Wednesday, 16 Mar, 2011

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Group Med-ball toss, followed by a group run.



For time:
Run 1 mile
100 Sit-ups
100 Back extensions
Run 1 mile

Mix and match back extensions and sit-ups as needed.

Post time to comments.

Compare to 051206.



Spend time getting your calves acquainted with the trigger-point rollers.


GoHEAVY workout-

Hang Power Clean: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps



CrossFit Games Open 11.1

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Double-unders
15 Power snatches


The Power snatch loads are as follows:
Men and Masters Men 45-49, 50-54: 75lbs/35kg
Women and Masters Women 45-54: 55lbs/25kg
Masters Men 55-59, 60+: 65lbs/30kg
Masters Women 55-59, 60+: 45lbs/20kg


For a downloadable PDF of the workout, click here.

CrossFit Games Open 11.1 workout instructions – video [wmv] [mov]



CrossFit Huntsville Scaled Division Workout:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
15 lateral-jumps over a parallette

15 Power snatches

The Power-snatch loads are 35 pounds for women, 55 pounds for men.


40 responses to “Wednesday, 16 Mar, 2011”

  1. Aaron says:

    First Games wod is posted. Really good video demo on ROM.

  2. Dennis says:

    Have to appreciate all the DU’s we do. Good luck to all and may you have a beautiful balance of the ten general physical fitness skills. Give it all you’ve got, have fun, and enjoy. Wishing everyone increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Go represent CFHSV. Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! OkieDB Out

    • DaveC says:

      I was just thinking when I saw the 11.1 workout that I wish I had spent a little less time on squat therapy and related mobility stuff these last two months (even though the only thing crossfitters seem to do more of than squatting is breathing), and a little more time with my jump rope. Live and learn, I suppose. I won’t even check my ego at the door. I’ll just leave it in the car 🙂

  3. Klowe says:

    “Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

    Hell no! Lets gets this done! (And then hope the next one us a gorilla wod)

    • Tye says:

      Or not, but yeah, I’m pretty happy its not 135 ground to overhead to say the least.

    • Robert S. says:

      After getting all of my negativity out on FB this morning, I’m good to go. Let’s crush this!!

  4. TashaW says:

    That sweet girl looks adorable in MUD PIE!! 😉 (Yep, I knew it the moment I saw it – I’m officially a mom!!)

  5. Tye says:

    Did the first open WOD for 5 min rather than 10 this morning. I highly suggest a dry run like this to anyone that wants to do it. I learned a couple things that will help me out on Saturday.

    In 5 min. 3+39 rx’d at about 85-90% intensity. My goal for Saturday is 9 rounds.

    • Brady Wakefield says:

      Nice Work Tye. Probably every Crossfitter in the world is picking up the jumprope today.

      Cant wait for Sat.!

  6. Aaron says:


    Took too much time to complete the sit-ups and back extensions. Butterflied sit-ups really slowed me down.

    Good luck to everyone taking on the Games!

  7. AJ says:

    Is there Go Heavy WOD?

  8. Carson says:

    I have a question about the scaled division WOD.

    Is this the workout for everyone who is scaling?

    I ask because I whole heartedly believe I can do the weight, but I know I only have 2 double unders in my whole life so 30 will most likely not happen unless the jumprope fairies bless me in my sleep tonight. Just wondering if this is the plan for uniformity for all who are scaling, or if folks who can do the weight can still do the Rx’d weight, but scale to single unders (90).


    • Russell says:

      Because this is a competition, and not a normal class workout, we won’t be allowing any deviation from the scaled or Rx’ed divisions except for necessities (like an injury). If you can do one part of the workout but not the other, you will have to do the scaled workout… which in your case means you should crush it!

      This allows us to actually “compete” in the sense that all of our scaled athletes can do the same workout and compare their scores just as if they were in the Rx’ed division.

      hope that makes sense!

      • Carson says:

        Makes total sense, and that’s why I asked. I didn’t want to be all pumped to go one way and then get mentally derailed when I show up tomorrow afternoon.

        Thanks, Russell!

      • Erin Atkins says:

        Is it better to trudge through Rx’ed or go fast and scaled? I can do some double-unders, but I am by no means proficient, as they take a while for me.

