Wednesday, 11 Aug, 2010

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2 minutes of handstand hold




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27 responses to “Wednesday, 11 Aug, 2010”

  1. Tasha W says:

    AWESOME pic!

  2. AmandaJ says:

    My pics from the weekend! You should be able to right click and save any pics you may want.

  3. Larry Lowe says:

    Yesterday’s workout at Crossfit East Village in San Diego

    5-4-3-2-1 OHS (95/115/135/155/175pr)


    3 rounds max distance farmers carry with 2 1.5pood kbs

    300m/200m/200m (this sucked a lot more than it sounds)

    This gym is new and has 2 am classes and 2 pm classes. The gym is open the rest of the day for open gym. This was really nice since I had to do dinner with some folks and couldn’t make the 5:30pm class. There were 4 other guys working out with limited supervision. One guy was not going anywhere near full depth, another kept going onto his toes and dumping the weight. OHS is not a workout that beginners need to be doing on their own. I will be going back later today. The Open GYm model is great for me, especially on travel. I’ll comment more on the Open Gym model after I go back for a second day.

  4. tracey says:

    Kevin, You and Mike need to spray tan!!! Have that glow like Rich Fronning:)
    Just kidding. Congrats again!
    Also, Scott wants to know if you could meet with him to discuss our yard plans?

  5. Robb Dempsey says:

    135, 185, 195, 205, 225(PR), 235(F), 235(F)

  6. Robert S. says:


    Kept pushing the bar away from me on the 195 attempts. This really pissed me off.

  7. Penelope says:

    60-30-25-5 sec HS holds, 55-65-85-95-100(X)-100(PR)-105(X)

  8. Karen says:

    2 minute handstand hold unbroken.

    started doing push presses instead of push jerks at 125. Hoped form would improve with heavier weight but it did not. So I dropped to lighter weight to work on form. Also did 3 muscleups at the end of class, since they weren’t with me yesterday.

  9. LeshaS says:

    Handstand hold – 60 sec – 30 sec – 30 sec
    85 – 105 – 125 – 135 – 140(x) – 140(x) – 140 (PR)

  10. Katie says:

    Split jerk pr is 125. I am usually weaker at push jerk.

  11. klowe says:

    PJ up to 285. Did way better with landing this time. Usually I end up doing the splits. Today resembled more of a jerk.

  12. Larry Lowe says:

    Crossfit East Village

    4 rounds:
    300m row
    300m run

    = 11:51

    then after 5 minute rest



    I asked Jake (owner) about the open gym and how it works. I asked how he polices bad form during open gym. All new members have to go through a one-on-one fundamentals training that is 5 sessions. He said his trainers are watching and making sure no one is doing anything stupid to hurt themselves. If you come in and its only you and the trainer, you will get a lot of one-on-one attention, unlike a class where one or two trainers are trying to watch and teach 20-30 people. He said distributing his membership throughout the day actually increases the amount of coaching per person. He has grown to 175 members in 9 months with this model. He said one of the biggest challenges was coming up with a way to pay his trainers that made sense – instead of paying by the class, you have to pay hourly and by the number of fundamentals classes. Strangely, the trainer was not big on meeting the standards. He said they teach the standards, but lets the athletes go at their own pace with their own form. He is a Navy seal trainer and said he didn’t want some 18 year old punk telling him his rep didn’t count because he was half an inch high on his pushups. Interesting. Overall, CF EV is a great gym, and I find the open gym model very accomodating. Something CFHSV should look into.

    • Russell says:

      I’ve been to a couple open-gym model affiliates and one thing is for sure- they are hard to do well. CrossFit atlanta, even with some great coaches and an HQ trainer just shifted from the open-gym model they have had since they opened to a structured class model. I dropped in at their place once or twice and it was inevitably a circus of people doing their own thing poorly and one or two coaches effectively in charge of running multiple stop-watches.

      I have also seen it done pretty well. CrossFit Wilmington does almost entirely open-gym, with a few structured classes throughout the day. They don’t allow anyone to come to open gym times unless they have come to their regular classes for at least 3 months. I think that helps big time.

      I like the idea of the open gym for convenience for the minority of members that can’t make class times work for their schedule, but I dislike it for the obvious disadvantages to motivation, community building, and structured warm-ups, skill work, and cool downs. We are about to try something completely different with our schedule- much smaller classes with single instructors that start every half-hour. Kind of a happy medium I hope. Maybe when we have the new building we will have enough people hanging around all day to make an open gym work!

    • Patrick says:

      Oh you! (he’s say’s while wrist flapping like a pansy)
      Teasing about that new building again.
      Stop it, just stop it.

      Took an impromptu tour a couple Sunday’s ago, should be awesome. If it doesn’t rot down before the grand opening.

    • Larry Lowe says:

      Russell, are you taking the Crossfit Fairfax model? I dropped Tincher’s boxes (Fairfax and Reston) and those guys do class every 30 minutes. They leave warm up to you and cool down core exercises to you once class is over. I liked that model as well, but that may be because I’ve been doing it a while. I don’t think I would like it if I was new to crossfit. Branding people into the tribe is a big part of who we are. I’m interested to see where we are going in the NEW BUILDING…

    • Larry Lowe says:

      Also, once we are in the new building (snicker, snicker) I hope you have some free Saturday classes. A lot of the affiliates I visit advertise free saturday classes to introduce new members. And CFEV had a built in kitchen to host paleo nutrition classes. Does our new gym (snicker, snicker) have a built in kitchen?

    • Russell says:

      Larry you are killing my suprises. Also, I hope (snicker snicker) that you start coming to our gym more often….

  13. Patrick says:


    Stopped at a single failed attempt at 225. Got under it well, didn’t have to press it to lockout overhead at the bottom of the quarter squat but lost it behind. Which is odd for me, I usually get crushed to a stop in the dip and can’t explode it up. So… I’m in a good place mentally for another attempt next time around. If I’d kept attempting and missing at 225 that weight would become a sticking point. Sometimes it’s better to quit while your ahead. This has been a hard lesson to learn.

  14. Tasha W says:

    Did today’s cf mom wod. 250m row/15 wall balls/15 push ups. Completed 4 rounds (advanced called for 5 rds, but no way it was happening–that gym was stifling hot today!) 18:24.

  15. Justin says:

    At home,
    AM front squat 5×3 185-205-225-235-245,
    PM 15 rounds of cindy 10:55

  16. dunnbball says:


    Couldn’t get my arms locked out overhead on the higher weights.