Wednesday, 18 Nov, 2009

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10Nov2009 458


21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

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Islamic Nations Seek Legally Binding Way to Counter Religious ‘Defamation’

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34 responses to “Wednesday, 18 Nov, 2009”

  1. Aaron says:

    16:30 scaled 115#

    9 secs slower but 20# heavier than prev

  2. Aaron says:

    Interesting article but all I can take away from it are the comments below the article. Wow! Most of the comments sound hateful and intollerant yet blast Islam for the same thing. Not sure who or what,if any, the people leaving these comments have faith in, but if they listen to JC and the Sunshine Band, maybe they need to check out album Luke 6, tracks 27-36…

  3. Jake Naumcheff says:

    9:51 (PR by 2:38)
    Hung around afterwards to watch Craig and Kevin do this, awesome job guys you both did great!!!

  4. Daniel says:

    Sick today. I’ll spare eveyone catching whatever it is I have.
    Hopefully just a cold and not the h1n1 nasty.

  5. klowe says:

    5:37 w/ squat cleans.

    Squat cleans are a game changer!…totally different workout than power cleans due to having the bar on chest for a longer period of time….which has a suffocating effect. Same with ring dips. Tension on thorax makes lung expansion difficult. I just could not establish a controlled and efficient breathing pattern. Screaming (literally) quad pain. Damn it hurt!

  6. Larry Lowe says:


    squat cleans destroyed my back. 135# was heavy for me.

  7. Will Blankenship says:

    13:46 w/ squat cleans (PR)

    Went in hoping for a sub 5 Elizabeth, but the squat-clean version is just too brutal. I damn near puked.

  8. Slade White says:

    As Rx’d 13:55, but with pretty sloppy form. I alternated between being on my toes, falling on my ass, and not getting the right depth. I think I managed a few proper squat cleans in there, but I’m sure most wouldn’t have counted in a strict sense. The way my arms are hurting, I can tell I wasn’t using my hips enough. I am getting a little better.

  9. Kerri says:

    I’m not looking forward to this, knowing it’s squat cleans…Isn’t that the way we did it last time? 🙁
    I just knew I could handle regular cleans…now I’m scared…..really scared……..

  10. Mandee Miller says:

    23:51 as Rx’d (PR)

  11. Robb Dempsey says:

    23:35 as RX’ed my lower back is completely shredded. Thanks for the “throw your head through the back of the wall” comment Russell, made a huge difference in efficiency.

  12. First Elizabeth…well, that’s not totally true…but with Crossfit. Driving here in 49 degrees, thinking, “What the hell, it’s warmer back home in Boston! Pat (other Pat) lied when he said it’s 70 here in the dead of winter!”

    90# – still building strength
    subbed doubled number per round – pushups for rounds 2, 3. Same thing here…strength.

    Hey, do we have a book of the month club yet? If not, here’s my submission for the first month: Where Men Win Glory – The Odyssey of Pat Tillman – Jon Krakauer. Just came out last month, and I can’t put it down. Great read about a truly unique guy, and gives you some background on Afghanistan.

  13. Karen says:

    16:07 as rx’d. Squat cleans make an amazing difference!

  14. Jason Terry says:

    16:09 at 95#. Was doing hang squat cleans until Russell asked me what I was doing and told me full cleans were easier. Amazing, he was right. Too bad it was half way through round 2. Also discovered that letting bar roll back in hands after catch made wrist pain go away. Strange day for me……..must be too many off days.

  15. Jason Terry says:

    16:09 at 95#. Was doing hang squat cleans until Russell asked me what I was doing and told me full cleans were easier. Amazing, he was right. Too bad it was half way through round 2. Also discovered that letting bar roll back in hands after catch made wrist pain go away. Strange day for me……..must be too many off days.

  16. Hudson Slater says:

    14:41 with the help of encouragement from Brad, Josh, and Russel. Otherwise I think I would have been there all day. Horrible workout.

