Wednesday, 5 October, 2011

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5 rounds of: 15 second row @ 70%, 15 second row @ 80%, 15 second row @ 90%; Followed by 30 seconds of push-ups 30 seconds of rest x 5.


3 Sets at 97-100%:

15 Clean and Jerk TnG – Moderate weight and can be no stopping each set

200m Run

250m Row sprint

Rest 10 minutes actively between sets


5 minutes of instructor led foam rolling


A: Weighted pull-up 5 x 3 @3010; Rest 3:00
B: Push-press 5 x 3 @21×2; Rest 2:00
C1: EROM HSPU 5 x 5; Rest 10 seconds
C2: L-pull ups 5 x AMRAP -3; Rest 1:00

The Gymnastics Kipping Pull-Up” with Jeff Tucker, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“Overreaching” with Chris Michelmore – video [wmv] [mov]

23 responses to “Wednesday, 5 October, 2011”

  1. AP says:

    2:49/2:59/3:10 @ 85 pounds

    That sucked. As in the good kind of Fran suck, I still feel a little nauseous. aka, Great programming!

  2. Tye says:

    2:28@95, 2:39@105, 2:47@95

    Ditto what AP said, and add that my forearms were on fire.

  3. Josh Kennedy says:

    65# squat clean variant. 3:14, 3:09, 3:11. Some good programming, I am beginning to think there is something to this CF thing

  4. Meghan says:

    55#. 2:43, 2:55, 3:07 (I think). I agree with the suck factor–great programming.
    On a side note…just got a coupon to Earthfare for free bacon! Let me know if you’d like me to forward on the email:)

  5. kristi simmons says:

    I’m either a die hard CrossFitter, delusional, or just an idiot b/c I REALLY wanted to do this WOD…and yall know how much I LOATHE running AND ROWING. Stinkin dog and pony show at work nixed that for me…BOO!
    I know I would’ve been cussing Jake during the run & row, and rest but I super duper wanted to do it…both cuss Jake 😉 AND do the WOD 🙂

  6. Tasha W says:

    I’m meeting some friends for dinner Friday at Surin. My first paleo restaurant challenge. What can I eat there, seasoned vets??

    • Robert S. says:

      Chicken Curry with extra veggies.

      Lots of items on that menu are good if you nix the rice. Pay close attention to the sauces to make sure there are no questionable ingredients and you’ll be good!

    • Kerri says:

      I’m with Tye, the Chicken Panang is awesome, but the last two times I’ve been, I’ve gotten the Chicken Masaman, add extra veggies….It’s got avocado and cashews as part of the entree. SUPER YUMMY!!! If you like spicy, tell em 2 or 3 peppers!!!

  7. Tasha W says:

    Oops – I hit enter too soon. I always get a supercrunch and a rare tuna tataki. I know I can’t have sushi rolls, so the supercrunch is out… Any suggestion of something not SUPER spicy would be awesome – never had anything there BUT sushi! 🙂

    • Erin B says:

      You can order sushi rolls without rice – salmon, tuna, cucumber, avocado wrapped in seaweed is really good. They also have good curry dishes, but I don’t know all the ingredients they use. With the sushi, if you special order it, at least you know exactly what you’re getting.


    • Tye says:

      The Chicken Panang curry is great, just ask for extra veggies in place of rice, and maybe no baby corn or whatever that stuff really is? The curry paste is sauteed with coconut milk and it is excellent, not too spicey at all either.

      • Tasha W says:

        Thank you guys!! These are great suggestions! I just have a hard time ordering something “different” and I’ll be stepping outside my comfort zone ordering something other than my usual rice sushi. 🙂

        • Tye says:

          My wife is the same way (always orders the supercrunch), but after trying my curry last time we were there, she fell in love with it.

  8. Clair says:

    45#. 3:14,3:17,3:18. Great workout and definitely had that nauseous feeling too. The 10 minute rest sure did go by fast after the 1st round!

  9. Jane says:

    3:20, 3:25, 3:45 @55# (I think). Definitely ran out of gas that last round!

  10. Robert S. says:

    I did not have a chance to resond to this last night so I will address it here.

    There is a lot of talk about protein supplements for post WOD nutrition during the paleo challenge. If you are participating in the Paleo Challenge I would encourage you to stay away from protein shakes. There is science to support taking in food during the post WOD window, however the liquid form may not be your best option.

    Proetin powders are marketed for their ability to be digested quickly, thus improving recovery. This can certainly be applicable to a games athlete on game day. This individual is participating in multiple events and needs to recover very fast. However, the normal CrossFit athlete will experience good recovery from taking in solid food post WOD. For example, I eat chicken and sweet potatoes after a WOD. Additionally if weight loss is your goal shakes or liquid foods can hinder your weight loss. Also, most of these products contain some questionable ingredients that would be better avoided. If anyone has supplement quesitons hit me up in class or post here and I’ll try to help you out.

    • Josh Kennedy says:

      Robert: gonna agree with you wholeheartedly here. Post-WOD nutrition is generally best done with whole foods, be it CF’ing, just lifting weights, yoga, short running/cycling/swim, or any other modality.

      There two exceptions for the groups consideration, based on my experience.
      –After long and/or hard runs (or rides), I used a product called Recoverite from Hammer Nutrition. As the names suggests, specifically formulated to speed recovery and allow you back onto the road/trail for more miles the following day. The boys from Hammer who make and sell Recoverite will also say “eat whole foods” whenever possible.

      –Other exception is a very tough, heavy WOD or episode in the weight room, where (as you alluded to) the athlete has to come back the next day (or later that day) and go again in the weight running or other modality. A high-quality protein shake, or fruit smoothie with whey isolate in there, can be very helpful.

      *As they say in ultrarunning: YMMV (your mileage may vary), and I am just an experiment with n = 1.

  11. Carson says:

    3:23/3:55/3:38 at 55#
    Running is not a strong point.
    Great programming. I’ve had ‘CrossFit Cough’ all day. A definite lung-burner!

  12. DaveC says:

    Due to a lingering shoulder malfunction, I had to sub snatches for C&J and The Devil’s Tricycle (acknowledgement to James for that nomenclature) for rowing. Halfway through the third round I wanted to sub Another Crossfitter for DaveC. Ugh. I had 2:58/3:07/3:01 with 65 on the power snatches. But it was good to get get my upper body involved in a metcon. Been a few weeks.

  13. Patrick says:

    3:01,3:05,3:08 @ 95#

  14. Eric Hedges says:


    A: Weighted Pull ups 3 count down: 45,55,60,60,45
    B: Push-press 2 count at top 2 down: 135/185/195/225/235
    C1: EROM HSPU 5 x 5; Rest 10 seconds
    C2: Ring Rows 5 x 5