Wednesday, August 14 2019

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Hang Clean to Shoulder to Overhead   E2MOM

3 – 1 – 2 – 1 – 2 – 1

“3rd Times a Charm” by DB

3min AMRAP:

3 Muscle-Ups (bar or ring)   MRX Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
3 Bar Facing Burpees
3 Hang Clean   185/125   RX+ 225/155   MRX 135/95

3 Shoulder to Overhead

Rest 3min/lower load

3min AMRAP:

3 Muscle-Ups (bar or ring)   MRX Chest to Bar
3 Bar Facing Burpees
3 Hang Clean   135/95   RX+ 185/125  MRX 115/75

3 Shoulder to Overhead

Rest 3min/lower load

3min AMRAP:

3 Muscle-Ups (bar or ring)   MRX Chest to Bar
3 Bar Facing Burpees
3 Hang Clean   115/75   RX+ 155/105   MRX 95/65

3 Shoulder to Overhead

*can intermix bar and ring Muscle-Ups throughout*

20 responses to “Wednesday, August 14 2019”

  1. Haley says:

    Mo is one of the best around!

  2. steve price says:

    That shirt says it all !!! “Legit “ should be his middle name!!!
    An athlete that can do it all while making you feel better about yourself!! Love working out beside Mo when I get a chance. He’s normally already sitting on the bleachers watching everyone finish their last 5-10 minutes of a WOD 😀

  3. CJ says:

    That’s a bad, bad man!

    • CJ says:


      1+6 / 2+1 / 2+3 rx+

      Told Misty, “I think I missed the intent of the workout.” 😊

  4. Mac says:

    As good as they come!

  5. Mandee says:

    Come on! Only true studs run carrying that kind of weight! Mo is a great guy with the undeniable gift of pure athleticism. He is incredibly tough and never shies away from the pain of completely selling out on a WOD. Always enjoy chatting with Mo and glad to call him a friend! Keep killing it, stud 😁

  6. Nathaniel says:

    Mo is a one of a kind athlete with strength, speed, stamina, and the rare trait of ‘fight’. Mo will fight a wod. It doesn’t matter if he’s had a long day, tired, and doesn’t feel like it…he’ll fight and it’s awesome to watch. He’s also a hard working guy outside the gym with a great family. Araiinejads are some of the best!

  7. Justin says:

    Bad dude right there. Always enjoy 615 when Mo’s around.
    3/3+6/3+5 rx bar

  8. Bradley says:

    This dude is a stud! Mo can do it all with a mean streak that can’t be matched. He is a great dude who is always fun to be around. Keep killing it stud!

  9. Duk7 says:

    I did a team wod with Mo about a year ago. Remind me never to do that again. Good luck Saturday. Hope to get down in time to watch you.

  10. SARGE says:

    I asked Mo once how he can go so hard in a wod- to the dark places not many want to go. He looks at me and says ‘i just like the taste of blood in my mouth’. Well, if that’s what it takes, I’ll never be able to hang with Mo. Great guy, proud to call him friend!

  11. Cam says:

    Stud in the gym, always encouraging and willing to coach and push the best out of you. Great friend as well.

  12. Sam W says:

    That dude is on top of his game in every aspect of life. He unleashes the beast on workouts. Glad to be friends with Mo.


    2+0 Ring RX+
    1+3 Ring RX+
    3+1 BMU RX+

  13. Bradley says:

    A. 255

    B1. 2+1 Rx+ Ring MUs

    B2. 3 Rx+ Ring MUs

    B3. 3+3 Rx+ Ring MUs

  14. Mandee says:

    A. 170
    B. 2+1 RX rings
    3+2 RX bar
    3 RX rings

  15. Nathaniel says:

    A. 250

    B1. 2 + 7 rx+ ring mu’s

    B2. 2 + 6 rx+ ring mu’s

    B3. 2 + 5 rx+ ring mu’s

  16. MH says:

    160- 180-190-205-195-210
    3 RX+ RIng
    3+1 RX + Ring
    3+2 RX+ Ring

  17. Misty says:

    Mo! It looks like this dude runs with those dumbbells every day! That was a brutal wod, but he finished it with a sprint! This guy is the epitome of an all around athlete and attacks each wod with an intensity that is unmatched. Great guy and amazing athlete!

  18. Mo A says:

    Thank you guys for all the kind words!! It is always fun coming to class and getting to compete with some of the best!!

    315//2/2+2//2+1 rx+ rings

  19. Michael Little says:

    Mo, what a dude and pretty okay at CrossFit. 😉