Wednesday, 03 June, 2009

Posted by Mandee on June 3, 2009   |   19 Comments

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps.

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19 responses to “Wednesday, 03 June, 2009”

  1. klowe says:

    (95, 135)
    215 (4)
    225 (2)
    – Could not effectively stabilize the 225 and spent most time holding the weight overhead. The squats felt easy but the shoulders fatigued leading to bar dumpage

  2. Ryan P says:


  3. […] CrossFit Huntsville WOD 090603 […]

  4. Slade White says:

    You’ve heard the saying, “Didn’t do squat”? That was me today. Had to do squat therapy the whole time. Not flexible or don’t have the technique correct enough to do this with a load. Not a confidence booster……

  5. Russell says:


  6. Robert Montgomery says:

    Overhead Squats: 95,115,135,145,150,155PR Form was deteriorating as I went up in weight (heels coming up)

  7. Hudson Slater says:

    If anyone is interested there is a Eurocross at UAH on Saturday. Its a 5k with obstacles and stuff.

  8. Clint says:

    95 Form work today.
    1000 M Row for enjoyment 3:37. There are several things that destroy me, row is one, box jumps are two and OHS is three. I’m going to do form work consistantly weekly to work on these weak areas. Try to hit a solidly nice OHS within 6 weeks.
    Good news is my lower back and core are feeling the efforts of today so that is good.

  9. Karen says:

    75-85-95-105-115(2). Weight began to sway and lost it at the bottom of 3rd squat in last set. Need to focus on actively locking shoulders.

  10. Shan says:

    Just not enough shoulder flexibility or something…I totally cannot do these. Very frustrating. I even have trouble getting a broom stick back enough when I’m just working on form.

  11. Larry Lowe says:

    I visited Crossfit Potomac – Home of Ryan P.

    100 ft walking lunge
    21 pullup, 21 situp
    100 ft walking lunge
    18 pullup, 18 situp
    100 ft walking lunge
    15 pu, 15 su
    100 ft walking lunge
    12 pu, 12 su
    100 ft walking lunge
    9 pu, 9 su
    100 ft walking lunge
    6 pu, 6 su


    Their pu bars are fat like our, but painted which gives a pretty good grip. so good in fact that blisters formed on palms of both hands and ripped (no jokes, please). Great box. Highly recommended if you are in the DC area.

  12. Zak says:

    95#, 135#, 155#, 165#x4, 165#x3

  13. Katie says:

    45# for 5 sets. Weight was light but really wanted to get form down. Feel good about flexibility.

  14. Justin says:

    These were pretty much impossible for me a little over a month ago. They didn’t feel nearly as awkward this time. Still a long way to go, but I feel pretty good about actually being able to do them.

  15. Patrick says:


  16. Daniel says:

    45# straight through. This is my max OHS

  17. Katherine Berger says:

    Felt pretty good but need to work on strengthening lower back

  18. Mandy says:

    All on bar. Got much more flexible as the workout wore on… must heed Russell and commence at-home squat therapy!

  19. Garth says:

    Wish I could have done this WOD but could not get to CF Boston in time and no bumper plates at Bally’s. Will have to get some OHS next week.