Wednesday, 6 June, 2012

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P1: 250 Meter row

P2: 6 HR push ups

6 Pass throughs

6 Walking lunges

2 times through



Five rounds for time of:
45 pound barbell Overhead walking lunges, 50 feet
21 Burpees

Let trailing knee gently kiss the ground on each lunge.

Post time to comments.

Compare to 110220.


A. Power clean – 5 TnG reps every minute on the minute for 10 minutes

B1. Deadlift 4 x 4-5 reps @22×1; Rest 2:30

B2. Close Grip Bench Press 4 x 6-8 reps @30×0; Rest 2:30

C. Barbell Good Mornings 4 x 10 reps @2121; Rest 1:00


What do you think about this article? Good idea? Or stupid?

14 responses to “Wednesday, 6 June, 2012”

  1. VOD:
    “You are my hammer and weapon of war:
    with you I break nations in pieces;
    with you I destroy kingdoms;
    Jeremiah 51:20

  2. glory1031 says:

    The article is pretty awesome, and I think it’s a testament to this guy’s dedication to his clients. It sounds like it was dangerous to his health to have that quick of a weight gain, but I bet the insight and empathy he now has for his overweight clients in invaluable. Honestly, I never really thought of the mental struggles and hurdles that people struggling with weight must go through trying to get into shape, change their diet and incorporate healthy habits into their lives, this definitely opened my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bryant says:

    I read this on Twitter a while back! I think it’s a brilliant idea. I think it def helps him relate to his clients on a more personal level. I use to be severely overweight so I understand where this guy is coming from!

  4. DaveC says:

    QOD: I think it’s good in the sense it very directly correlates lifestyle choices to appearance, and presumably underlying health as well. It illustrates that a person with a perfectly vigorous “fat gene” can be not fat if they so choose. What I’m most impressed with is that the guy could balloon up the way he did. I’ve had my periods of sloth and dissipative living, some extending far longer than 6 months. I can throw on 30 jiggle-lbs no problem, but not 70. I’m not a soda drinker, so maybe that’s the difference. That said, It would be better for the guy if he didn’t make a habit of extreme weight fluctuation like that.

  5. Larry Lowe says:

    I think the article is ground breaking to highlight the metal and self esteem problems people trying to get fit go through. (At the same time it seems dangerous and I hope it doesn’t inspire too many copy cats). Nobody intentionally sets out to be in the obese category in life, but due to the ever present calorie environment we live in a lot of people end up there. The main point of the article to me is that there are a lot of people that need to be encouraged in their fitness goals, and we should be ambassadors of fitness/friendly cheerleaders to help them along the way.

    I liked the part of the article where people at the grocery store were giving him the stink eye, and he wanted to tell them how fit he used to be and that this is a big experiment. He couldn’t take living in his own skin, which I think is true of most people unfit people these days.

    11:00 RX (1 minute pr from December)

  6. glory1031 says:

    8:23 Rx’d

  7. Slade says:

    I think it’s awesome to show people that you can indeed change your physique in such extreme ways. But he did have one edge that a lot of people don’t. He knew what he was capable of. He had seen the results in the past that he could use to drive himself. I think a lot of people don’t see the results they’re looking for and just assume it simply doesn’t work for them.

    I’m off to another wedding. Sorry I’m missing PL tonight. That one looks killer.

  8. David McMillion says:

    For all you mountain bikers out there the 10 week time trials have started on Monte Sano. Next one is tomorrow at, I believe, 6:00 a the pavilion by the burned down office. I’ll be resting the quads today in preperation. Go to SORBA huntsville for more info.

  9. QOD:
    Honestly, it’s a stupid idea. With that being said, it’s also genius.
    FYI, I have been talking about doing this to get on the Biggest Loser for a couple years now. However, my motive was just to win a lot of money.
    Since the guy was able to lose the weight and get back to his old self it now gives him the perfect perspective to relate to most of his clients. I think this is something I personally tend to overlook as a trainer sometimes. I’ve been training to be competitive in the sport of CF for over 2.5 years now and sometimes I tend to forget that not everyone is doing CF for the same reasons as me. I also forget what it’s like being a “newbie” to CF. I forget how intimidating a snatch, clean and jerk, or handstand can be for someone just starting out. It’s important to be reminded of that often.
    Morning WOD:
    5 Sets @ incremental effort
    800 Meter run
    Rest 3:00 b/t sets
    Done on CFHSV course. I’ll take it. I’ll hit the hill sprints up some other time, guys! But thanks for the advice!

  10. Clair says:

    Great morning! 10:53 Rx’d

  11. Jane says:

    Nice morning to be outside! 9:45 rx’d

  12. Kristen Brinkley says:

    8 am drop in WOD at Crossfit 30A (Rosemary Beach) was very valuable. I met a new friend and got great mobility tips for my wrist (rotating my wrists in sand!!). If you are headed that way this summer, stop by. It’s convenient to most beaches on 30A! Today’s simple workout: 5 rounds for time of 10 thrusters and 50 double unders. 12:51-injured and painful(!) wrist.

  13. Justin says: