Wednesday, 02 Dec, 2009

Posted by Mandee on December 1, 2009   |   50 Comments

Using a single 60lb dumbbell, 3 rounds, 15-12-9 reps of:
Thrusters right arm
Thrusters left arm
“One-arm” pull-up right arm (left hand grabs the right wrist)
“One-arm” pull-up left arm (right hand grabs the left wrist)

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An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All” by Amy Wallace, Wired Magazine

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50 responses to “Wednesday, 02 Dec, 2009”

  1. Daniel says:

    Looks like a tough workout. Muscle failure on the on-arm pull-ups potentially. Could be a slow grinder for me.

  2. J.D. says:

    18:49, using 40#db and doing the one-arm pull-ups as rx’d.

    Daniel– you are right. Grip failure was a challenge on the p.u.’s. Felt like I had someone pulling my legs down during reps! Figured out I wasn’t using the “resting arm” enough about halfway through. That helped quite a bit, although it feels like you are trying to “skin” your pulling arm! Also helps if you kip a little. Need to work on my shoulder stability during the db thrusters.

    Great effort by Paul P. this a.m.– cranked out those one-arm pull-ups!

  3. klowe says:

    Vaccine Issue – one of my favorites!
    I love how the original doctor that thought he found a vaccine autism link,…..I love how much larger studies in time and numbers cannot reproduce his results and how the Lancet and NEJoM have discredited his “link” yet he still is on speaking tours raking in the cash.

    I also love how “we don’t need to vaccinate our kids because the risk is so low”…….OK. Then you can thank me and my kids for the heard health that is protecting your kid. Ask the UK how their measles epidemic is going.

    I miss actually working out. Today maybe.

  4. Krista says:

    About the article…I majored in psychology in college and took many classes with an emphasis on children. I became fascinated with autism and even worked as a one on one therapist with autistic children. I have also read all of Jenny McCarthy’s books and several others on the subject of autism and vaccines. No one knows for sure, but I believe if there is even a slight chance of some vaccines playing a part in autism, why risk it? I have four children who have all had the required vaccines for school but I did not let them get the “optional” ones. I would much rather them suffer through the chicken pox, the flu, a stomach virus, etc than increase their chances of getting autism.
    By the way, Jenny doesn’t promote not vaccinating your children, she just recommends vaccinating them on a different schedule. Doctors are giving the MMR vaccine (which is 3 vaccines in 1) along with 2 or 3 other vaccines in one day to babies and young toddlers. Jenny recommends giving one at a time with some time to heal in between. The information that made a lightbulb go off for me was looking at the required vaccine schedule from when I was young and then looking at the required vaccine schedule for my kids. Looking at that difference and the fact that 1 in every 150 kids now has autism, It definitely makes you start questioning. I could go on and on about this topic. Basically I don’t believe autism is defintely caused by vaccines alone. I think there are several other factors (genetic and environmental) but I do believe vaccines could play a part.

    • Russell says:

      Yes, vaccines might have something to do with Autism, because it’s impossible to prove either way. The fact remains, however, that there is as much evidence that vaccines are causing autism as there is evidence that reading books written by Jenny McCarthy causes your children to have Autism.
      The problem with changing the schedule of the vaccinations, or giving some imagined “healing time” is that many of the diseases that we are trying to build immunity to are the most dangerous in infants and toddlers.

      Making fear-based decisions out of little more than educated guess is what got us in this Global warming mess too…

    • z says:

      agree with you Krista.

    • klowe says:

      Chicken pox can lead to disfiguring scars and the shingles later in life (I’ve had shingles and would not wish that on my worst enemy). One of the major problems with the vaccine/autism movement is the belief that the diseases the vaccines are preventing are “minor” and not worth protecting from. One of the reasons these diseases are considered minor is because they are not prevalent in society anymore (due to vaccination and heard health) but the truth is that measles, mumps, and chicken pox for exam are potentially life threatening and have the potential to cause great morbidity.

      For small example the “minor illness” causing measles —- Complications with measles are relatively common, ranging from relatively mild and less serious diarrhea, to pneumonia and encephalitis (subacute sclerosing panencephalitis), corneal ulceration leading to corneal scarring.[5] Complications are usually more severe amongst adults who catch the virus.

