Wednesday, December 19 2018

Posted by Mandee on December 18, 2018   |   30 Comments



Bench Press   E3MOM

7 – 5 – 2 – 1 – 1

4 min AMRAP:

800m Run or Row or 2km Assault Bike
Max Reps Burpee Box Jump Overs   24/20″   RX+ Clear Whole Box   MRX 20/18″

Rest 2min

3 min AMRAP:

600m Run or Row or 1.5km Assault Bike
Max Ring Dips   RX+ Muscle-Up into MRX Bar

Rest 2min

2 min AMRAP:

400m Run or Row or 1km Assault Bike

Max Reps Burpee Box Jump Overs

Rest 2min

1 min AMRAP:

100m Run or Row or 0.3km Assault Bike

Max Push-Ups   RX+ Feet on 20/12″ box

30 responses to “Wednesday, December 19 2018”

  1. bwm says:

    Carolyn… Always there and giving it her all! You are an awesome athlete!

  2. Regina says:

    Yay, Carolyn sportin’ some strength and determination right there! She has been putting in work that has led to some awesome achievements this year. And she’s a great friend and always encourages everyone around her, too 😁

  3. Adela says:

    A great lady!!

  4. Duke says:

    Carolyn is as nice as they come. Have a great day Carolyn.

  5. Nathaniel says:

    If ya don’t know – Carolyn is the real deal! She’s hard working, well rounded, and encouraging to those around her. Always a good day at CFHSV when this sweet stud walks through the doors 😊

  6. Wilma says:

    It’s always a good day when Carolyn is in my class or days our paths just cross. You have been and are such a great inspiration. 101 buddies rock

  7. Dave M says:

    That is a picture of an outstanding blend of grit, determination and kindness. Carolyn always has a smile and kind word for others while providing a humble example of what hard work can do. She quite simply makes everyone around her better.

  8. Flying J says:

    Perfect form for a great person. Coach B would be proud of that picture….

  9. Mandee says:

    Heck yeah! This lady is a work horse who isn’t afraid of a challenge! Carolyn brings everything she’s got to every WOD, and then sticks around for more. And she’s an incredibly nice and kind person too 🤗 You rock, Carolyn!

  10. Matt says:

    Bad to the bone!

  11. Devonne says:

    Carolyn is a true supporter and always encouraging to me and others! And an incredible CrossFitter!!

  12. Steve Price says:

    That’s a BAD Crossfitter right there and tough as nails!!! Puts in the work consistently! Keep showing us how it’s done Carolyn !!!

  13. Beth says:

    Carolyn is a great cross fitter who always works hard and is such a nice person.

  14. Carolyn says:

    Thank you so much, everyone for the sweet comments! I love my CrossFit family!! Every person there makes me want to be a better version of me. I always appreciate the help, tips, cues and push to go harder and faster! CFHSV is the best gym ever!!!

  15. WendyWW says:

    Awesome pics Carolyn! You are always working hard & it shows!!

  16. @CJVK says:

    A. 185(7)-205(5)-215(2)-235(1)-245(x)-240(x)
    B. 10/8/5/25 = 48 rx+ (run)

  17. Justin says:

    9/30/4/45=88 rx

  18. BP says:

    225 / 275 / 295 / 310PR / 320PR / 330x
    7/12/4/25 48 RX Run

  19. Chef Tyler says:

    A: 190-220-230-245-260 lifetime PR

    B: 56 Rx+ (15-13-9-19)

  20. Bradley says:

    Oh my! Carolyn is doing her thing. She is looking strong, determined, and focused. Keep working hard!

    A. 190(7) – 220(5) – 230(2) – 245(1) – 260(PR)

    B. 13/17/8/27 = 65 Rx+ Run

  21. Nathaniel says:

    A. 190(7) – 220(4) – 230(2) – 245(1) – 250(1)

    B. 13 / 20 / 7 / 23 = 63 rx +

  22. Mel D says:

    155# PR
    41 rx (run)

  23. Eugene says:

    A. 135- 155 – 175 – 195

    B. 11/16/6/22 = 55 Rx+ Run

    My legs don’t work after yesterday and today, love it!

  24. MH says:

    40 RX+ Row

  25. Wes B. says:

    A. 205/230/245/275 (PR)
    B. 93 Rx (run) 15/22/6/50

  26. Alex A. says:

    I am absolutely thrilled to have completed my first workout and to join the awesome CrossFit Huntsville community!

    A. 150(7)-160(5)-175(3)-190(1)-200(1)
    B. 14/5/5/25 = 39 rx (run)

  27. Misty says:

    Carolyn! This woman is legit! She arrives early, leaves it all on the floor for every wod and then stays late to work a little more! Great athlete and even better person! Keep showing us how it’s done!
    A. 90-100-105-110-110
    B. 27 rx

  28. Kim G says:

    A. 75-85-90-95-100
    B. 26 (row) scaled to burpee step overs and bench dips

    Carolyn constantly inspires me! She has an engine that never quits and she does everything with a positive attitude! She sets goals and puts in the work to make it happen! Oh, and she just happens to be the best R&E partner ever!