Wednesday, 08 Sep, 2010

Posted by Mandee on September 7, 2010   |   21 Comments

Three rounds for time of:
200m run
50 double unders
95 pound thruster, 25 reps

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21 responses to “Wednesday, 08 Sep, 2010”

  1. Kerri says:

    Loved the video for tomorrow on mainsite: ‘What to Wear’ Matt Chan and his wife were hilarious. Who knew weightlifting competitions took attire so seriously….?

    Russell, are you and Kat already shopping for the ‘perfect’ style singlet for Colorado Springs? Maybe you can borrow one of KLowe’s wrestling singlets from high school…=o)

  2. Robert S. says:

    Yesterday ended on a good note. After the abysmal performance I had on “Linda” at lunch I came back for some CFFB stuff with Josh and set a 10# pr on 5RM DL.

    5RM DL: 305 (pr)
    Supine Ring Row 3 x max reps: 16-9-9
    40 yd dash: 5.6 (this needs work)

    AMRAP in 8 min:
    155# Ground to Overhead, 5 reps
    Ring Dips, 5 reps

    Sacled to 135#. 6 + 1 clean

    • Slade White says:

      Hey, at least you weren’t driving the porcelain bus like me. Pukie is not a good partner….

  3. Dennis B says:

    I just wanted to say Great Job 6:00 am class. Everybody did great and I mean everybody. Way to work hard, dig deep and hit this WOD with intensity while using good mechanics. It is awesome to see.
    RXd = 12:15 was really hoping to get in the 10s or sub 10s. I have a lot of work to do. Good luck to everyone going against the Again Faster team. Sorry I did not set more of a bar.
    Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive!

  4. Kyle Mosier says:

    16:20 @ 75#, reps as rx’d. Lack of sleep left me feeling drained. Spent a lot of time standing around. Not a bad WOD, but I wasn’t ready for it.

  5. Penelope says:

    13:29 (Scaled 3XSU,15@55#)

  6. Aaron says:

    12:20 (85# rd. 1; 75# rd. 2, 3)

  7. Brian Strickland says:

    (Scaled 3X-SU and 15@75#)

    Thanks to Aaron and Tracey for the extra push at the end. This is another example of why I am loving Crossfit.

    I have to get back on the Zone diet ASAP!

  8. Mandee Miller says:

    18:28 as rx’d

  9. Russell says:

    as Rx’ed- 8:37

    hit round 3 thrusters at 7 minutes. This should have been faster for me. I think another rest day would have helped a lot.

    • Russell says:

      And thanks to Jake, Tracey, and Brian for sticking around and cheering me on…

      But after the review of the video, I need one of you to get in my face and scream at me next time because there is not excuse for the amount of looking at the bar I was doing so close to the finish…. what a puss

    • tracey says:

      You are super human to me…but I will so yell at you next video!

  10. Kerri says:

    15 min cut-off…
    2rds, +200m run, +19 du’s.

    Wish we could’ve had time to finish this one.

    Linda has just wreaked havoc on me today…soreness has officially set in!

  11. klowe says:

    Spent a rediculous amount of time on du’s. Gawd I suck at them beyond the “it’s funny” stage.

    Me and Jake made a deal. He will fix my du’s and I’ll make his shoulders his wheelhouse.

    This was a horrible, horrible wod and total respect to all y’all that busted ass today!

    • klowe says:

      oh yeah. Big “thanks” to Ryan for pushing me on the thrusters. Payback is a B___h I guess. I hated you during those thrusters : ) but it did help!

      thank you!

      I love WODS split 1/2 and 1/2 where we get to count, coach, and push eachother to make WOD lives hell. I love it!

    • Kerri says:

      Thanks for the push from you KLowe. I am right there with you and Katy in that the partner WODs (yelling, counting, coaching) help with intensity.

      And, when Jake fixes your DU’s, I’m going to take a number and get in line for help with mine. Although they frustrated the p out of me during this WOD, I realized it seems the more tired I get (aka, the less I can think about it), the better I am at them.

      I heard Ryan say yesterday, “Turn your brain off”; this is a simple yet effective verbal cue for DU’s.

  12. dunnbball says:

    2Rds + 43 in 15 min cut-off
    Scaled to 45lb Thrusters and 25 DU’s

    I second Kevin’s comment on split WOD’s. I definitely pushed harder with everyone yelling. Thanks!

  13. Patrick says:

    I had nothing today… somewhere in the 3rd rd of 3xSU when time ran out. In a less pussified state I would have finished the WOD on principle but the thought of another thruster made me want to assume the fetal position and softly whimper.

    When I started out on the last run, couldn’t get my legs to work. That was a weird sensation. More like a stroke than a drunk.

    Stop reading now if you don’t won’t to hear me piss and moan.

    I keep having to learn the same lessons over and over. Last week the stars aligned and work, family, other commitments allowed for me to get to the gym 6 days in a row. Which almost never happens. Beat your in the same boat. This was both good… and bad. I can normally push myself better at CFHSV than in my HoboGym. But, repeated high intensity CFHSV WODs take a toll and I have a limited recovery ability. We all do. It’s up to the individual athlete to figure out what works best for you. So… 2 on, 1 off. Or, 3 on, 2 off works best for me. 6 in a row was just stupid. Now, I’m broke. Joints are inflamed, I’ve picked up a virus (which rarely happens), myalgias, fatigue, bad breath, body odor and tooth decay.. And for what? To do 6 WODs in a row just because I can. To steal a phrase from Pat Sherwood: “I had to wear the idiot suit.”

    Mans Got To Know His Limitations