  9. Brian says:

    No games workout for me this year, but I am excited that the doctor gave me the all-clear to start working out again. Elbow looks and feels great…

  10. http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/CFJ_2011_AGame.pdf

    Everyone that plans to compete in the open or is on the fence about it should read this.

    Two takeaways:

    1. “be ready to punch Godzilla in the face at the 3-2-1.”

    2. “Take some time, close your eyes, and do the entire WOD in your head. See it in perfect clarity and
    detail. Imagine yourself performing each stride, each clean, each pull-up, etc., perfectly. Be flawless in your mind. Make peace with the pain you’ll be feeling, and then it will be only an expected visitor when it arrives. Now you’re ready to breath fire.”

    • Brady Wakefield says:

      Good read, thanks!

      Also, are we still planning that Sat. is the rest day that all classes will be able to do the Open 11.1 WOD? Cause I want to be able to mentally plan to be there at 9am to go hard!

    • Chuck says:

      Just got butterflies looking at the PDF pics of the WOD!

      Love the quote- “Make peace with the pain you’ll be feeling”… cannot wait to navigate through the pain cave further than I have ever gone before!

  11. Ben Jarrell says:

    Kind of cheeky of them to throw DU’s into the first WOD, since anyone who can’t do lots of DU’s gets knocked out of contention immediately. Since I never was in contention it doesn’t really bother me, but it would be more fun to do a workout where you can at least attempt the movement.

  12. Will Blankenship says:

    25:25 rx’d

    Split: 7:43/8:29/9:13

    We did anchored situps. I heard the 0600 class did unanchored, butterflies. That would probably explain the time difference, because I know I’m not within a minute of Aaron on a run WOD.

  13. Robb says:

    7:37/9:53/miserable 18

    after getting out to the road my back spazzed on me then at about the turnaround it felt like someone pierced my hip flexors with a spear. Good painful WOD!

  14. Erin Atkins says:

    27:27 rx’ed

    I love sit ups!

  15. Robert S. says:

    Did the open WOD and I will be back on Friday because I got 2+37.
    My own fault for ignoring a hole in my game.

  16. Tracey says:

    WOD#1 4+9….I can get 5. I needed to settle down, which I’m not got at doing when I’m anxious. Looking forward to the rematch!

  17. Tracey says:

    GOOD at doing*** still a little frazzled:)HA

  18. Penelope says:

    20:33 – scaled this morning WOD to 1 mile + 50 situps + 50 hip ext + 1 mile; then this afternoon 3 rounds for open WOD.

    Tomorrow = rest.

  19. GarrettD says:

    So after a DU PR in warm up and feeling good about them, I get through one round of the Open WOD and they completely disappear. I kind of expected it.


  20. Larry Lowe says:

    Key Bridge Marriott WOD
    Warm up:
    30 dumbbell power snatch alternating arms:
    15,25,30,40 lbs

    1 mile on treadmill = 7:03
    100 unanchored situps
    100 good mornings holding 25lb bumbbell
    1 mile = 8:06

    Total = 23:02

    Staying away from dus so my calf will be ready by Saturday. Looking forward to the wod on Saturday!

  21. Emily D. says:

    29:52 rx’d

    running was a little slow since my shins hate me right now….which is from my poor running form 😉

    messed around with some DUs and power snatches afterward….this one is going to hurt on Saturday!

  22. James Stranahan says:

    28:20 scaled 1 mile 50 sit ups 30 hip extensions 800 meters

  23. Klowe says:

    CF 11.1 attempt 1:
    Very disappointed. DUs were “OK” until round 4. Then I lost them completely. I’ve got to do better or my run at Jacksonville 2011 is officially over at wod #1.

    Rematch scheduled for Friday and Sunday.

  24. Ben says:

    I’m going to pospone doing WOD 1 until Saturday to see if I can get some DU’s. I’d like to be ranked at least once.

  25. stacey says:

    WOD 1: 2+11

    DU’s were ok at first then got hung up on them for a minute then they came back…my clean and jerks were slow…but at least i could do them..power snatch was not happening…

    my goal was 1 round so I beat that..if I could do it again I think I could get 3+, but I am happy with what I got.

  26. Dean says:

    I followed Tye’s lead and did the open WOD for 5mins. I got 3+4 giving myself a little more rest than i would for the real thing. Rest tomorrow, then I hit it immediatly after the 11:30 class on friday. I miss beer.