Wednesday, November 13 2019

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Roxanne Song Warm-up

Every time they say Roxanne perform a burpee.

“Nikoleta” by DB
3min AMRAP:

Run or Row 400m

Max Reps Ring Muscle-Ups   MRX Max Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Rest 30sec
3min AMRAP:

Row or Run 400m (opposite of last)

Max Reps Bar Muscle-Ups   MRX Max Ring or Bar Dips

Rest 1min
2min AMRAP:

Run or Row 200m

Max Reps Chest to Bar Pull-Ups 

Rest 1:30sec

2min AMRAP:

Row or Run 200m (opposite of last)

Max Reps Pull-Ups

Rest 2min

4min AMRAP:

RUN 200m & ROW 200m

Max Reps Burpee Pull-Ups


8 responses to “Wednesday, November 13 2019”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    My man Kyle is the real deal in and out of the gym. He’s been a natural athlete his whole life and CrossFit has provided him a way to stay fit and still show out as a stud. Kyle will shoot ya straight, share a laugh, and cares all the time.

  2. CJ VK says:

    Thassa big ole rascal. They don’t make em any nicer.

  3. Mandee says:

    Kyle looking strong and slinging weight as usual! This guy is super strong and as nice as they come. He always greets me with a smile and usually leaves me laughing. What a stud! 😁

  4. SARGE says:

    Get some old school Reebok lifters on his feet and a barbell in his hands and Kyle will move some serious weight! Won’t be ass to grass or full hip extension tho- but everything in between is solid! Great guy and friend- keep it up KR

  5. CJ VK says:

    31 scaled

  6. Mandee says:

    Yesterday’s WOD:
    A1. 85 – 95 – 105
    A2. 85 – 95 – 105
    A3. 110 – 115 – 120 – 125
    B. 23:43 at 16kg/assault runner

  7. Arctic Blast says:

    Big Country Kyle!
    Mountain of a Man!
    Couldn’t be nicer!
    Can throw around all kinds of weight.
    Makes it look easy.

  8. Kim G says: