Wednesday, October 2 2013

Posted by Mandee on October 1, 2013   |   19 Comments

Drew 1Drew 2




A. Strength Super Sets

Back Squat 5, Front Squat 5, Back Squat 4, Front Squat 4, Back Squat 3, Front Squat 3: E3MOM for each lift

B. 50 thrusters for time 95/65

*Catch: must start with 5 burpees and perform 5 burpees at the beginning of each minute before working thrusters*

19 responses to “Wednesday, October 2 2013”

  1. Mandee says:

    Looking good Drew! 🙂

  2. Erin Little says:

    Woohoo Drew P! Looking strong!! Cover model 🙂

  3. Fleming sharp says:

    Thankful Today Is Rest Day! Good Luck Everyone!

  4. AP says:


    Went in with a strategy and like every good wod strategy in CF, it was completely blown up in the first minute.

  5. Clair says:

    7:28 Rx’d. Weight gets heavy after doing those burpees! Great programming Dennis!

  6. Dani Latham says:

    Drew with that powerful strict press!

    And holy cow at the low times trickling in. This WOD has me genuinely nervous. Thanks Dennis.

  7. Caroline says:

    6:49 Rx’d. Thanks for great coaching Tracey & Michael!

  8. Nathaniel says:

    10:45 @135

  9. Rosie says:

    This is a very intense workout! Can’t do anything except improve.

  10. John H. says:

    11:50 @135. That was horrible…

    Dude, Nate, you crushed it!!

    I’ll see ya’ll Saturday

  11. Mandee says:

    9:44 at 95#

  12. Jamie says:

    9:55 rx. Holy moly Mandee! Great job everyone!

  13. Bradley F says:

    8:30 Rx

  14. Dani says:

    Easily the most destroying WOD I’ve experienced so far. 45 Rx at cut off. Thanks to the cheerleading team I had at the end and the crew that put my bar up and literally peeled me off the floor.

  15. mac says:

    8:52 @ 135