Wednesday, October 6 2021

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Split Jerk Build Up 1 Rep   E2MOM x 14min

*Building Up to a 1RM*

4min AMRAP:

400m Row / Run or 1k Bike
10 Split Jerk (alt)   95/65   RX+115/75   MRX 75/55

1 Rope Climb   15’   MRX 10′ or 10 Ring Rows

Rest 2min

4min AMRAP:

600m Row / Run or 1.5k Bike
1 Rope Climb   15′   MRX 10′ or 10 Ring Rows

10 Split Jerk (alt)

Rest 2min

2min AMRAP:

10 Shoulder to Overhead
1 Rope Climb   15’   MRX 10′ or 10 Ring Rows

Core & Shoulder Development

1min Double KB/DB Overhead Hold
1min Hip Ext Hold
100′ Overhead Walking Lunges 45/35 35/25 Plate

1min GHD Sit-up Hold




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Monday, October 26th during all regularly scheduled classes!

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20 responses to “Wednesday, October 6 2021”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    My man Caleb!! Young Caleb has come so far and become a total CrossFit stud. He’s always set up in the back corner and usually with his dad Teddy. They make for an awesome duo. Caleb has gained tons of strength, can run like the wind, and he’s a body weight beast. He’s one lean mean shredded machine. He’s also a great young man that’s nothing but polite, positive, and respectful to everyone. We need more Calebs in this world for sure! Keep training dude cause you’re getting better everyday!

  2. Mandee says:

    Caleb running fast and leaving everyone in the dust! This young stud is awesome and the fitness gains he’s made over the past few years are impressive to say the least. He’s strong, skilled, and knows how to really push himself to get the most out of every WOD. He’s got a quiet way about him and is always receptive to coaching and respectful to everyone. Way to be, Caleb! ?

  3. Devonne says:

    Caleb is an awesome athlete! Very quiet and super fit! Keep it up!

  4. Bo says:

    A: 175
    B: 2+3 / 1+1 / 2 rx (run)

  5. Hal says:

    A. 235 pr

    B. 2+10 / 1+7 / 2+6 rx+

    C. Complete

  6. Justin says:

    2+11/2/3+1 scaled rope climbs to 6 strict pullups

  7. Mimi says:

    A: 120#
    B: rx 1+10/6 reps/2+2
    Keep it up, Caleb! ??

  8. BP says:

    2/1+11/2+1 scaled to 6 strict chin ups / bike

  9. Patrick says:

    Caleb is a young great crossfiter. Keep up the good work

  10. CJ VK says:

    135-185-215-235-255-275-295(xx)-300 PR
    3+1 / 2 / 2+8 rx+ (row)

  11. Bailey says:

    A. 200
    B. 3+2 / 1+1/ 3 rx+ (row)

  12. Mandee says:

    A. 175
    B. 3+7 / 2 / 3+7 RX+ row

  13. Bailey says:

    Caleb running like the wind! His consistency shows, he has improved so much since he’s started CrossFit. He is always so polite, it is such a joy to have him in class! Keep up the awesome work Caleb!

  14. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 135-155-185-205-225- 245(x)
    B. 3 | 1+8 | 2+5 (Rx+)

  15. Alex says:

    3+7 / 2+1 / 3+1 Rx+ (row)