Wednesday, June 5 2019

Posted by Mandee on June 4, 2019   |   28 Comments
It’s official! Paul McCrary will be making his third trip to the CrossFit Games in the last four years. What makes this year so unique and special is the amazing comeback Paul has made over the past twelve months. After being forced to withdraw from the AGOQ last year, Paul underwent achilles surgery in May 2018. Over the past year, he has worked incredibly hard, staying focused on his training and planning for a comeback in the 2020 Open. But he beat the odds and was back in fighting shape in time for the 2019 Open and Qualifier. Remarkably, almost exactly one year to the date of his surgery, Paul received his official invitation to the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games! We couldn’t be more proud of Paul and cannot wait to cheer him on in Madison in August! Congratulations Duke!


Snatch & OHS Clusters Build-Up   E2MOM

3 Power Snatch to 3 Overhead Squats
3 Hang Squat Snatch
2 Squat Snatch to 2 Overhead Squats
2 Squat Snatch to 2 Snatch Balance
1 Squat Snatch – 1 Squat Snatch – 1 Squat Snatch

13min AMRAP:

4 Snatch Grip Deadlifts
3 Hang Power Snatch   115/75   RX+ 135/95   MRX 95/65
2 Overhead Squats
9 Toes to Bar or 9 WallBall Sit-Ups
3 Squat Snatch
6 Over Bar Burpees

Core Development

15 Russian Twists

15 Hip Extensions
15 Russian Twists

15 Hip Extensions



Rope Climbing Workshop! This Saturday, June 8th: 11AM


28 responses to “Wednesday, June 5 2019”

  1. @Cj.vk says:

    We see you, 5.

  2. BP says:

    We all want to be PMac. The man.

  3. BWM says:

    That’s what you call a comeback! Due to a lot of hard work! Super proud for you Paul! Well deserving chance to a really good guy. Best to you! You got this!!

  4. Regina says:

    That’s so exciting! Way to go, Paul!!

  5. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    He’s just really good at double unders. Way to go Duke!

  6. Matt says:


  7. Chef Tyler says:


  8. Mandee says:

    Incredible accomplishment, Paul! We wanted to wait until it was official, but we’ve been dying to brag on you and share this exciting news!! This kind of success doesn’t happen just with hard work. It takes relentless dedication and an unwavering commitment to excellence in training, which then transfers to amazing performances in competition. Paul, you are a man of integrity and great character, and through a shared bond of CrossFit, you and your family have become part of ours. So proud for you and honored to get a front row seat on this awesome journey of yours!!

  9. Don K says:

    That’s outstanding! Congratulations, Duke!

  10. Don K says:

    Jamie Cherrypicker, that’s so funny!

  11. Fleming Sharp says:

    The Duke is back!! Long live the Duke!

  12. Courtney says:

    Wow, congrats Paul!!!!

  13. BP says:

    4+20 RX TTB

  14. Patty Miller says:

    I can’t begin to say how proud and honored I am to be this man’s friend. He has worked so hard to represent himself and our crossfit community in such an outstanding way. Every step of the way Paul has been an example of honesty, integrity, and humility. What an honorable combination!!! Looking forward to Madison and cheering this great athlete to the podium. I love you and respect you friend. ?

  15. Eugene says:

    Awesome work Paul! I want to be like you when I grow up!!

    A) 200 (PR)
    B) 5+12 Rx+

  16. steve price says:

    Paul, You are Strong, fast, skilled, and fit !!! You are ready, now go kick that door down and let them know who the “Duke” is !!!!

  17. Bailey Bentley says:

    A. 140
    B. 6+10 rx+

  18. Duk5 says:

    6+5 rx

    Thanks for all the kind words. It truly was unexpected to qualify this year. I’m actually more excited this year about competing in the Games than I’ve ever been. I’m not hurting in my foot which I was the past 2 times I competed. We have also learned a lot by going out there. I feel as good as I’ve ever felt. I haven’t been overtraining and we have tried to just keep it fun. When I go to Madison this year. I’m gonna be feeling good and have no pressure on me. Let the chips fall where they may.
    But I want you all to know something. I would be just as happy if had not made the top 200 or if I never make it again. The reason is because I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My Lord and Savior. He is the most important thing to me. I am thankful that he has allowed me to do the things I’ve done and I do not take it for granted.
    I’m also, well you know. I’m just really good at double unders.


  19. Sam Winkler says:

    Living legend among us- Leads by example, super humble, and takes no mercy on workouts. Way to go Duke!

    A) blah
    B) 5+5 RX+

  20. Misty says:

    Paul! So very excited for you and proud of this amazing accomplishment. Watching you compete out in California was something I will never forget. You make everyone here at CFHSV feel proud to be a part of your journey. Whether you know it or not, you take a little piece of all of us there with you to compete… you make us feel like we’ve got a dog in the fight! Even though I won’t be there in person, I look forward to watching you compete and hearing all the amazing stories when you return! I’m constantly impressed with your training and dedication and can’t wait to watch it pay off! Go get you some double unders!

  21. Meredith Miller says:

    Whoop whoop, Paul! I’ve gotten to see you on the big stage twice and I must say it’s been amazing watching you train, compete, and represent as one of the best in the world! It’s been quite a ride and I wish I could go to Madison this year again, but I’ll be cheering you on from here! No one deserves a comeback more than you….an amazing athlete who plays by the rules, respects the sport, and understands the commitment it takes to compete at that level! Way to go Duke!!!!

  22. Bradley says:

    Paul! Congratulations my man! The hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence you have shown is second to none. We are all so proud of you! I can’t wait to see how well you do this year in Madison.

    A. 205

    B. 6+7 Rx+

  23. Nathaniel says:

    That Paul McCrary don’t make a bit a sense 9 outa 10 times but on that tenth time when he does make sense he’s a 100% ?

    Found a lot of friends cause of CrossFit and I’m thankful for that. Love ya like a brother Paul and I’m happy you’ve proved you’re still one of the best in the world. Can’t wait to watch you compete at the highest level again.

    A. 170

    B. 6 + 5 rx ( T2B )

  24. Mandee says:

    A. 85-95-105-115-120-125-130
    B. 5+19 RX+ t2b

  25. Mo A says:

    275 6+6 rx+ T2b

    Paul is the man!!

  26. Michael Little says:

    6+22 Rx+ ttb

    Crush it Paul! ? Legend.