Wednesday, December 28 2016

Posted by Mandee on December 27, 2016   |   22 Comments





30 minute AMRAP of:

4 muscle-ups  or  4 burpee chest to bar pull-ups

8 HSPU  or  8 strict press  75/55

12 chest to bar pull-ups  or  12 pull-ups

18 push-ups

32 GHD sit-ups  or  32 Military ab-mat anchored sit-ups

**rest exactly 2 minutes between each round**

Score = total rounds plus reps



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22 responses to “Wednesday, December 28 2016”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Steven tappin those elbows and knees to perfection! Nice work Steven!

  2. Mandee says:

    Hey now! Steven looking strong and skilled, reppin out knees to elbows! Keep it up dude! 🙂

  3. CJ VK says:

    Steven is a stud.

    A. 3+31 Rx

    Pull ups (working butterfly)
    Sit ups

    I’ve got a pair of size 9 women’s metcon 2s (white/silver) that I’d like to sell instead of returning if anyone is interested. They were a Christmas gift for Sara and are the wrong size.


  4. BP says:

    Steven will kill a man in a partner WOD

    4 rounds RX
    HSPU(through 3 rounds, Press on the 4th)
    Pull Ups (butterfly work)
    Push Up

  5. Mandee says:

    5 rounds RX with ring muscle-ups, HSPU, CTB, push-ups and GHDs
    Rounds were: 3:19 – 4:00 – 4:39 – 4:42 – 4:12
    Tough WOD today!

  6. KOBRA says:

    6 rounds – 2:28/3:09/3:29/3:34/3:31/3:21
    -Ring MU

  7. Nathaniel says:

    4 + 49 ( MUs, HSPUs, C2B, GHDs )

    Rounds were – 3:19, 4:16, 5:09, 6:00

  8. Clair says:

    3+25 scaled- MU attempts/HSPU/pull-ups/push-ups/ GHDs
    Thanks for the excellent coaching, Kodi!!

    Yesterday’s WOD- A. 110 B. 5+11 rxd

  9. Brian A says:

    4 rounds with MU, HSPU, C2B, PU, & GHD

  10. CoachDB says:

    Steven is Stamina. Looking strong and solid Steven!
    WOD rx’d w/ring MU’s, HSPU, C2B pull ups, and GHD’s = 4 rds
    You can definitely see my pacing ability and muscle stamina is doo doo as I could not keep consistency nor did I have the stamina. I will keep working it.

    Did not finish WOD to 30min as I had a new athlete come in for help. No excuse as it was 24:32 on clock and doubt I could have finished a 5th round. Thankful he came in as he saved me.

  11. Matt says:

    3+44 RX with BCTB, HSPU, GHD

  12. Bradley says:

    Looking good Steven!

    5+20 (MUs,HSPU,C2B,PU,GHD)


  13. Heath sharp says:

    4+44 (MU, HSPU, c2b, push-ups, ghds)

    My splits weren’t even worth tracking. That SUCKED! Wtf…

  14. Steve Price says:

    Steven!! What an athlete! Making the rest of us guys look bad with those biceps and forearms!

  15. jamie cherrypicker says:

    3+14 scaled to regular pullups

  16. Duke says:

    5 rounds
    Ring mu
    Push ups (pitiful)
    Sit ups

  17. Justin says:

    5 rounds
    Bar mu/hspu/ctb/3 rounds of ghd, 2 rounds of situps

  18. Jeremy M. says:

    6:15pm Class:

    5+3 Rds, RX (RMU/hspu/c2b/push-ups/GHD)
    Splits: 2:31 – 3:17 – 4:03 – 4:01 – 5:00
    – Great class Bradley/Nathaniel! Steven looking like a beast as always!