Wednesday, January 31 2018

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**Athlete has 3 Choices Today

Open WOD 16.4/17.4

13 minute AMRAP of:

55 Deadlifts   225/155    MRX 185/125lbs
55 WallBalls  20/14 10/9′    MRX 20/10 9′

55 Calorie ROW
55 HSPU    MRX Push Press 95/65

Open WOD 16.4/17.4A

15 minute AMRAP of:

25 Deadlifts  225/155  MRX 185/125lbs

25 WallBalls  20/14  10/9′  MRX 20/10 9′

25 Calorie ROW
25 HSPU  MRX Push Press 95/65  OR  HRPU

Open WOD 16.4/17.4DB

15 minute AMRAP of:

55 Deadlifts   225/155   MRX 185/125
55 WallBalls   20/14 10/9′   MRX 20/10 9′

55 Calorie ROW
55 HSPU  MRX Push Press 95/65  OR  HRPU

12 responses to “Wednesday, January 31 2018”

  1. Mandee says:

    Daniel P leading the way and too many studs to count pushing hard and following strong! Daniel is a CrossFit stud and as kind, friendly and pleasant as they come. Way to be Daniel, and way to run hard CFHSV! ?

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Daniel P always showing up and going hard! Heck, the whole Perez family shows up at CFHSV and makes it a better place. Thanks for showing us what hard work looks like when accompanied with an awesome attitude and kindness towards others…Perez’s are CrossFit courteous to the core!!!

  3. Bradley says:

    There’s a whole lot of awesome in that picture. Keep leading the way Daniel P!

  4. CJ VK says:

    I love/hate this wod.

  5. Tyler says:

    Man, Daniel is a great guy and works his butt off every time he comes in. Daniel was one of the first people I met when joining CFHSV, and I have really appreciated his friendship while being on the CFHSV team!

  6. Chef Tyler says:

    Looking good Daniel P! Keep leading the pack!

  7. Jeremy M. says:

    1:45pm Open Gym:
    A: Open Wod 16.4 –
    201 reps, RX (tie break time 9:37 min)
    2016 Open (199 reps, tie break time 8:35 min)
    B: 5 min cool down on Assault Bike
    C: E2MOM for 5 rds, 5 BackSqts –
    – Good looking group there!!!

  8. Kent says:

    17.4A — Made it to the wall, but was blown out for HSPU…. (PR after only getting 38 cals last year).

  9. Chef Tyler says:

    This was a rough one. The extra 5 on the 50 made it a lot worse. I kept thinking I was half way at 25! Nope! Big PR though making it to the wall around the 10m mark, last year I think I got 8hspu with just a few seconds left on the clock. I ended up at 33 this year. My back is JELLO!

  10. Brian A says:

    Like a track meet!! CFHSV moving out!

    16.5/17.4/18…… ouch
    186 reps RX

  11. Daniel says:

    That hair, tho. 🙂