      The fatality rate from measles for otherwise healthy people in developed countries is 3 deaths per thousand cases, or .3%.[6] In underdeveloped nations with high rates of malnutrition and poor healthcare, fatality rates have been as high as 28%

      -personally speaking I’d risk a non-linked chance at autism than a linked chance of encephalitis or death-

      —-but this is an issue that is impossible to argue with logic. I’ve tried multiple times to have this conversation (with my chiropractor friend) and eventually came to the conclusion that it was futile to try to reason with evidence and logic. It is like arguing religion.

    • Aaron says:

      Why is Jenny McCarthy recommending anything on the subject of medicine and the number of vaccinations for your kids? What is her degree in again and how many studies has she published in medical journals? This is the issue I have with celebrities trying to be experts on anything other than what made them famous.

  5. Russell says:

    The Matrix has been nominated in The Huntsville Times as one of Huntsville’s Best Public Gyms, and until hell freezes over and CFHSV gets recognized as the same, we need to support our sister gym by voting for them!


  6. Aaron says:

    Scaled to 40# DB thrusters and 21-15-12 strict pull-ups.
    I think I could have done the pu’s as Rx’d..for maybe half the wod, if my left hand was not still ground meat from Linda. Warming up with the right hand went well, but I couldn’t get a grip with the left. (huhu-hu-huhuhuhu-hu)

  7. Garth says:

    Not getting vaccinations endangers both your children and the children around them. Basing important decisions such as these on junk science is scary. The fact that Jenny McCarthy is leading this movement–and people are following her–is even scarier. I understand parents want the best for their kids, and everyone is afraid of their kids turning out to be anything less than a genius Olympians. I would be much more afraid of my children getting one of these awful diseases–almost eliminated because of vaccinations–than follow a dim-witted celebrity that is trying to blame her children’s autism on a vacuum of evidence. The world is less safe because of Jenny McCarthy and her followers. Why would anyone want to follow the medical advice of a playmate and dating show host with zero scientific evidence over doctors with mountains of scientific evidence?

  8. Aaron says:

    Interesting article. I didn’t realize there was ACTUALLY a debate whether or not to vaccinate your children. Personally, I find the debate perplexing and understand the sensitivity because you’re dealing with high emotions of parents and the well-being of their children. I have yet to cross this bridge in life, but logic tells me I’ll side with my doctor over a celebrity every time. It’s disturbing how groups like AutismOne and Generation Rescue can use celebrities, misguided motivations and fear to throw slanderous and fact less accusations toward leaders in industry like Dr. Offitt, without any recourse. While the true experts and pioneers in the industry are confined by the rules of science. I shouldn’t be, but I’m still surprised when individuals, groups, etc take things out of context and molest it into a cause for their argument. Like the article quotes “correlation does not imply causation”, yet it seems this is the foundation for the anti-vaccine argument. That’s absurd.

  9. Kerri says:

    Real quick: To Krista’s defense, Jenny McCarthy has an autistic son, so,I’m sure that in itself, has turned her into somewhat of a subject matter expert. I’m sure that she’s talked to many people/other parents, worked with doctorsspecialists, and done extensive research to decide on the best treatment options and choices for her autistic son, which may have led to some conclusion about her thoughts/beliefs on the impact of vaccinations and autism.
    From what I know about the autistic community, parents become very involved, and have to be personal advocates for their children that are living with autism. Now, she may have no related degree, or truly be an expert, but, I think for most of us, we have found that ‘experiencing’ life seems to have a lot more value in relation to ‘learning’ about life, as it is written in a book.
    Again, I’m not saying she’s an expert in vaccinations as it directly relates to autism. However,I do wonder how many of us would go to the fullest extent of our capabilities to find out why our child was stricken with autism: Down to wondering even if the vaccinations we got for that child was the root cause of such a restricting disability.

  10. Aaron says:

    I hope my post did not somehow constitute I thought Krista would take Jenny McCarthy’s recommendations over her doctor’s recommendation concerning the well-being of her children. I don’t think that at all. I just have a serious issue when celebs make irresponsible statements and people mistake it for fact, I think they have a lot more influence over people on serious matters than the public will admit.

