Wednesday, 01 July, 2009

Posted by Mandee on July 1, 2009   |   23 Comments


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups

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23 responses to “Wednesday, 01 July, 2009”

  1. Russell says:

    35:10 – Chest to Bar pull-ups

    This felt absolutely horrible the entire time. I got the first set of KB swings straight through and then only sets of 10 on everything until the finish. Wasn’t motivated, had not drive, had no energy, and whined about it. I think it’s the heat. Apparently this was a workout I needed.

  2. Jakub Sikorski says:

    As Rx’d (32 kg KB) 3 rounds + 800 m + 22 KB swings

    My 2nd week of CrossFit and so far all the workouts have been challenging but “Eva” was definitely a wake up call…I have a lot of work to do if I want to be ready for Army OCS!!!

  3. Amy Tankesley says:

    39:48 barely finished and dying!!!

    jumping pullups and 12 kg KB.

    I was miserable!!!

  4. klowe says:

    KBS unbroken (Russian)
    Had absolutely no kip in the PU’s. Eva had a really weird effect of kip deconstruction for me. Very weird. Had to break PU’s in sets of 5 starting at round 2.

    nonetheless…PR and I’m happy with it

  5. Patrick says:

    Really disappointed that I couldn’t finish this one. Absolutely nothing left for a 5th round.
    Eva is Evil.
    4 rounds as Rx: 48:44

    Last effort 12/23/08, 5 rounds 49:21. Using 50LB DB for KB swings. Maybe the extra 20LBs on the swings was a bigger factor than I anticipated. Maybe the heat. Plus torn both palms during the 2nd round of pull ups. Had to switch to a dead hang, minimal kip pull up. (Yes Kevin, I shaved them down before we began, I just seem to have pussy paws).

    Metcons seem to be getting worse.

  6. Russell says:

    I looked up “Pussy Paws” in my Merck manual and couldn’t find it. I guess that isn’t a medical term. go figure.

  7. Karen says:

    3 rounds + 800m + 30KBS@20kg+10 pullups in 40min. Able to do all 30KBS in a row 1st round, then had to break them up (15,10,5) for all other rounds. Next time, I’ll keep going even if time limit runs out.

  8. Larry Lowe says:

    I had to scale this one with what was available in the hotel gym

    5 rounds:
    treadmill 0.5m
    30 db swings @ 45lb
    30 db row @ 45lb

    32 minutes

    One of the only redeaming things I can find with a treadmill is the ability to work on speed while running. I ran each 0.5m at a 6:35 pace. I almost fell of the treadmill the last two rounds – punishing, but not as punishing as what everyone else endured. I’m a bit jealous I didn’t get to do it.

  9. Michael says:

    In 40:00:

    4 rounds + 200m using 20kg kettlebell

  10. Zak says:

    As Rx’ed – 44:45 all pull-ups chest to bar

  11. J.D. says:

    First workout in 10 days due to bad tendonitis in elbows. Had to use 24# KB for first set, and switch to 20# KB and ring pull-ups with feet on floor while leaning back, & pulling myself up. But this still sucked. REALLY sucked! Barely managed 3 sets. I haven’t felt that bad since I started in January. Maybe a combo of tendinitis, time off & sleep deprivation but I felt really weak and sick. Hopefully things will be better next time. YECCH!

  12. Justin says:

    53:47 as rx’d
    First round was 6:40, but it got much worse from there. My hands were wrecked before I even started this one, and I spent a lot of time trying not to make them worse.

  13. Patrick says:

    “Pussy Paws” is a bird dog term. Soft pads that develop friction sores, usually this shortens the dogs range. My Brittany Tara has pussy paws, but she’s got heart and will keep running until her pads are completely burnt. Great way to ruin an expensive out-of-state hunt. Burn your dogs pads up the first day.

    Hmm… Maybe I’ll start using pad hardener on my hands.

  14. Clint says:

    49:52 Rx

    Runs killed me last round was just horrible.

  15. Courtney Meyers says:

    4 rounds–jumping pullups, 16kg kb

  16. Katherine Berger says:

    First of all….YAY Courtney!!! I am very impressed with your posting consistency!!!

    Secondly, Eva sucks and I hate her! I ended up finishing all 5 rounds in 40:55. I did jumping pullups in order to up the intensity (my kipping ones are a bit slow) and I used a 16kg KB for first three rounds and then dropped to 12kg for the last two because Russell said I was letting my chest fall forward too much. Hopefully next time I can stick with the 16kg the whole time! My low back is definitely a weak spot for me.

  17. Kiki says:

    4 rounds + 600 m run
    jumping pullups
    16kg kb – 15 reps each round

    Still trying to get accustomed to running outside in the middle of the summer…treadmill is much more my syle! 🙂

  18. BryneCZ says:

    3 Rounds + 800 Meters
    w/ Jumping Pullups & 20 kg kb

  19. Michael Paul says:

    4 rounds rx + 800 meter row

    Hated this girl!

  20. Mandy says:

    4 rounds in 40 min
    16 kg, jumping pu

  21. Kerri says:

    4 rounds, 16kg kb, jumping pull ups, and 800m row….Can’t really run outside if you forget your sneakers, now can you?

  22. Mandee Miller says:

    3 rounds plus 800m run
    16kg, regular pull ups

  23. Daniel says:

    Only finished 2 rounds then had to run to an appointment. Lucky me. lol