Wednesday, August 17 2016

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A. Build up to a 2 rep TnG squat snatch    E2MOM x 10 minutes

B. “Full Throttle” by DB

4 rounds for time of:

40 double unders

2 squat snatch  95/65   RX+ 135/95   (MRX 75/55)

250m row

2 squat snatch  95/65   RX+ 135/95   (MRX 75/55)

rest 1 minute after each round

Score = total time minus 3 minutes of rest



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31 responses to “Wednesday, August 17 2016”

  1. Mandee says:

    Diego!! Can’t say enough great things about this dude! Always friendly, always working hard, and always makes class a little more fun 🙂

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Momma there goes that man. Diego don’t play. He’s the poster child for mechanics, consistency, intensity. He also brings a little flavor to any class that he graces with his presence. Keep it up homeboy

  3. jamie cherrypicker says:

    Ya’ll don’t forget to wish Coach N8 a happy 50th birthday!

  4. KOBRA says:

    Danger! Diego is a quick, witty, sharp-tongued sum bi***! But no matter what, he comes in to get it done.

  5. Haley says:

    Diego! You know it’s going to be a fun class if you see him in it. Keep pushing hard and making us laugh. Go Diego Go!!

  6. fleming says:

    Pretty sure he ran straight to cracker barrel from there!!!!

  7. Kim G says:

    Oh yeah! It’s Diego! My partner WOD friend! He is fierce with weights and wit! Keep doin’ what you’re doin’!

  8. AP says:

    14:21(11:21) @115

  9. Daniel Lynch says:

    10:41 Rx

  10. Bradley says:

    Diego is the man. He always keeps you on your toes. I always look forward to seeing to Diego. Keep it up you stud!

    A. 175 (I think that’s a PR for 2 TnG)

    B. 7:47 Rx+ (2:07/1:54/1:53/1:53)

    Happy birthday to one of our fearless leaders, N8! Best looking 6’7 53 year old I know. You make it so much fun to show up to the gym every day, and I really appreciate it!

  11. BP says:

    Much needed rest day. My knees feel like Jake Taylor’s from Major League.

    Happy birthday N8! Thanks for all that you do, and for making walking into the gym a blast.

  12. CJ VK says:

    Diego, you’ da real MVP.

    A. 145
    B. 10:30 Rx ( Sara Byrd and TJ almost killed me today )

    Happy birthday Nate, I hope your day is filled with joy and fresh new Js.

  13. Clair says:

    Go Diego Go!
    A. 80#, Did get one sq snatch at 85#
    B. 12:29 Rxd
    Hope you have an awesome birthday, Nathaniel!

  14. Jeremy M. says:

    7:00am Class:
    A: 115-135-135-145-150
    B: 11:36, RX+ Dang snatches
    – Great class John! Lots of fun. Diego is one stud! Lots of fun to be around! Happy Bday Nate, you old buck!

  15. Matt says:

    A: 155#x2 TNG PR; 165# 1RM PR(missed the second one bad)
    B: 17:36 RX

  16. KOBRA says:

    The Jungle Cat is one-of-a-kind. It’s an honor to “work” alongside one of the best in the business. Happy Birthday N8,Nat,Nathaniel!

    A. 160 – 175(1) DANG!

    B. 10:27 RX+

  17. mh says:

    A. 100;105;110;115;120

    B 8:03 RX+

  18. Devonne Ford says:

    Happy Birthday Nathaniel and wishing you many more!! You are not really 50 or you :-)??

  19. Steve Price says:

    Did Monday’s WOD during open gym
    Back squat : 350 x 6 – 365 x 5 – 385 x 4 – 405 x 2
    Chickened out on the third rep of 405.

    WOD: 3 + 11 @ 135. All rope climbs

    15 jumping back squats at 135#

  20. Mimi says:

    Yesterday’s WOD:
    13:11 RX+
    Oh yes, that’s my cupcake Diego!!!
    Happy happy happy Birthday to my Bro, Nate!

  21. Nathaniel says:

    A. 170

    B. 10:31 rx +

    Thanks for the well wishes CFHSV family! 50 is easy! Can’t wait for the next one

  22. jamie cherrypicker says:

    A. 115 power
    B. 13:50 scaled to 120 SU and 95# power

  23. Mandee says:

    A. 130
    B. 7:38 RX+

  24. Flying J says:

    Diego…..one duck shootin, heavy-lifting, phone call ring in’, Crossfitin’ dude. Always an hour well spent……

  25. Flying J says:

    Nate…..Happy Birthday, When I think of the energy and effort that you put into making us better, Thanks for the push.

    As a small token of gratitude, I sign off with a thought from the Original ” Roughrider”.

    “We must all either wear out or rust out,every one of us. My choice is to wear out”
    Teddy Roosevelt

  26. Steve Price says:

    Happy birthday Big Nate. And many more to come brother!

  27. Shana says:

    A: 130
    B: 9:52 RX+

  28. Brian A says:

    A. Worked up to 165
    B. 9:22 RX+