Wednesday, 08 July, 2009

Posted by Mandee on July 8, 2009   |   25 Comments

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of:
185 pound Front squat
GHD Sit-up

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25 responses to “Wednesday, 08 July, 2009”

  1. Russell says:

    sorry this is late, internet was down at the house.

    Teaser update on the games – Two runs. One longer than last year, one shorter.

    Check it out:


  2. Russell says:

    watch that video… looks like event 1 is a mountain 5k from hell

  3. Zak says:

    As RX’ed 30:19 this one sucked the life out of me.

    Russell you should be able to crush the two runs. The heavy lifting on the second event will take out all the small guys that have a crap strength to weight ratio and the first long run will take out 10 of the biggest guys. It looks like the most balanced will be the winner after all.

  4. Justin says:

    36:51 as Rx’d
    185 was a little heavy. I was down to sets of 3 by the end of the first set of 21 and stayed there the rest of the way out.

    Good luck at the games Russell. That hill will definitely be a disaster for the big power lifters.

  5. klowe says:

    rx – 15.30

    the after effects are way worse than the actual work out was.
    With leaving tomorrow for California I have officially started my week off. Consumed since 12:20pm
    about 57 reeces mini cups
    5 or so beers (murphy’s irish stout)
    lots of chips and bread and olive oil

    Desert…yet to come is vanilla ice cream and a dark chocolate praline from Fresh market ( our 9 year anniversary present).

    If you don’t hear from me tomorrow it means I’m in a diabetic coma in the Denver airport.

  6. Karen says:

    38:57 @ 115lbs. This one was rough!

  7. klowe says:

    Just watched the teaser video from the games site…..all I have to say is HOLY CRAP!

    I’m almost glad I did not qualify for Aromas…….that looks just miserable!

  8. Katie says:

    28:05 with the bar to work on my form.
    Unfortunately I did Randy yesterday and my lower back gave out a couple times
    This was a great form workout though!

    Good luck again russ!

  9. Clint says:

    40 minutes around
    Front Squat absolutely are my weakness

  10. Katie says:

    Holy crap that video was insane! I think injury alone will knock out a few.

  11. Larry Lowe says:

    If its steep enough, bear crawl that biatch. I don’t think it is as bad as that out of shape guy in the video made it out to be. You will destroy that run. Be strong Russell!! Represent…

  12. J.D. says:

    Russell I have no doubt that Zak’s take is right on. Just do it, man! Dirty South, volume 2- Search and DESTROY! We’re pullin’ for you!!!

  13. Garth says:

    19:23. This WOD played to my strengths — squats and GHD sit-ups. Kevin’s 15 something is even more impressive. You deserve the coma, Kevin.

    Check out this article from the WSJ on how the economy is affecting (actually helping) the fitness industry.

    BTW, I will be at the 5:15 class Thurs and Friday if anyone needs any help with the WODs.

  14. Garth says:

    And watched the vid, Russ. The two runs will definitely favor you. I am sure you will be doing well to complement your other strengths.

  15. Daniel says:

    The full details of the first event have been posted. It is a brutal 7.1km trail run through the mountains.


  16. Daniel says:

    “Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from an indomitable will.”

    – Mahatma Gandhi.

  17. Zak says:

    Yeah…… but how much was Gandhi’s dead lift?

  18. klowe says:

    Zak….you are my one liner hero!

  19. Kerri says:

    23:30 with just the bar. Gotta get the form down pat…..not lengthening the back, and still rounding the tailbone at the very bottom of the squat……..
    Best of luck Russ!!

  20. Mandy says:

    11:10 with bar for form

  21. Patrick says:

    Scaled this one Fran-style: 21-15-9 untimed. Still sucked.
    Open-water swim: Some distance that looked shorter than it felt…22:08.

  22. maxAU1807 says:

    21:15 @ 115lbs, congrats if you did 185lbs, that’s freak’n ridiculous!

  23. Slade White says:

    This was a form workout for me. Started out with 75 lbs, but still was messing up the lower end and went back to just the bar. GHDs make me so dizzy and sick for some reason. It really kills my workout.


    Kevin, you’re going to be running around Denver like Bevis the great Cornholio.

  24. Kerri says:

    So, I just want to know…..Is it normal, or neurotic? Now, when I see a client’s name
    (i.e. Randy), I automatically think of a workout……….Oh goodness…

  25. Clint says:

    West coast has some ugly steep hills, Camp Pendleton arggggg. Anyways, I am confident even among elite athletes Russell will perform as usually.