Wednesday, 17 Feb, 2010

Posted by Mandee on February 17, 2010   |   27 Comments

“Tabata This!”

Tabata Row
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Squat
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Pull-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Push-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Sit-up

The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals.
Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals. Unit for the row is “calories”.

Post Tabata score for each exercise to comments and total for final score.
E.G., 10, 22, 9, 15, 15 = 71

Compare to 040808.

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27 responses to “Wednesday, 17 Feb, 2010”

  1. Aaron says:

    46 as Rx’d

    I should have gave more thought to strategy on this one. I think I should have easily broken 50 if I didn’t blow my wad during the first T. For example, on the pull-ups I did 17 during the first T, then hit what I call my point of CFDR, (CF Diminishing Returns), too quickly and ended up having to score a 6. Damn!

  2. Russell says:

    Good work from the morning classes today. Wess finished his first CrossFit workout during the 7AM class and I don’t think he was disappointed.

    Round 2 of the Zone diet challenge has also started today for those of you who joined our program after the first one of the year had started, so if you haven’t begun the diet yet, get on it! We will continue to provide you with Q&A time at the beginning of class and help you out with anything you might need.

  3. Larry Lowe says:

    Total = 41

    You have to game this one a little or you end up blowing yourself in the first T. I didn’t do well with pullups started with 14, ended with 6. blah.

  4. Tasha W says:

    Due to work, I’m gonna have to do this one at home this evening. 🙁 Is there something you could suggest as a substitute for the row and pull-up, since I don’t have the capability to do those at my house? Could sprint intervals be an acceptable substitution for the row?

    • tracey says:

      sumu deadlift high pull for row(dumbbells)…pull ups are tuff, I use swing set rings for ring rows.

    • Tasha W says:

      Thanks so much, Tracey. The only dumbbells I have at the house are my wimpy 10#, but I guess SOMETHING is better than nothing! 🙂

  5. tracey says:

    I will be at the gym today around 4:00 to take bodyfat measurements.

  6. Mandee Miller says:

    4 + 13 + 3 + 7 + 12 = 39 total as rx’d

  7. Emily D. says:

    interesting article today……seeing how I bit into the “snake oil” when living in Florida.

    Actually….we lived on a real version of Wisteria Lane and every woman on my street had tried the HCG injections so I did it. I did 3 8-week sessions. Could I tell a difference? yeah but I was also on a super strict diet at the same time. The place that I got them from was full EVERY week that I went in…..and those injections are not cheap. I am surprised that no one around here does them considering how much money they could make.

    • Emily D. says:

      As I told Russell a few weeks back…I have done EVERY diet under the sun but now I know how to eat right and get my butt kicked so no more “tricks” to try to be where I want to be 🙂 so thanks again Crossfit!

    • Daniel says:

      Sei Bella does those injections and over half of the cheerleading moms are taking or have taken the shots.

    • Emily D. says:

      Ahhhhh……didn’t know that.

      When I did do them I felt weird walking around with “track marks” on my stomach.

  8. Will Blankenship says:

    This damn near killed me today. As rx’d – 32

    I started off strong, but fell off quick. Not sure what’s up. Low attendance over the last two weeks probably played a role.

  9. Daniel says:

    Today’s workout: 1 hour of gymnastics training with Ms Joy and the Crossfit WOD.   The WOD killed me after gymnastics. 35 which was pretty dissapointing. 

  10. Patrick says:

    Think I’ll call this one: “24 minutes in Hell”
    As Rx’d 6,13,5,7,9 = 40

  11. Justin says:

    I think I wrote 56 on the board due to bad post wod math. I gamed this one pretty well. Same number across on row, squats, and situps. I was shooting for 10 on pullups and 12 on pushups but fell short.

  12. tracey says:

    4-16-4-10-12=46 pull ups hurt bad. My shoulders are tight from chipper wod…kipping was not going to happen.
    Holy heel strike on me in the pic. That wod was a suckfest as well!

  13. Robert S. says:

    6-13-6-5-10 = 40

    First time doing this WOD.

  14. Robert S. says:

    If anyone that is just starting on the zone challenge wants any help with recipe ideas, let me know. I’m always working on new ways to enjoy paleo/zone meals.

  15. Russell says:

    As Rx’ed- 56 reps

    Chose not to game this one and it killed me. Went as hard as I could at the start of every movement and gradually dwindled in each round. Did the workout over at CrossFit Impulse. They were kind enough to allow me to bleed all over their pull-up bars.

  16. Emily D. says:


    I think I wrote 32 on the board.

    My arms are still killing me from Monday…….and I freaking HATE push ups!

  17. Jake Naumcheff says:

    8-18-9-10-15= 60

    Chose to game this one but after it was all said and done I wish I had of just gone all out, I felt like a pansy ass because I didn’t. I was shooting for 15 on the pull-ups and push-ups which just didn’t happen.

    • Emily D. says:

      Well you were in the all girl heat 🙂 pansy

    • Justin says:

      I feel like you’re supposed to game this one, since your tabata score is your score. Any extra reps you do are essentially wasted. With tabata something else, where your score is total reps, I am more inclined to go all out.

  18. Kerri says:

    Had that rower’s lung feeling afterward…don’t know if it was the level of cardio demand in this WOD, if I’m getting sick, or if the coldness of the warehouse was the culprit.
    First day back on since Friday, and have had a 4 day cheatfest-not totally overboard, have just enjoyed sweets….
    Back on it today though, as appropriate on Ash Wednesday!! I feel like I just did my own Lent for the last 33 days…this counts, right?

  19. J.D. says:

    5-16-7-10-10= 48. I gamed this one, too. I sure didn’t feel like a pansy-ass though, especially since I almost did my Pukie the Clown imitation afterwards. I tried to stay at 10 pull ups across, but ran out of gas & got 7 on the last 2 rounds. Unless you just really coast, you will get a good work out from this WOD.
    And hell Jake, you feel like a wuss and you got 60??? Holy self-flagellation, Batman!!!

    As for HCG shots for weight loss… They may act as a bit of an appetite-suppressant, but so does drinking lots of water, and it’s WAAAYYY cheaper!! I know it’s cliche’ but it’s true: there is NO SUBSTITUTE for a reasonable, well-balanced diet and regular exercise. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!! A zone diet and Crossfit will get you results that you can sustain. And it won’t give you a false-positive pregnancy test!!!

  20. klowe says:

    9,14,10,10,11 – 54

    First time with this one. Horrible is all I can say. I wussed on the air squats….should have gone harder. Everything else was max effort and dwindled to a struggle by round 7/8 (if Russell was watching…I would have heard a lot of….”miss,…..that’s a miss”

    Wanted to puke for about an hr afterward.

    60? Holy crap. Great job Jake!