  17. dunnbball says:

    19:22 65 lbs w/assisted RD’s

    I used 85 lbs for the first 15 out of 20 then after failing, dropped weight. Very disappointed in my performance today. 🙁 Almost 4 minutes slower than my PR, but with full squat cleans it just wasn’t working. I definitely need to work on hamstring strength.

  18. Robert S. says:

    As rx’d 17:57 (pr)

    The last time we did this one it was scaled to 115# and about 4 minutes slower.

    Now, on the article… As Aaron said, the comments are just out of control.

    Being a vet of OIF I can’t say that the trust no one in this God foresaken country mentaility didn’t exist pretty strongly with me. Was it because of the Islamic religion that I harbored these feelings for them? No, it was because alot of them were trying to kill me and my buddies. It wasn’t Islam or Allah telling them to hate Americans, it was their interepretation of the Koran. Should we treat people poorly based solely upon their religion? Absolutly not. However, when a group of people, like Islamic Extremists, or even the Christian Crusaders interperate their religous teachings in such a way that they wage war against people who do not follow their particular set of beliefs they paint a poor picture for everyone like them, even if they are not extreme in their intereptation of religous teachings. The problem is that many times it is human nature to take a defensive stance against a certain race or religion if a small portion of that race or religion uses that religion as a basis for hatred against others. We did it after Pearl Harbor with Japanese Americans and many do it now with Muslims. Ultimately I feel that we must strive to not pass judgment on all people based on the choices of a few.

  19. tracey says:

    I really dont have a time today…I suppose under 26 min. It turned into a much needed squat clean “CLINIC”. I like to use my arms, more than my hams and ass. I will use lighter weight and work on form more often…along with linking PU’S and double unders etc. I love that it doesnt come easy.:)

  20. leah says:

    75#/assisted ring-dips

  21. Robert S. says:

    As far as the organic article yesterday goes, I’m pretty sure that a majority of what was said in that article was horseshit. I don’t feel that baseing the benefit of an organic food on taste alone is a very good method of measurement. It stated at one point that some of the findings were a result of government funded studies. I call horseshit times 2. Any study of food in this nation that is government funded is sure to be flawed or pushed in a certain direction.

    I’m not sold on USDA organic labeled items by any means. The USDA is involved in that process, so it’s certainly affected by lobbying from the major food producers. There are other certifications for food production such as Certified Naturally Grown http://www.naturallygrown.org that are independant of the government and focus on healty, safe, and sustainable production. I really strive to buy from local farmers that I can talk to and shake the hand of. That is the only true way to know how your food is grown and what is in it. In todays agricultural market it is very difficult to shop totally in that manner because of cost and availability. I suppose that I’m still on the fence on the whole USDA organic is better than the regular stuff in the grocery store. However, I’m certain that a free range grass feed chicken and some veggies from the farm up the road is better than any of it.

  22. Russell says:


    I think it’s probably fair to express religious extremism as a fringe, or exception to the rule, and an equal possibility in any religion, but I don’t think that’s accurate. Not all ideas are created equally, and that includes religion. Islam in particular is very, very easily turned into an ignition point for violence and terrorism, and it’s not just because it’s hot in the middle east. The Koran itself is full of references to, and commandments for violence against non-believers. The religion is simply poisoned with ideas that cannot and do not jive with free societies, hence the outrageous attempts to control speech.

    As for the organic article, I totally agree with the comments that the arguments made based on taste-tests are weak and kind of stupid. This was not my first choice for a post on organic foods, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. It’s also very easy to cry bias when a study is funded by ANYONE, and I think it is often the case, especially when grants are concerned, but you really can’t hide bad science. The organic market is largely driven by a fear of pesticides, which have never, ever been proven to be harmful to humans in the levels found in conventional usage, and a general anti-corporate, anti-American sentiment that seems to prefer home-grown manure-fertilized foods over the mass-produced, which makes organic foods 8 times as likely to infect you with ecoli ( CDC study- http://www.junkscience.com/dec98/avery.html)

    here is more on this: http://www.junkscience.com/aug99/foodsurv.html

  23. Kerri says:

    14:19 95#, but scaled with assisted ring dips. (PR) by 5:19! Squat cleans were dreadful, but seemed MUCH easier than the last time Elizabeth reared her ugly head….

