Wednesday, 19 Aug, 2009

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Rest Day

The Psychology of CrossFit By Greg Glassman

The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare – John Mackey

16 responses to “Wednesday, 19 Aug, 2009”

  1. Mandee Miller says:

    assisted muscle ups

  2. Jakub Sikorski says:

    “Ryan” as Rx’d
    2 rounds+7MU+5 Burpees at 20 min cut off
    I was very frustrated with my self today. For every 3 or 4 MUs I attempted I could only get 1 right. Tons of energy wasted.

    After “Ryan”
    Front Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

  3. Larry Lowe says:

    double unders/sit ups

    133/138 = 270

    Spent most of the time tangled up in the rope.

  4. Courtney Meyers says:

    row 500m, 21 burpees, run 400m – 3 rounds

  5. Courtney Meyers says:

    mandee- unbelievable on ryan!!

  6. Clint says:

    Warmup with what I suck!

    5 Minutes of double unders, unknown number lots of whelps!
    Push Press @ 95-135-135-135-135-155-185-185-195
    then finish with
    5 minutes of double unders.

    I think the ghost shoulder problem is solved look to start testing the upper body strength.

  7. LeshaS says:

    “Ryan” Assisted muscle-ups

  8. MP says:

    Push Press at work gym…


  9. Karen says:

    “Ryan” with so close, almost complete, but not quite yet a full fledged muscle ups. Very frustrating. As most things in my life, it’s a timing thing (I swear that will be my epitaph!). I haven’t gotten the “throw your head over violently” part to coincide with the rest of it. So my assisted muscle up was on high rings with 6 inches of box to try to emphasize the throwing head violently thing. Took forever 43:55 because I had to rest substantially between each almost muscle up. Came down on the concrete oddly one time and bruised the bottom of both feet (in tennis shoes, nonetheless!) so walking or anything else requiring the bottom of my feet may be a bit uncomfortable for a few days.

  10. Robb Dempsey says:

    “Ryan” 39:40 assisted MUs. Took my time on the MU trying to get full press out of the bottom. I felt like the “throw your head over” part clicked today.

  11. Garth says:

    Did Ryan yesterday on the new rings Russ hung after the push press workout.


    I did not watch the video of Coach, but I read the summary. I think the single best thing about Crossfit is that it encourages, through programming and competitiveness, to push all of us to go past the point where our bodies and willpower want to give up. Modern life makes it too easy to quit without (short term) consequence when things get hard. Humans did not get to where we are by quitting at the first sign of adversity. Crossfit presents us a little bit of adversity to overcome every WOD. We are all better because of it.


    Mackey presents a clear and rational explanation of what needs to be done about health care. It is an excellent read. I particularly like two highlights:

    1) In a time of unprecedented defecits, demographic trends that will make those defecits much worse, and a terrible economy, the last thing we need is a huge new entitlement program.
    2) “how can we say that all people have more of an intrinsic right to health care than they have to food or shelter?” None of these three rights exist intrinsically in the US or any other country. Why should we choose to grant just one of these rights and why now?

  12. Robert Montgomery says:

    Bench Press: 5×5-165-185-185-185-185

  13. Kerri says:

    RYAN- 19:40 assisted muscle-ups

  14. Daniel says:

    double unders/sit ups
    101/169 = 270

    Du’s suck, but only because I don’t know how to do them yet. I’ll keep working on them Russell. Thanks for the help.


    Best thing about Crossfit to me? Emphasizing the whole as opposed to focusing on individual areas of fitness. No more running till I get shin splints every week, no more boring curls and leg extensions. Also, I agree with Garth, the pushing to the limit aspect is life changing. It has infected everything I do. Also the camaraderie between fellow Crossfitters irregardless of Gym affiliation, job, political beliefs, religion, fitness level nationality or the color of our skin is infectious. We are all one big family sharing in the pain and benefits.


    Again Healthcare is a problem. I think it is missing the point to simply bash congresses plan without offering up an alternative. Obama is actively seeking open dialog and discussion, and has repeatedly expressed his desire to entertain any and all ideas so long as a comprehensive solution can be reached.

    I still feel that competition has to be brought back into healthcare. Elimination of employer plans and allowing individuals spend their own healthcare dollars directly such as is now available in HSA, Healthcare Savings Accounts, insurance plans. This allows us to comparison shop and look for the best deals thus forcing docs, hospitals, drug companies and clinics to be competitive.

    My plan also eliminates the need for death committees and the like examining my spending choices. Basically I buy what I can afford. Only major medical should be covered completely by insurance.

  15. Craig Herr says:

    7 rounds (my light rest day Russell workout!!)

    1st 3 rounds — benched body weight 185 5 times
    5 32 ” box jumps
    100 yard sprint

    Last 4 rounds — benched 155 5 times
    5 32 ” box jumps
    100 yard sprint

    7:18 total time

  16. JT says:

    Double Under/Situp workout
    I almost got HALF of Russell’s total! I actually was feeling pretty good about this b/c it’s the first time doing DU’s. Nice 3:30 sweatfest!