Wednesday, 20 Oct, 2010

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CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Dave Lipson: Squat 550, Press 215, Deadlift 635. Total 1400lbs
Jason Khalipa: Squat 445, Press 240, Deadlift 535. Total 1220lbs
Kristan Clever: Squat 270, Press 115, Deadlift 335. Total 720lbs
Katie Hogan: Squat 245, Press 115, Deadlift 320. Total 685lbs
Elyse Umeda Squat 275, Press 105, Deadlift 295. Total 675lbs
Rebecca Voigt: Squat 215, Press 105, Deadlift 350. Total 670lbs
Kim Malz: Squat 235, Press 95, Deadlift 275. Total 605lbs
Post total to comments.

Compare toย 100724.

Coconut Butter Product Review by Robert Simmons

New evidence found for flour in stone-age diet

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37 responses to “Wednesday, 20 Oct, 2010”

  1. Kerri says:

    Hey ladies!!!
    I’m ordering some of the girls from the 4:30 class Pink Ribbon Sweaty Bands for the Barbells 4 Boobs fundraiser on October 30th. There are two choices, and they are $15 each, before tax/shipping.

    If you want one, email me, tell me which one you want, and bring in $17. I’d like to order them this Friday (10/22) or Saturday, so, we’ll be sure they’re shipped in time. My email is: kewe99303@yahoo.com




  2. Aaron says:


    PR’s all over the place this morning. Great work everyone!

  3. Tye says:

    755 PR by 65 lbs
    BS: 225 255(30 lb PR) 275(X)
    SP: 125 135(5 lb PR) 145(X)
    DL: 315 345(10 lb PR) 365(30 lb PR)

    I shouldn’t have tried to increase as much on BS and SP, felt like I could have gotten 265 and 140 but the 3 lift limit changed my gameplan. DL was ugly, very ugly.

  4. Robert S. says:

    The grain article is already causing a fuss on the paleo hacks forum.

    This is just another example of an isolated find being taken as a great discovery in the paleolithic human diet.

    Here is the key to this poorly written article.

    “new findings indicate grains were part of the diet at ancient sites”

    Then a few sentences later.
    “the residues appear to originate mainly from cattails and ferns”

    Cattails and ferns aren’t grains. They are starchy, but so is a sweet potato.

    People will read this and think “oh the meat and veggie folks are wrong.” I say if you think so, go pick some cattails, dry them out, grind them to a flour manually, then add nothing more than water to make a dough. I bet you won’t be including much cattail bread in your diet.

    • AmandaJ says:

      Excellent point

    • Kristi Simmons says:

      Even without this article they already say the “meat & veggie folks have it wrong”

    • russell berger says:

      I think it’s important to keep the what did “Paleo” people eat? debate in perspective. For one, no one will ever actually prove their hypothesis on the subject without the presence of a time machine and a couple decades of traveling around the prehistoric world taking data from different communities of our ancestors. I for one don’t buy the argument that grains are a genetically inferior food. I think our ancestors probably ate them in small quantities as a supplement to fatty meats and raw fruits and veggies, but only because I can’t imagine them passing up a potential food source EVER. That being said, I might be totally wrong, The bottom line is that no article, new finding, or change to this hypothesis can alter the effectiveness of the quality food diet that we base on the Paleolithic model. Is it accurate? who cares It works.

      • katie g says:

        I agree!! Forget the science… all I know is my stomach seems to explode and become very gassy when I eat any grains now (yes, bad mental picture).

      • Robert S. says:

        I couldn’t agree with your points more. We will never be able to prove what a hunter/gatherer actually ate. We know what we eat is based on a hypothetical H/G diet, and it works. I don’t think any food source was ever passed up. I do think that grains played a minimal role in the diet of H/Gs simply due to the amount of processing required to make them edible. Genetically inferior..No, generaly bad for your health… Yes.

        The biggest reason I don’t like this article is that it will easily be taken as another reason to solidify the thought that the grain based modern western diet is the way to go.

  5. Brady W. says:

    BS: 260 (5lb PR)
    SP: 165 (30lb PR)
    DL: 295 (20lb PR since surgery)

    Total = 720 PR by 55lbs

    Great work 6am class!

  6. Jake Naumcheff says:

    BS: 375 (40lb PR)
    SP: 160 (15lb PR)
    DL: 425 (tied PR)

    Total= 960 (55lb PR)

    Amazing work by all the classes this morning. PR’s across the board for everyone

    • Justin says:

      40lb back squat PR is crazy. Nice work. Hopefully the PRs will stick around until the 5:30 class for me.

      • Jake Naumcheff says:

        Justin, wear a belt for your back squat. I can tell a huge difference with one on. This is also because my abs are as weak as a 5 year olds.

        • Kristi Simmons says:

          Jake, this is a very reassuring statement. To know what a beast you are & how accomplished you are with those “weak as a 5 year olds” abs makes me feel better about my potential ๐Ÿ™‚

        • AmandaJ says:

          I know, right! I thought the same thing!!!

  7. Penelope says:

    385 (135/65/185) (PR)

  8. Brian says:

    BS – 265 (20# PR)
    SP – 135 (20# PR)
    DL – 385 (60# PR)

    785# – (100# PR)

  9. Rich C. says:



  10. Aaron says:

    You know, I figured out why Larry is a BAMF in this pic. He is actually smiling in the middle of a burpee!!?!! That’s disturbing and impressive all at the same time.
    If this were me, my face would be a slobbering, contorted mess much like a victim of one of Tyson’s knockouts.

  11. Will Blankenship says:



  12. Ryan P. says:

    BS-195#(10# PR)
    SP-125#(tied PR)
    DL-315#(20# PR)
    1130 class camaraderie was awesome. All the yelling of encouragements got a few us through to PRs. Thanks everyone and good work.

  13. Robert S. says:

    Made up the power clean/burpee WOD at the fire house today.

    W/ 50# DBs


  14. katie g says:

    155-70-185=410. Not a PR day. Thanks Tracey for letting me try your shoes… I really liked them a lot.

    Nice PR’s today Kerri!

  15. Tracey says:

    BS 205 (15#PR)-SP 95-DL 225# (15# PR)= 525

  16. Justin says:

    BS – 355 (10#PR)
    SP – 165 (15 off PR)
    DL – 450 (Ties PR)
    CFT – 970 (10#PR)

  17. Garrett D says:

    BS – 285 (30#PR)
    SP – 135 (5# PR and the world’s longest)
    DL – 335 (match 1RM)
    CFT – 755 (55# PR)

  18. Josh Kennedy says:

    215 BS, 135 SP, 245 DL. Starting to get the proper form down for squat and DL, will go up in weight as I nail it down.

  19. Kerri says:

    210(15#PR)-85-270(10#PR)=565 (20#PR)
    DL wasn’t the prettiest, round back and all, but glad to pull if off the ground and get it up.

  20. Patrick says:

    BS: 315 (PR+15)
    SP: 180 (PR+15)
    DL: 415 (PR+10)
    CFT: 910 (PR+95)