Wednesday, July 14 2021

Posted by Mandee on July 13, 2021   |   32 Comments

We are beyond excited to announce that CrossFit Huntsville athlete LJ Ray has qualified to compete at the 2021 No Bull CrossFit Games! LJ will be competing in the women’s 50-54 age group Tuesday, July 27th through Thursday, July 29th in Madison, WI. 

LJ has worked incredibly hard for years to become a well-rounded, stand out athlete who can truly do it all. She has a humble spirit but is driven and determined to reach her goals. She is incredibly focused but never misses an opportunity to encourage others or lend a helping hand.   

We are so proud to have LJ representing CFHSV on the biggest stage in our sport! We have no doubt she will do an incredible job and are thrilled to be able to share in this experience with her. Congratulations, LJ!





Snatch Build Up (power or squat)   E2MOM

1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

Athlete’s Choice

“Power Bar AMANDA”

9 -7 – 5 Reps For Time: (15min cap)

Bar Muscle Ups   MRX Chest to Bar Pull-Ups + Dips

Power Snatch   135/95   MRX 115/75



9 -7 – 5 Reps For Time: (15min cap)

Ring Muscle Ups   MRX Chest to Bar Pull-Ups + Dips

Squat Snatch   135/95   MRX 95/65

32 responses to “Wednesday, July 14 2021”

  1. Jada says:

    Congrats LJ !

  2. steve price says:

    This is so awesome !! Way to go LJ, you’re hard work, grit, and determination has paid off ????????

  3. Devonne Ford says:

    Oh yeah!! It takes a lot of commitment to get to this milestone! Congratulations to you and wishing you much success and the best in pursuing your personal goals!!

  4. Adela Faust says:

    Awesome! Congratulations and the best to you!

  5. Matrice says:

    Congratulations LJ! You are a true gem and you deserve it all! I’m sure you are going to go and kill it CFHSV Style!

  6. Charlie says:

    Congratulations LJ!!!

  7. Melissa B says:

    Congrats LJ! Proud of you!

  8. Fleming says:

    LJ you are a badass in the best way!! You set the bar high for ladies of all ages! Congrats to you on this amazing accomplishment. You deserve every bit of it as you have worked so hard and have been so consistent! I’d give anything to be able to cheer you on in person but know I’ll be watching and yelling for you from here!! Can’t wait!!! Go get ‘em!!

  9. Mandee says:

    Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this amazing accomplishment! LJ is an awesome athlete but more importantly she is an awesome person. She exudes positivity and treats everyone with kindness and respect. She has worked so hard, keeping her sights set on her goals even amid setbacks and adversity. I am so excited to watch her celebrate all her hard work on the competition floor in Madison in just a few short weeks! I have no doubt she will make her family, her friends, and our CFHSV community so incredibly proud. Congrats, LJ! So, so proud of you!

  10. Wilma says:

    So happy for you LJ. You are so inspiring to me! Can’t wait to see you show and show down in Madison, WI!!!

  11. Lesha says:

    This is fantastic!!! Go represent, LJ!

  12. BP says:

    Congrats LJ!

    185 Power
    5:47 Power Amanda

  13. Hal says:

    A. 165 ps

    B. 9:45 scaled life (135; c2b; dips)

    C. Muscle-up training + tricep extensions

  14. Bo says:

    Congrats LJ!
    A: 135 ps (145x, 145x, 145x)
    B: 2+5 rx (Power Amanda)

  15. Kim G says:

    A. Training
    B. 11:36 scaled to 65# and pull-ups/bar dips

    LJ demonstrates grit, resilience, and the determination required to perform at the most elite levels! Her strength and endurance are solid, and her character makes her one well-rounded lady! I can’t wait to cheer you on, LJ!!

  16. Kathy S says:

    Congratulations LJ. Very impressive, indeed!

  17. Justin says:

    Congratulations LJ. Good luck at the games
    4:56 bar/power

  18. Don K says:

    Congratulations, LJ. All the best at the games.

  19. CJ VK says:

    Good luck in Madison, LJ!

    220 / 6:28
    RMU: 8-1, 4-3, 3-2
    Snatch: 4-singles, 3-singles, 5

    220 / 5:51 rx

  20. Bradley says:

    Best of luck in Madison, LJ. We can’t wait to watch you throw down with the best.

    A. 205 squat

    B. Amanda – 4:49

  21. Bailey says:

    LJ is such a hard worker and so deserving of this opportunity! Time and time again you have overcome adversity and come out even stronger. Congrats LJ, I am so so proud of you! We will be cheering hard for you back here at CFHSV!

    A. 155 (squat)
    B. 10:48 “Amanda” (RMU/SS)

  22. Jason Morgan says:


    A. 185 Power

    B. 5:42 Rx (Power Bar Amanda)

  23. Magan Blake says:

    LJ!!! What a beast. We are so proud of you and rooting you on, always! Cannot wait to see what you do!

  24. Mandee says:

    A. 135
    B. 7:45 RX “Amanda” (RMU/SS)

  25. Clair Day says:

    So proud of you LJ!! Your hard work has paid off!!

  26. Alex says:

    195 SS
    6:35 Rx (Amanda)

  27. Misty Capps says:

    LJ! Wow… what an awesome ride it’s been so far and the trip has only begun! It was so much fun to watch LJ throw down and dominate the open WODs and I cannot wait to watch it happen again in Madison! She keeps getting stronger, faster and keeps gaining skills at a super impressive rate. She believes she can do it and she does. It’s that simple. She puts in work every single day and because of that she has found her way to the games. What an awesome experience this will be and I have no doubt she will represent herself, her family and CF Huntsville with great determination, grit and pride. I know she will leave it all on the line and have a smile on her face while doing it! Proud of you, LJ and can’t wait to support you in Madison!

  28. Abby says:

    One of my first friends at CFHSV & a continued joy to be around!! Can’t wait to watch you throw down in Madison!! So stinkin proud of you LJ!!

  29. WendyWW says:

    So excited for you LJ!! You have worked so hard for this & now its payoff time. You will have a huge cheering section at CFHSV while you’re in Madison! Best of luck to you!!

  30. Duke says:

    8:24@135 c2b dips

    Good luck in Wisconsin LJ. You will have so much fun. There will be a lot of thoughts going through your head. So just remember this. You will have the best coach down there. Period.

  31. LJ says:

    Thank you guys so much for the sweet and encouraging comments. I would not be in this position without CFHSV. I’ve always had the drive and determination but the coaching, the atmosphere, the athletes, and the community have propelled me beyond my own belief. I want so badly to make you guys proud and believe me I will do my very best to do so. Mandee and Nate, you have gone above and beyond anything expected and to you I will be forever grateful. And yes Paul you are exactly right. I will have the best coach there. Period. These comments have given an extra boost today so thank you again. You guys are awesome!!
    It’s tough but so am I!! ??