Wednesday, 22 July, 2009

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Rest Day

Gun Crazy in the Senate – New York Times Editorial

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25 responses to “Wednesday, 22 July, 2009”

  1. Justin says:

    Filthy 50
    34:53, 100 single unders
    Ran out of gas during wall balls and burpees. Those two alone took about 12 minutes. I also spent 6 minutes on KTE. Pretty rough workout

  2. Slade White says:

    I’m wussing out on the Filthy 50 today. Had to work pretty late last night and didn’t get in until 2:30 in the am. Sorry Jeff, I don’t think I can swing it with three hours of sleep…….

  3. klowe says:

    DU’s, WallBalls, and Burpees also destroyed me on the fifty.

    I want to do this one in reverse order next time to see if it is still burpees and wallballs that suck or if it switches to something else.

  4. Jakub Sikorski says:

    Filthy 50
    34:30 (100 single unders)
    I definitely underestimated this WOD. My goal was to finish it in sub 30. I was at 22:00 when I got to burpees and then I am not sure what happened but it was ugly. It took me 10 minutes just to finish burpees.

  5. Mandy says:

    5k at home: 30:42
    Running in the rain is fun! Felt good but missed my PR by 30 seconds…

  6. JT says:

    7×1 DL 265,265,265,275,275,275,275

    Did 85%-90% PR – hamstrings still very sore from filthy fifty
    7th one felt better than 1st one so maybe it helped!

  7. Mandee Miller says:

    Filthy Fifty

  8. LeshaS says:

    Will miss tomorrow, so Russell made up a work-out for me:
    7 Sumo Deadlfts (with 28 KB)
    21 air squats
    AMRAP in 15:00
    Did 11 rounds. I never knew there could be so much pain with two little exercises…

  9. maxAU1807 says:

    because I’m allergic to long distances running….Russel had me Run and Row it…….3 sets for time of 800 run then 800 row…..time = 24:39.

  10. Daniel says:

    Filthy Fifty

    Smoked the workout until the burpees, 21 minutes then took 10 minutes to do 50 burpees. Pissed about that, but I did push myself. I couldn’t move, and nearly puked afterwards. Then couldn’t leave the parking lot because I was light headed and dizzy. Finished the entire workout in 34:40.

  11. Courtney Meyers says:

    Filthy Fifty

    completed through 5 burpees–40 min cut off

  12. klowe says:

    Looks like you need to lose your running allergy. That workout looks friggin’ horrible!

  13. tracey says:

    95lb- 115lb- 135lb- 155lb- 205lb- 215lb (fail)- 190lbs x2….My only other time doing DL’s my pr was 165lb. So im pleased!!!!!, plus i had to use regular gym plates with a rigged riser on ea. side.
    Then easy 3mile run.

  14. Daniel says:

    I’m unusually drained after filthy fifty today. Sore and tired.

  15. Karen says:

    Did Deadlift workout. Found out that I have to break form to get anything over 235. Began rounding my back at 245 so Russell had me taper back and stay in form. Going to have to strengthen back muscles to increase power without rounding and possibly injuring back.

    225-235-245-245(fail with solid back)-225-225-235-245(f)

  16. Kerri says:

    Russell pretty much had me follow Lesha’s Rest Day workout:
    7 kB swings= I think I did the 20s (Still getting confused with the kB weights)
    21 reps air squats
    10 rounds +7 swings
    Good workout and was thankful today that I’d already suffered through Filthy Fifty!! Whew!

  17. Katie says:

    Filthy Fifty makeup – 33:50, PR by about 5 minutes (w/ single-unders)

    I know where I need work: wall ball shots & burpees. I was at 16:00 going into Wall balls, so it took about 14 minutes just to do those 2 exersizes. I know I can do better than that, but still pleased with cutting off 5 minutes.

  18. Michael says:

    Filthy Fifty


    Felt terrible and everything was a struggle, but I made it through all 500 miserable reps as Rx’d. This is the first time I’ve ever done double-unders in a workout but I started to sorta get them.

  19. Russell says:

    I post a NYT editorial with very weak, left-leaning arguments and no one has any comments? Should this tell me that no one ever reads our rest-day posts? : )

  20. Michael says:

    Too tired to read after Crossfit.

  21. Karen says:

    I read the article. It just didn’t light a spark in me. 🙂 But thanks for the rest-day posts! I enjoy them! I watched several of the Ayn Rand videos on You Tube, which I wouldn’t have known about without your post. This editorial was just poorly written and failed at being “fervent”.

  22. A.S. Britt says:

    The article is very poorly written. The editorial’s only statistic from the Violence Policy Center (VPC) is severly misleading, on two counts. Firstly, the VPC is a national educational foundation working to increase ‘gun control’ in America, secondly, the editorial does not inform the reader that although between May of ’07 and April of ’09 seven police officers and forty-four civilians were killed by firearms belonging to persons with concealed carry permits, the majority of officers and civilians were killed by persons not possessing concealed carry permits. To think that our news is being written by such persons as these….I digress…

    With regard to the specific events referenced in this article:

    While I remain a staunch advocate of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, the Thune admendment flies in the face of my staunch anti-federalist beliefs. While the passage of this admendment would not create the slippery slope towards a rise in crime that the NY Times article suggests, it would certainly create more oversight and overbearance by the federal goverment into the business of the individual states and its people, and with specific regard to gun control issues. This dangerous precedent would actually make it easier in the future for a body politic of the Federal legislature to limit the rights of individuals of the States in one whimiscal move.

    Machiavelli and his consequential ethic mantra is wrong. The end never justifies the means.


    The result: http://politics.nytimes.com/congress/votes/111/senate/1/237

  23. A.S. Britt says:

    Today’s workout: 9 holes for time….1.5hrs…..with cart….Bwahahahahaha

  24. JT says:

    Daniel, I think you like me, will find our diet was not up to par for the filthy fifty. i talked with Clint after my workout and figured my body shut down when it burned up the few calories I had consumed that day and starting searching for stored fat. Go back and see what you ate and maybe that was the difference. I still feel it and it’s been 3 days!

  25. Russell says:

    I agree with Austin. I actually don’t like this Bill for the same reason many Democratic senators oppose it- it completely ignores state’s rights. What I found so hillarious about this article was that it shows democrats acknowledging the sovereignty of states, but only because it suits them momentarily.