

        Next year you are there to COMPETE!

  11. Craig Herr says:

    Katherine I hope everything goes well.

    As for the new gym I like everything about it. We could xfit in the lobby and I would be ok but it is nice to have a sweet place to call home now! Xfit is about the people and the work we do in there. I for one am very glad we are moved in! Showers!!!!!

    Let’s take this positve and havea great 2011.

  12. Kerri says:

    I agree with Craig and everyone else. It’s the people.

    The atmosphere of CrossFit can so easily be taken outside of the gym and applied to life’s challenges. With a community like we have, that quality is only strengthened and developed day in and day out, each and every WOD.

    I love that!

    The other cool aspect of the people, is the diverse backgrounds of age,career,athletic background, marital/parent status, beliefs, political affiliation etc.

    CF is the ONE common bond between all of us, despite any and all of our different backgrounds. And, the best part of that is, that no matter where our places are in our lives, CF is something that can be shared.

  13. Penelope says:

    6:54 (Scaled to 145#, V pushups)

    QOD: It is fantastic to walk into a gym that feels like home. The CFHSV family of athletes provide unequivocal support, friendship, and experiences.

  14. Garrett D says:

    I certainly have to agree with everyone else that the people are far and above the best thing we have, BUT for the sake of throwing something else out on the table I’ll say the white board.

    The white board pushes you. It motivates you to go a little harder and use a heavier weight. Not that I’m perfect, but putting your score on the board every day does us all good. If you’re embarrassed about your time or weight or how you had to scale, then write it down and let that feeling push you harder next time.

    How many of you have gone in with a goal in mind for a workout, looked at the whiteboard only to see that someone you use for a benchmark did more and thus you adjusted yourself to beat their mark? I have. I did it last night. I came in knowing that 20kg would be plenty of work, but seeing Robert and several others post some very respectable times rx’d at 24kg made me change my mind and go up to see how good I could do rx’d. I certainly came short of beating anyone, but it sure felt good to do it heavier than I wanted to.

    The white board gives us drive. It gives us a little piece of competitiveness that most of us don’t get elsewhere. It lets us brag when we do well and feel satisfaction posting a not-so-good score, but being proud of it knowing that you gave it 110%.

    The white board also gives us shame. The shame of writing a crappy score on the board knowing that we could have done better if we had only tried harder. It reminds us how important sticking with a good diet is for getting the results we want. We use that shame as fuel for next time.

    The white board is really just and extension of the people. I have made some great friends, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not trying to lift more than you or go faster than you. The white board feeds that voice in my head that tells me to pick up the bar or run faster. The white board is another way that all of you yelling at me to try harder even when no one is saying a word. I like that. You’ll never see that at a globo gym.

    • Kristi Simmons says:

      Garrett, this is a very interesting perspective on the white board. I’ve always been the one, when Russell/Tracy say “make sure to write your times on the board”, that just brushes it off b/c my times are nowhere near where anyone else’s are & I had to scale the WOD to top it off. But, looking at it this way gives me a whole new way of thinking about it, so thank you for your insight.

    • AmandaJ says:

      Love it!!

    • Emily D. says:

      Crap….you make me feel guilty for not writing on the board 😉

    • Ramsay says:

      You need to submit this to the journal. Great perspective that is so true, but never consciously thought of it that way. Brilliant, you are Mr.Davis.

  15. Will Blankenship says:

    Deadlift @ 225 as rx’d
    HSPU @ 9-6-3 w/ kipping

    The HSPU’s are very frustrating for me.

    The new gym kicks ass.

  16. Rich Hall says:

    Dealifts at 225 felt great this morning..first 21 unbroken and then 12 to start second round. Did the Quad-ped p/u which slowed me considerably, can’t imagine having to try and do the HSPU…would’ve been there all day, even with kipping!

    Gym is phenomenal! Even a kitchen for diet program demonstrations and shared prep/recipes…could make for a good training tool.

  17. Brian says:


    225# DL – 21-15-9
    V-push ups – 15-12-9

    Probably shouldn’t have scaled reps on V push-ups

    The gym kicks ass! But it almost felt uncomfortable because it was too clean 😉

  18. Christy Bergin says:

    Nothing like doing what you love with a group of like-minded people! What I love about our gym is not only are we like-minded in our style of workouts but more-so in the intensity and level of seriousness that has been instilled in us by our experienced coaches. I also really like that crossfit is co-ed (even though I usually attend the women’s class for the time slot). Fitness shouldn’t be gender biased. In your average globo gym model you rarely see men and women working out side-by-side. At CFHSV we all train together with the same intensity, weights, programming and skill sets(imagine that at Golds) it’s constant support and inspiration to become better.

  19. Ron Wood says:

    12:23 rx’d

  20. Robert S. says:

    9:19 rx’d (pr)

  21. Emily D. says:

    6:45 scaled to 145# and V push-ups

    LOVE the new place! It is just so freaking clean…

  22. tracey says:

    it is clean. It will remain clean! 🙂 well worth the wait…so excited to go to work this winter. Last winter was ruff.

  23. Christy Bergin says:

    6: 18 # 165+ v pushups