Wednesday, 18 April, 2012

Posted by Mandee on April 17, 2012   |   19 Comments


250 Meter row

3 Rounds:

50 Meter run

3 Skin the cats

6 Air squats



Eight rounds for time of:
10 Burpees
15 Jumping alternating lunges
20 Double-unders
25 yard Shuttle sprint (5 x 5 yards)
Rest 90 seconds

Brendan Clarke 17:44, Doug Armstrong 18:06. Post time to comments.


A. Shoulder Press – Build to a 1RM

B. Deadlift – Build to a 1RM


WOD Demo with CrossFit Rocks by Again Faster Equipment – video [wmv] [mov]

19 responses to “Wednesday, 18 April, 2012”

  1. VOD:
    I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

  2. AP says:

    1700 Swim
    Total: 2950 yards
    w/u: 300 (100 swim, 200 pull)
    Main: Ladder 1 x [100, rest 1:00; 200, rest 2:00, 300, rest 3:00, 400, rest 4:00, 500, rest 3:00 400, rest 2:00, 300, rest 1:00, 200, rest 0:30, 100]
    Main splits: 1:29, 3:12, 4:52, 6:41, 8:24, 6:43, 4:54, 3:17, 1:38
    w/d: 150 (with fins)

  3. Kerri says:

    I may whine while we are in the midst of these high rounds WODs, (like Tuesday’s WOD), but I REALLY like ’em…. And on Tuesday’s WOD, I realized that the count of 20 DU’s in a WOD is just perfect!!

  4. Brian says:

    Has anyone seen a red-handled speed jump rope with athletic tape about the ends of the handle? I really don’t wanna pay for a new one!

  5. Tracey says:


    • DaveC says:

      With Slade watching in shock and awe. As was I outside the frame. Any time the bar bends, I’m impressed. Any more weight and it’s look like he was wearing an ascot. 🙂

    • Slade says:

      Yes, it was an impressive lift. What the camera can’t show is the speed in which he did it. Also the way the bar was shaking. It looked like he was going to break the sound barrier or something. But now that I look at it, this was the 385 attempt. I’m thinking of the 365 lift. He almost got this one above. If he hadn’t done a complete back squat WOD just before this, I know he would have gotten it.

  6. AP says:

    0545 ROAD RIDE – Aerobic (L2/3)
    Ride 20 mile loop
    1:10:03 HR Avg 151, HR Max 168

  7. Jamie says:

    Laura will be leaving us this week. 🙁 She will be missed!!!!

  8. Matthew Hillis says:

    They must not of told this 82 year guy that squating below parallel was bad 😉

    He warms up at 308lbs

  9. Clair says:

    Laura, you are going to be missed!!!:(

  10. Josh Kennedy says:

    21:05 Rx’ed. Love them interval WODs (not really). Nathan, Dr Dave, Mac were just killing it. Lots of grunting and hard work at 1630

  11. Larry Lowe says:

    Crossfit Woodbridge, VA

    work up to 1RM Push Press

    =135, 145, 165, 175x, 175 (tweaked the muscle under my scapula on left side – Lowe genetic weakness)


    3 rounds:
    20 pullups
    30 pushups
    50 squats


    Shoulder girdle still sore from the pushup dumbell row workout two days ago.

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