Wednesday, April 10 2013

Posted by Mandee on April 9, 2013   |   15 Comments

Elaine butterfly sit upKim OHS

Wendy OHSDevonne butterfly sit up





20 minute AMRAP:

400m run

max reps pull-ups (without coming off the bar)

Score is total number of pull-ups completed for each round

15 responses to “Wednesday, April 10 2013”

  1. Mandee says:

    The ladies of 915!! 🙂

  2. Meredith says:

    9:15!!! Nice and colorful!!!

  3. AP says:

    Compare to 12/13/12.

    Mac and David, perfect opportunity to start doing C2B pull-ups (or weighted pull-ups) in wods. That’s what I’d do if I wasn’t taking a rest day. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever do Nicole Rx’d again. In December I scored 142 and couldn’t fully straighten my arms for 2 weeks. 🙂

    • Tye says:

      I’ll second AP here, if you think you can go 100+ be careful. I’ve done Nicole twice, and both times, I’ve been wreaked for two weeks, with major swelling in my elbows and forearms.

      As DB always says, train hard, train SMART!, train to survive.

  4. CoachDB says:

    Hello BBOLC Members,
    Wow!! I have stumbled across a great YouTube video that may help me hammer home some of the points I am always trying to coach and emphasize at BBOLC.

    The first one I must say bout this video is his INTENSITY and desire to defeat the barbell.

    The second would be the speed he moves the bar regardless of the weight. This speed is amazingly fast.

    Third would be his rapid fire footwork. Man those are fast feet.

    Fourth is his ability to get under the bar quickly and receive the weight in a rock solid position.

    There are many more points I would like to emphasize, but I will let the video speak for itself. Please watch.

    BBOLC Members please know this is now a must watch club video before every time you come oly lift and train with our club. Ask yourself and prepare yourself are you lifting this hard and with this much intensity?

    Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive! CoachDB Out

    Video hyperlink
    BBOLC Pre Oly Training Must Watch Video

  5. Clair Lee says:

    5 Rds/ 84 pull ups! Great morning and coaching by John! Enjoy this beautiful day CFHSV! 🙂

  6. Larry says:

    7 rds/ 124 pullups (pr)


  7. David M. says:

    Great advise Aaron and Tye…fortunately today is a rest day. I’ll probably jump on the ole’ niner for a quick ride after work.

  8. Nathaniel says:

    132 / 6

  9. mac says:

    115/7 PR by 21 reps

    Great group today at 415!

  10. Kerri says:

    5 rounds-10/10/10/6/8=44
    My tired hands were quickly reminded of last week’s Mon/Thurs/Sat torture sessions!!

  11. tester says:


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