  24. J.D. says:

    16:32, scaled to 95#. Tried to start with 115#, but the squat cleans were not happening with my crappy technique. Thighs still screaming after “Fran” yesterday and less than 12 hours between workouts didn’t help either. Still much work to do on my lifts.

    Interesting to see Islamic countries try to pass anti-defamation laws when many mosques and Islamic leaders openly preach extremely negative and derogatory comments regarding Judaism and Christianity. One comment on the article said that it could backfire tremendously because of this. And I agree that while there are MANY Muslims who espouse peace and tolerance, it seems far too easy AND ACCEPTABLE for MANY Muslims to in fact practice hatred and intolerance. I recently read an interesting editorial, in which it was stated that the “silent majority” of peaceful Muslims are allowing this “hijacking” of Islam to go unchecked and are really the only ones who can save it as a religion. The comparison was made between the Muslim extremists and the rise of the Nazi Party in 1930’s Germany. The majority of Germans were not war-mongering extremists and rabid anti-semites. Many in fact thought the Nazis to be foolish. But by the time the danger was realized, it was too late and the Nazis had control of the government and military. It is possible that there is very little challenging of Islamic radicals and their actions by “mainsteam” Islam because they too feel that the extremists are simply marginalized whackos. Or perhaps they fear reprisals from said whackos, which is understandable. But the worst scenario is that mainstream Muslims may not condemn these people simply because they view them as fellow Muslims, sort of a I-know-he’s-crazy-but-he’s-my-brother philosophy. If the latter is true, then there are going to be very bad times ahead. Most religions, certainly Christianity, do not condone extremist views and violence and loudly condemn these actions, such as the murder of an abortion doctor or killing someone simply because they do not share your views. Islam should learn these lessons if they wish to be separated from the extremist views.

    • Robert S. says:

      A valid point indead. In any group of people it can become far to easy to let an extreme minority become the majority simply through the in action of said group to stop the extreme behavior.

      As I chatted with a coworker on this subject earlier, he stated that he knows that only one person can judge a man. However it is hard to not judge all Muslims to be the same when our only encounters with them on a national level have been violent ones. Maybe this is a direct result of all the silent non-extremists letting the extremists become the norm.

  25. Jimmy says:

    regular dips and regular cleans 4:22. definently should have gotten sub 4 but woosed out on the cleans and didn’t go fast enough

  26. Barry S says:

    Back to Linda @ Crossfit San Jose:
    21-15-9 of squats, cleans, and kb for time
    16:41 with 123# for squats, 85# cleans, 44# kb

    Cycles of history fascinate me…a thousand years ago, it was the Muslims who promoted science, tolerance and religious freedom; welcoming and protecting people of all faiths in their conquered territories, while the Christian churches and leadership actively prosecuted as a heretic anyone who dared speak anything against their strict interpretation of the Bible and burned them at the stake.

    Scholarship was deemed irrelevant, since any book that repeated what was in the Bible was unnecessary and any book that said anything different was blasphemy.

    Muslim culture from 900 – 1200 AD gave us many advances in math, literature, science, astronomy, and medicine, while most of Europe wallowed in the Dark Ages.

    (Yes, I have references if you’re interested)

    Today the situation is obviously different, but the protests of the Muslim community now don’t sound all that different to me than the liberal protests a few years ago to ban conservative talk radio, or the ongoing battle against conservative groups in this country to ban books such as Huck Finn and Catcher in the Rye.

    Fanaticism in any way, shape, form, or fashion is still fanaticism.

    Moderation in all things…including moderation!

  27. Barry S says:

    Sorry, that was snatches, not cleans, in the post above…squats, snatches, & kb.

  28. Russ says:

    14:38 scaled to 95#s. Still had gas in the tank. Should have tried at least 115#s. I did not have my notebook to reference what I did last time; although I think it was at 75#s and a much slower time. No issues with the ring dips.