    And I think most of us have, would or will exhaust all possible causes and cures if our child became autistic or sick in anyway. I don’t doubt McCarthy has become a SME in parenting a child with autism, as I’m sure every parent who remains active and involved in their autistic child’s life is a SME and has a wealth of knowledge to offer from their experiences. My issue is the influence McCarthy may have over parents wanting answers to their medical questions. Maybe she didn’t really recommend anything, or I’m taking Krista’s comments out of context and too literal. Articles like this makes me wonder how many doctors have been told by their patients what medicine the patient thinks he or she needs because of a commercial they’ve seen.

  11. Justin says:

    27:25 using a 60# barbell
    Barbell was a little tough to balance, but not all that bad. One handed pullups, especially left handed were the main problem. Apparently my grip is pretty weak left handed, so most of those were singles. I was also trying not to rip my hands the whole time, so I didn’t use much of a kip.

  12. LeshaS says:

    11:45 scaled with 30 lb. DB and 21-15-9 ring rows. BUT, I’ve been banned from the rings furthermore – they are “too easy”. So, now I am going to start hanging on the pull-up bar more and working on my pull-ups. MAYBE I can meet my deadline of a pull-up by the end of the year?

    Oh, and I’ve been vaccinated. I wonder if that’s why I am having trouble with the pull-ups? I’ll start the research…

  13. Krista says:

    23:27 Scaled (30lb dumbbells, 2 arm pull ups)
    Finally did an entire workout without having to switch to jumping pull ups!

  14. Robb Dempsey says:

    29:32 scaled to 40#

  15. Will Blankenship says:

    31:26 As Rx’d

    My whole left side ain’t worth a damn.

  16. Slade White says:

    Scaled with 45 lbs, 19:50

    Good work Will and Jeff for doing prescribed.

  17. Mandee Miller says:

    35lb DB, regular pull ups 21-15-9

  18. Krista says:

    My goodness! I didnt mean to start a big debate. i hate confrontation! I am just extremely passionate about autism. Its the one subject that I actually know something about. I wouldn’t even begin to try to comment about global warming, though.
    Daniel and I actually do not always listen to our doctors when it comes to our children’s health. Just because a person has a degree doesnt mean they always know best. I can give several examples of times when different doctors have been “wrong” concerning our family. We try to take the doctor’s advice, maybe get a second opinion, do some research of our own, and then make an educated decision.
    Again, I do not believe in NOT VACCINATING, I just believe in doing it carefully. Its not going to harm anyone else’s child if my child gets the MMR shot in three separate doses instead of one.
    It would take way too much time to explain why I chose to give it to my kids in three separate doses. If you are curious, just do some research on it.

    • klowe says:

      You and Daniel’s approach to medicine should be the ROLE MODEL for concious health care in our country. Your approach is exactly what I’d hope my clients take. It keeps Dr.s on their toes, checks egos, and makes for wise informed consent.

      And I’m totally with you on splitting up the MMR vaccines. If your child should have a vaccine reaction then at least you will know what vaccine your child reacted to which will allow for avoidance of those vaccine antigens in the future.

      Very smart approach.

      My beef is with the “head in the sand” people about total non-vaccination that have a miscalculated and grave mis-understanding of disease and the human immune system.

      As for the Autism link. I’m no expert but it seems like a desperate grasp at straws as to what caused the disease when the “genetic crap shoot” is more likely the culprit.


  19. Karen says:

    As rx’d 27:58. Right hand thrusters unbroken, left hand broken on 15 and 12, one arm pullups were ALL singles.

    • Karen says:

      Ok. Mine was Rx’d at the time, but not officially Rx’d, since Mainsite clarified the workout. Can’t imagine 40lb one arm pullups! Don’t think I can do 40 lbs with both arms (and someone lifting me!).

    • Kerri says:

      Great job Karen!!! With the unbroken thrusters (as RX’ED-WOW!) AND single arm pull ups…..
      I think you win the CF Peachtree shirt that says,”Unleash your inner bad ass!!” Way to go!

  20. 31:12 – 45# and subbed two-handed pullups halfway thru the 2nd round.

    Anyone know of a good catering service that’s not too expensive? The Matrix Fitness team is looking at hosting a holiday party for the gym members on Dec 16th. We’d like to offer healthy finger foods and drinks throughout the day. Anyone know who is catering the groundbreaking? Maybe we can use them. Thanks.

    • Katherine Berger says:

      I know a couple that I use for work…if you are interested, email the crossfithuntsville@gmail account and I will send you some names and numbers. We also have two crossfitters who own pizza places you might consider: Tommy’s Pizza and Tortora’s. I believe both cater!

