Wednesday, October 17 2018

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Team WOD #1 (In Teams of 2)

11min AMRAP:

Max Kettlebell Swings   24/16kgs   RX+ 32/24   MRX 20/12
Max Double Unders
Max Calorie Row or Assault Bike

** Athletes work at same time, but cannot perform the same exercise at the same time, athletes must balance/perform all 3 exercises to get reps.

Rest 3min

Team WOD #2 (In Teams of 2)

16min AMRAP:

Partner A = 4 Over Bar Burpees & 6 Barbell Push-Ups

Partner B = 4 Over Bar Burpees & 6 Barbell Push-Ups

Partner A = 6 Hang Power Snatch   115/75   MRX 95/65

Partner B = 6 Hang Power Snatch

Partner A = 8 Pull-Ups

Partner B = 8 Pull-Ups

Partner A = 10 Calorie Row or 10 Calorie Bike

Partner B = 10 Calorie Row or 10 Calorie Bike

*Alternating partners each exercise, Partners must slap hands to switch.





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25 responses to “Wednesday, October 17 2018”

  1. Mandee says:

    Kim G! A beautiful example of hard work, patience and determination paying off! Kim has made unbelievable gains in all areas of her fitness. She also happens to be an incredible person who is kind, friendly and funny too! You rock, Kim! ?

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Kim lights up the morning with her smile and humor. She’s as regular as the sunrise. Always ready to push herself and continues to make gains in her health through CrossFit. Can’t imagine CFHSV without Kim☺️

  3. Tracy says:

    Sweet Kim!! Looking strong and focused ?

  4. Flying J says:

    My good friend , Rockin’ that deadlift. Always encouraging others with deep faith and a friendly flashing smile- don’t get no better. Kim G cuts a wide swath and casts a long shadow..

  5. Katie A says:

    Kim is always strong and humble! Crushing it every morning.

  6. Graham J says:

    Kim is an awesome person and has been crushing crossfit workouts!!

  7. Sabrina Prichard says:

    Kim is the real deal! She is strong and works hard. She always encourages others. I am blessed to call her my friend.

  8. Carolyn says:

    There’s my running partner! Couldn’t do Saturday mornings without her. Always smiling and as sweet as they come. But don’t let that sweetness fool you … she will destroy a wod and make you want to push just as hard. Keep killin’ Kim!!

  9. Dave M says:

    Kim is as sweet and kind as they come, but she has an iron will that does not stop. Kim is as tough as they come.

  10. Regina says:

    Oh my gosh, Kim is hands down one of my favorite people – she’s kind, funny, humble, a great friend, and always, always pushes me to be a little better. Keep up showin’ up, showin’ out, and just being you, Kim!

  11. BP says:

    Kim is awesome. Works incredibly hard at all times.

  12. @CJVK says:

    A. 839 Rx+
    B. 5+28 Rx

    Partnered up with the wonderful Mrs. Mandee Stearns! ????

    Bumping 915 class this morning! ???

  13. Michael Little says:

    Went wrong Partnering with MH ? Could not keep up.

    1032 Rx+ / 6+26

    1 to 1 versus Dustin and Tim.

  14. Nathaniel says:

    Teamed up with Bradley in Open Gym :

    A. 1075 rx + ( 894 DUs, 148 KBS, 33 CAL Bike )

    B. 6 + 26 rx

    • Chef Tyler says:

      Holy smokes! Y’all are faster than green grass through a goose! Anybody trying to catch that score would have better luck picking up a turd by the clean end!

  15. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    I wish I could see Kim and the morning crew more! But when I do, she always has a smile and kind words. Great pic neighbor!

  16. Bradley says:

    Don’t let that sweet smile fool you. Kim can throwdown with the best and makes everything look effortless. She is one awesome lady who makes the morning classes so much fun. Keep being you Kim!

    Awesome time teaming up with Nate this morning. Fun team WOD!!

  17. Misty says:

    Kim! Kind, strong, determined and dedicated! So awesome to watch this athlete make gains year after year! She is a perfect example of what CFHSV is all about!

    Partnered up with Tyler today for 27 minutes of madness!
    A. 686 rx
    B. 4+67 rx…. couldn’t get that last pull on the row!

  18. Cass Montgomery says:

    5+14 RX
    partnered with Mr. Crossfit himself!

  19. Jeremy M. says:

    2:00pm Open Gym (Today’s workout – solo):
    A: 11 min AMRAP of –
    15 KBS @32kg
    50 DUs
    15 Cal on Bike
    4 rds = 320 reps, RX+
    B: 6+8, RX+ w/bike
    – Nursing left shoulder. Performed single, strict pull-ups since I can’t kip or butterfly at this time. Pain occurs on downward movement of pull-up.
    C: BenchPress – 165(8)x2-185(6)x2-205(4)x2
    – Kim is such an amazing athlete, person and friend!! Keep up the hard work girl!!

  20. Mel D says:

    660 / 4+4 rx partnered with my Twinkie Jenn Jenn

  21. Wes B. says:

    A. 643 Rx
    B. 5+4 Rx

    Partnered with Sarge! Thanks for the push!

  22. Kim G says:

    606 / 3+13rx partnered with my faithful friend Jim

    Thank you for all the kind words! The PRs and AMRAPS are wonderful and celebratory; however, the relationships I’ve formed at CFHSV are by far the most meaningful and I treasure each one of you ❤️?❤️