Wednesday, October 1 2014

Posted by Mandee on September 30, 2014   |   27 Comments

Courtney and Caroline




A. Hang Power Snatch 3-3-3-3  E2MOM

B. “Gator Bite” by DB

4 rounds for time of:

6 hang power snatch 135/95  (55 and over 95/65)

9 toes to bar

12 chest to bar pull-ups  (55 and over regular pull-ups)


27 responses to “Wednesday, October 1 2014”

  1. Haley says:

    Courtney & Caroline killing pull ups the other night! Glad I got to workout with you 2 again the other night 🙂 strong ladies

    • Courtney says:

      Haley you ROCKED that one! Always fun to WOD with you!

      Caroline, that is one heck of a graceful kip 🙂

      • Caroline says:

        Great work the other night Haley, killed it as usual!

        Courtney, those are some enviable C2B, way to finish strong on that one!!

  2. Emerald says:

    looking good ladies!!

  3. Patty Miller says:

    Boy, do I wish I had that chest to bar pull up! So nice!!!! Hard working ladies ALWAYS!

  4. Erin Little says:

    I Love love love this!!

  5. Tricia says:

    Beautiful picture!

  6. Kaitlin says:

    Beautiful picture! Excellent catch by the photographer.

  7. Tracey Rauer says:

    Courtney and Caroline!!!!!!!

  8. Mandee says:

    Love this photo! Courtney and Caroline working hard! 🙂

  9. Run's like the wind says:

    CTB looking strong!

  10. Joe L. says:

    Strong ladies doin’ strong things!

  11. Joe L. says:

    A. 115
    B. 11:39 scaled to 95# everything else Rx’d

  12. stacey says:

    Courtney and Caroline, owning those pullups!!

  13. Courtney says:

    I seem to recall this was moments before my vital body organs shut down trying to complete those cleans. Nathaniel got me through that one. Awesome coaching and awesome photography all in the same WOD, now where can you get that? Nowhere but CFHSV.

  14. Jeremy M says:

    A: 115#, 125#, 135#, 145#
    B: 7:46, RX @ 135#

  15. Stephanie O says:

    Courtney and Caroline! I remember when Courtney got her first pull up after starting at CFHSV, now she’s doing CTB!!! Bad ass!

  16. Justin says:

    9:49 rx

  17. George C says:

    Loved this wod!

    A) 145 (pr)

    B) 17:01, scaled snatch weight to 115

  18. Run's like the wind says:

    11:46 @135
    Hands started to tearing during third round

  19. Andrew says:

    A. 145-165-175-175
    B. 8:42 Rx’d

  20. CrossFit Kodi says:

    A. 95-115-135-145(X)

    B. 9:52 scaled to 115

  21. Tracy says:

    A. 65-75-75-80
    B. 13:51 @ 75#

    Courtney and Caroline!! Love this

  22. jamie cherrypicker says:

    These ladies are always working hard

    B.16:14 scaled

  23. Bradley F says:

    A. 115-125-135-145

    B. 12:44 Rx