    • Katie says:

      Tortora’s! I now use our very own Joe C for all my work catering. Does a great job and everyone loves it!

  21. Garth says:

    I agree that everyone, parent or individual, should take an active role in their health. Taking the word of just one doctor, especially in critical areas, is rarely a good idea. I have been saved from a potentially very harmful misdiagnosis at least twice in my life thanks to a good second opinion. In the case of vaccines, however, we are talking about almost the entire scientific community — not just your friendly family doc. I appreciate Krista (or parents like her) being active, inovolved, and educated in her family health care. I admire her personally. I have fealt uneasy about vaccines myself. Having been in the military and to many places overseas, my vaccination record is longer than five or more of the average people’s combined. Even though it made me nervous at times to get all those shots, I wanted to do everything I could to protect myself and my fellow servicemembers from all the bad diseases out there. Ok, they did not give me much of a choice — but I am glad they did not.

    I say go ahead and read Jenny McCarthy, Deepak Chopra, or whoever you want to get advice on the best way to keep your family healthy. Learn as much as you can and weigh the evidence. I know Jenny’s evidence is paper thin and hope more of her followers see this. She may have self-educated herself, but from her conclusions, she has clearly not used all that time to come to very healthy decisions. I get inflamed about vaccines because, in this case, someone’s health care choices have an impact on me and my family. If you want to make poor health choices for you and your family, most of the time this has little bearing on anyone else (although socialized medicine could change all that). When we are dealing with infectious diseases and not doing what you can to protect you and your community…well…you know how I feel.

  22. Justin says:

    And Russell, I guess we were supposed to do 60lb weighted one armed pullups. The main site now reads “Using a single 60lb dumbbell for both thrusters and pull-ups, 3 rounds…”

    The one armed pullups were hard enough. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have finished them weighted.

  23. Russell says:

    yeah that kind of changes things huh?

  24. tracey says:

    Kevin, Scott had shingles @ 40…very crazy and painful. Interesting to know you’ve had them too.

    MY 2 cents:
    Im a military brat and like Garth have had EVERY vaccine Rx’d because I had to. I chose to treat/vaccinate my children the same way. Jenny McCarthy has an obvious emotional involvement to Autism, which can lead parents to search for answers that really arent out there.
    Ella, my 9 year old had Kawasaki Sydrome/disease a couple of years ago. I had never heard of it until that point and frankly was scared to death. It often occurs in children 4 and under, with no real reason for the onset.
    Luckily our doctor diagnosed it and sent us to Vanderbilt Childrens hospital where she was treated with IV immune globin over 17 hour period, followed with asprin therapy and many EKG’s and ecocardiograms.
    Praise God she is healthy and fine now, but left undiagnosed or untreated it can lead to blood clots that can later in life (young adulthood) cause a heart attack.
    John Travolta’s son, who recently died…had Kawasaki when he was much younger. And like Jenny McCarthy, the Travolta’s wanted answers. The Travolta’s came to the conclusion that steam cleaning products for carpets caused the Kawasaki.
    No real science based evidence but never the less they had there reason and campaigned against most cleaning products.
    The head infectious disease doctor at Vanderbilt reassured me that it was very unlikely.
    Everyone with children or anyone who plans on having them, needs to google Kawasaki. It can often be overlooked as Roseola or Scarlet fever.

  25. Robert S. says:

    Scaled to 50# and unweighted one arm PU.


    I thought when I looked at the mainsite it said the PUs were weighted, but I decided to run with the CFHSV pack on this one.

  26. Katherine Berger says:

    The only thing I will add is this:

    By splitting the shots up, you do run the risk of all sorts of OTHER side effects. All of the research done has been done on the shots being given in a combination dose. Splitting them could change the outcome–meaning, they may not work as well at fighting the diseases and they also might cause more side effects or unusual side effects that you may not be looking for.

    I agree with doing your own research though and know many people who split the shots up. Just adding my two cents.

  27. Jake Naumcheff says:

    I thought the workout was as Rx’d, but I don’t really think it matters much since there is no way I could have done 60# 1 arm pullups.

    60# Thrusters
    Unweighted Pull-ups

  28. tracey says:

    16:58 scaled 40# DB and KPU’S (21-15-9)

  29. Barry S says:

    18:25 scaled 35#, ring rows.

  30. Kerri says:

    22:38-scaled,40#DB(as rx’ed) and KPU’s(15-12-9)-but also had a blonde moment.
    1st round, I did 21 thrusters on EACH side instead of 15, which resulted in 12 EXTRA single arm thrusters (probably 2 or 3 minutes worth)….DUH.
    15-12(x2 ha ha)-9

  31. Garth says:

    I clearly did not do weighted one-arm pull-ups but did do 60#. That is pretty ridiculous. Did all my OAPUs in singles and cranked them out as fast as I could.

  32. joshg says:

    Scaled by starting at 24kg KB on pullups then dropped to no weight after a few reps, as I believe any sane individual should do. This was a crazy workout, Russell is insane for doing it Rx, and I didn’t realize Jenny McCarthy even had a head to think with until now…

    Also, Kevin, I had the shingles at 25 without ever having a recorded or rememberable chickenpox outbreak, crazy shit huh? I was a stress monkey after I came home from overseas so that is what I think enebled its onset. Thank God for family and CrossFit, no more stress!

  33. joshg says:

    I just want to drop a quote from the article that can squash the whole argument on Jenny McCarthy’s knowledge base. Let’s all collectively search it for her area of expertise.

    “McCarthy, an actress and a former Playboy centerfold whose son has been diagnosed with autism, is the best-known leader of the movement, but she is joined by legions of well-organized supporters and sympathizers”

    As Joe C. would say, “Enough Said”!

  34. Katie says:

    20:32 with 30# DB and strict pullups with a few kips in there.

  35. J.D. says:

    On the subject of vaccines– Katherine makes an excellent point, which I had not even considered yet. Breaking up the vaccine schedule could potentially either decrease its effectiveness OR create potential side effects. Truth is, when the evidence is evaluated objectively the only possible reasonable conclusion is that vaccines have helped people FAR MORE than hurt them. Is there some risk? Yes, some known and some unknown. And I don’t have a child with autism although I know several people who do. But I believe that I would risk autism as opposed to watching a child die of meningitis or a similar disease. I have witnessed this in med school, and prayed then and there that I would never have to personally go through that. That said, of course you should research/educate yourself and ask questions of your doctors, and get second opinions. Just vet your sources. I’m sure Jenny McCarthy and the Travoltas would have done ANYTHING to help their children, but reason must be maintained. People who are going on emotion in a scientific situation will often make poor decisions. Weigh risks but use facts and evidence to make your decisions.

    Oh, and on the subject of one-arm WEIGHTED pull-ups… ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Insanity….

  36. Patrick says:

    Back Squats 3×5: 240-240-240
    Press 3×5: 135-135-135


    Modified today’s WOD:
    9-6-3 rep scheme sub’d 1.5 pood KB for thrusters

    As far as Jenny McCarthy is concerned, until she has held the hand of a parent while telling them their child has just died from a disease that vaccination could have prevented, her opinion does not count with me.

  37. Patrick says:

    Was this WOD really supposed to be 60# one arm pull ups.
    So…42 weighted pull ups just in the first round?
    Holy Hell. That’s just stoopid.

  38. dunnbball says:

    Did the “300” WOD at CrossFit Oahu tonight…

    25 Pull-Ups (w/band)
    50 Deadlifts @ 95lbs
    50 Push-ups
    50 Box Jumps @ 20″
    50 Floor Wipers @ 45lbs
    50 Clean & Jerk w/26lb KB
    25 Pull-Ups (w/band)

    Time – 30:09

  39. Larry Lowe says:

    Hotel Scale:

    50# db left and right arm
    double two arm pullups (30-24-18)

    ~20 minutes

    I read that article in Wired a few weeks ago. What I find appalling is the industry that has popped up to make money off of the parent with Autistic children. From special diets to sleeping in Oxygen tanks. The parents of autistic kids are dealing with a heavy load and are making decisions mostly based on emotion and pseudo-science. This is a dangerous combination that presents a market for snake oil salesmen and makes the parents even more frustrated for getting bamboozled. A good friend at the last place I worked had a child with autism, and he and his wife tried all sorts of “remedies” and even traveled and lived in CA for a year for their child to go through a special program at UC-Santa Barabara. Tough decisions.