Wednesday, 13 May, 2009

Posted by Mandee on May 13, 2009   |   20 Comments

Power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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20 responses to “Wednesday, 13 May, 2009”

  1. Russell says:


  2. Slade White says:

    The worlds strongest baby!!!!!! 🙂

    As Rx’d 135, 155, 175, 185, 195(F), 195(F), 195(PR)

  3. JT says:

    Today I really wanted to focus on proper form b/c this is one exercise that has always elluded me, i have done wrong and it has hurt! Maybe I have it now – thanks Russell.
    85, 105, 115, 135, 145(PR), 155(PR), 165(PR).

  4. Ryan P says:

    what an awesome picture!


    shouldve gone to 215

  5. Daniel says:

    Not sure if everyone is aware, but Clint and his wife Myrna had their baby yesterday. They named him Kaleb Mark Dye.

    9lbs, 2 oz Myrna was only in labor about 20 minutes. Everyone is healthy and fine.

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  7. JT says:

    Congrats clint and Myrna on Kaleb!!

  8. Larry Lowe says:


    I was wondering where Clint has been lately. Congrats!

  9. klowe says:


    Check out Russell’s Athlete Profile from the CrossFit main site.

    pretty BADASS!!!!

  10. Will Blankenship says:


    Form wasn’t good. I was basically just powering it up. If I can get the jump thing down, I should be able to get the weight on up there.

  11. A.S. Britt says:


    Form was poor. Muscled it up.

  12. klowe says:

    26rounds + 5 PU’s

    PR by 2 rounds.

  13. dankno says:

    Love the pic.


  14. Justin says:

    Lots of problems with this one, not the least of which are a substantial lack of explosiveness and bad form.

  15. Daniel says:

    135, 155, 135(3), 165, 175, 185, 205 PR

    Thanks for helping me on form Russell.

  16. Krista says:

    First time ever doing Power Cleans
    55-a bunch of times to get the form, 65-several times, 70, 75 PR

  17. Lindsey says:

    That is the cutest picture!!!

    Power Cleans: 85-95-105-115-120-125(X)-125 (PR) 🙂

  18. Katie says:

    Katherine I want to steal Campbell! So cute.

    85(PR) – 95(PR) – 95 – 95 – 95 – 85 – 85

    Working on landing/catching form

  19. Robert Montgomery says:

    Weds 3pm

    Cindy Variation:

    4 rounds, each for time of : 3 sets of each: 5 Pull Ups, 10 PushUps(explosive), 15 Jump Squats.

    3 mins rest between each of the 4 rounds.

    All with 10# Vest:


    Goal was to focus more on explosiveness which is weaker for me than endurance. After doing this I did feel that I reached/maintained greater overall intensity for each rep then in the past when I have done a normal Cindy. Pull ups were deadhang because the bar I was using isn’t super condusive to kipping (too short). Need to work on kipping though, it is a weakness.

  20. spl6hrc says:

    95×5 135×5 155×1 175×1 185(f) 175×1 180×1 180×1 155×1